Memorable songs from the Big Screen – Top 11 Movie Songs of All Time

The best movie songs are more than just a collection of top songs in a certain order. These songs emphasize and induce different feelings and emotions of a particular movie during and long after it has been watched. Watching a movie is fun and exciting, but when an emotional or affecting song accentuates a particular scene, it makes the scene more special. Many movies in the past and in the present time are well loved because of their songs. This post will talk about a list of top 11 Movie Songs of all time. Check them out below.

11. Fighting Ghosts is More Fun with Catchy Song – “Ghostbusters”

The “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr. from Ghostbusters movie comes in at number 11. Who could ever forget the Ghostbuster catchy and fun song? From young kids, teens, young adults to older adults, Ghostbuster has become a household movie name not just because of its comedic and thrilling story but also because of its quirky and fun soundtrack.


The short but memorable song could pass as a jingle for a commercial on a late night TV. “Who you gonna call?” spent three weeks on the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1984 and is still charming up to this day for avid fans and new fans alike.

10. Dirty Dancing Gone Right – “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”

The movie Dirty Dancing could pass as a porno title, but it withstands all criticisms and doubts by showing the world how good the movie is, as well as how great the soundtrack is. According to the Vulture, Dirty Dancing song sold 32 million copies and stayed at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart for 18 weeks. A surprise hit, accompanying a meek period romance that also became an instant movie smash!


The Dirty Dancing movie focused on the contemporary songs and delivered a great soundtrack that surprisingly matched its coming of age story. Bill Medley and Jennifer Warne’s Oscar-winning “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life,” Patrick Swayze’s “She’s Like the Wind,” and Eric Carmen’s “Hungry Eyes,” all contributed to the modern feel of the 1963 setting of the Dirty Dancing movie.

9. Hit Gold with Goldfinger – “Goldfinger”

The Goldfinger song by Shirley Bassey hit gold when it reached the number 1 spot on Billboard 200 in 1965. The Goldfinger song marked her name in the US top hits and the soundtrack that carved into the minds of every person in the Western world.


The brassy call that starts the track became as vital to the James Bond franchise as the Sean Connery or Walther PPK’s hedge maze of chest hair. When Bassey hits the final note of the song, it felt like you’re watching Bond leap from a blast and successfully survived in the end.

8. Rain is a Blessing – “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head”

As rain is a blessing to the flowers and trees, and all the animals in the wild, the song “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” is also a blessing to songwriter duo David and Burt Bacharach. The song won an Academy Award for the Best Original Song from the easygoing charm of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid movie. David and Burt Bacharach also won Best Original Score for the pleasing pop song.


Although it took seven takes to get the song right as B.J. Thomas (singer) had been recovering from laryngitis, all his efforts paid off when the song reached Number 1 on charts in the United States, Canada, Norway and #38 in the UK Singles Chart.

7. Moving on Top – “9 to 5”

Included on our list of top 11 movie songs of all time is none other than the “9 to 5” title songs from the comedy film where Dolly Parton made her acting debut. The song has provocative lyrics about capitalism that made it a musical gem of real substance.


The song also helped Dolly Parton solidify her path to pop culture stardom. The song withstood beyond the film, giving Parton an Oscar nod for Best Original Song and two Grammy wins.

6. Heart-Wrenching Hit Song – “Streets of Philadelphia”

Bruce Springsteen’s heart-wrenching hit song “Streets of Philadelphia” in late 1993 (the title song from the movie “Philadelphia” that earned Tom Hanks’s first Best Actor Oscar award), earned him a Grammy, Academy Award and a Golden Globe award.


The song, played at the very beginning of the movie, is a haunting emotional ballad that flew up the charts all over the world. Springsteen personally wrote the lyrics of the song, and it opened a great deal of AIDS awareness across the globe. Along with the movie’s theme, the song took the stigma off the disease.

5. Unplanned and Unexpected – “Mrs. Robinson”

The Graduate is known as one of the most influential movies ever filmed that features one of the best movie songs of all time – “Mrs. Robinson.” Written by Simon and sung by the famous duo Simon & Garfunkel, “Mrs. Robinson” was an unexpected and unplanned song for Director Nichols’s movie.


The song was originally called “Mrs. Roosevelt” and was not yet finished when Nichols asked Simon & Garfunkel to create an additional song for his movie. With the convincing power of Director Nichols, Simon & Garfunkel agreed to add the song for the movie and changed the title from Mrs. Roosevelt to Mrs. Robinson. The song became one of the bestselling albums of Simon & Garfunkel, and it became a smash hit, winning the Grammy Award Record of the Year.

4. Rap Song Wins Academy Award – “Lose Yourself”

Who wouldn’t have known the most successful and biggest hit song of Eminem? “Lose Yourself” is the first ever rap song in American history that won an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Included in the 8 Mile movie soundtrack, Lose Yourself found a spot on every list of the greatest rap songs ever.


It also got certified quintuple platinum by the RIAA and peaked number 1 in 24 countries. The opening lyrics of Lose Yourself is a great example of when excellence becomes unequaled. Palms are sweaty, and mom’s spaghetti became so appealing that these lyrics have been parodied multiple times.

3. A Song that Immortalizes a Mythic Character – “Theme From Shaft”

“Shaft” is a favorite cult film about an African-American character that is considered a black James Bond – loyal to his friends, lethal to his enemies and tender with his women. Although the movie is great, the song “Theme From Shaft” made it even bigger because it captures the essence of the movie character better than the movie itself.


Isaac Hayes, the singer-composer of the “Theme From Shaft” received an Oscar for Best Song and Oscar for Best Score. From the start of the song, the wah-wah guitar notes, punchy horn part, tambourine, piano, flute, funky bass, Hayes masterfully combined all these elements to immortalize a mythic character named Shaft.

2. Tears of Triumph – “When Doves Cry”

The second spot on our list of Top 11 Movie Songs of All Times goes to the song of Prince – “When Doves Cry.” The song is part of the soundtrack of the movie Purple Rain, where Prince’s relationship with Apollonia lies in contrast to his parents destructive one.

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Although the chorus of the songs represented the doves crying, this song made tears of triumph when it hit the top of the US Billboard charts, selling two million copies and going platinum. The song “When Doves Cry” is one of Prince’s unique and emotional composition. The lyrics are raw, and one of its standout features is the lack of bass parts.

1. Greatest Movie Song of All Time – “I Will Always Love You”

The song that made it to number one on our list of best movie song of all time is Whitney Houston’s cover of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.” The song hit the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and stayed on top for a record-breaking 14 weeks. It is also one of the best singles of all time and longest running number 1 song from a movie.


“I Will Always Love You” was originally written and recorded by Dolly Parton, but it became a global hit when Houston recorded it for his successful acting debut movie – “The Bodyguard”. The song garnered numerous awards and was featured in countless “greatest songs and best movie songs lists” ever since it was released.

The most suitable music can enhance the appeal of a movie. Let us celebrate the top movie songs of all time and make these classic songs set the stage for the next generation of beautiful movie soundtracks.