The Truth About The 1969 Woodstock Music Festival

The Woodstock music festival is iconic when it comes to the musical history of America. During the last month of summer in the 1960s, thousands of young hopefuls came together and defined their era and the entire generation. The festival was a hub for sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, and remained just as significant 50 years later! It’s a festival that changed the world; however, the story behind it is often misunderstood.


Photo by Warner Bros, Kobal, / Granger,

For starters, Yasgur’s dairy farm was 43 miles away from the actual Woodstock. That’s not even walking distance! How did such a famous festival, have so much misleading information? Who started it? What about the festival is true? And what is just a myth? Here is the true story of what happened in upstate New York during that legendary weekend in August 1969. We included some fun facts about Woodstock and debunking some of the rumors. Here is the story of Woodstock and how it became so epic.