Memorable songs from the Big Screen – Top 11 Movie Songs of All Time

The best movie songs are more than just a collection of top songs in a certain order. These songs emphasize and induce different feelings and emotions of a particular movie during and long after it has been watched. Watching a movie is fun and exciting, but when an emotional or affecting song accentuates a particular scene, it makes the scene more special. Many movies in the past and in the present time are well loved because of their songs. This post will talk about a list of top 11 Movie Songs of all time. Check them out below.

11. Fighting Ghosts is More Fun with Catchy Song – “Ghostbusters”

The “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr. from Ghostbusters movie comes in at number 11. Who could ever forget the Ghostbuster catchy and fun song? From young kids, teens, young adults to older adults, Ghostbuster has become a household movie name not just because of its comedic and thrilling story but also because of its quirky and fun soundtrack.



The short but memorable song could pass as a jingle for a commercial on a late night TV. “Who you gonna call?” spent three weeks on the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1984 and is still charming up to this day for avid fans and new fans alike.