The Blonde from Blondie: Everything You Need to Know About Debbie Harry

One of the most iconic bands to ever walk this earth is Blondie. They used their pop-punk style to rule the music world in the late ‘70s. Some of their most memorable hits, like Hanging on the Telephone, Heart of Glass, and Atomic are still being covered today in nightclubs all around the world. The group has been killing it for decades, and their newest single, Fun, came out in 2017.


Photo Credit: Ray Stevenson/Shutterstock / Martyn Goddard/Shutterstock / Pinterest

One of the founding members of the group is Debbie Ann Harry. Many people thought the starlet was a solo act named Blondie, but the group tried to change that. Harry began her career as a Playboy Bunny but has really skyrocketed since. In addition to her musical success, the former model spread her Hollywood wings and embarked on an acting career.

Here is what you probably didn’t know about the blonde from Blondie.