Seeing It Live – Top 12 Single-Artist’s Record-Breaking Concerts of All Time

It’s one thing sitting at home and streaming music videos of your favorite artist or playing your favorite music back-to-back on Spotify, while it’s an entirely different thing to experience the music artist perform live at a concert.

Yes, concerts are a life-changing and highly exhilarating experience where you let your hair down and have loads of fun. Therefore, attending a live concert is on every individual’s bucket list whether they like Taylor Swift or Led Zeppelin.

Today, we’ll witness how far a fan’s love for their favorite music artist can go. This list compiles record-breaking concerts that saw the largest audience ever. Take a look.

12. Michael Jackson, 1996, History World Tour, Warsaw

Michael Jackson’s History World Tour created record more than once when around 1,20,000 fans gathered to shower their love on the king of pop at the Bemowo Airport, Warsaw.



Here’s an interesting fact, the Unlike MJ’s other tours, the History World Tour has never been released on DVD. However, several full converts were leaked on the internet.