Famous Musicians Who Have Been Rocking the Stage for Half a Century

Music has always been an instrumental part of cultures around the world. Artists would come and go, but the tunes they would share with the world would go on to live forever. Then there are some artists, who immortalize themselves through their long-lasting service to the music industry, and they are the ones who are successful in penetrating a deep place in the hearts of millions of people, and the generations to come. In this article, we honor five such of these artists who devoted entire decades to music, ensuring their place in an elite music hall of fame.

The Belfast Lion – Van Morrison

Van Morrison, or also known as Van the Man, is a Grammy award winner Irish national treasure. Starting his music as a teenager playing various instruments, he rose to prominence through the Irish band “Them” in 1964, and his career further skyrocketed after going solo.


Photo by Roger Goodgroves/REX Shutterstock

His music is based on multiple genres, notably soul and R&B, and he is recognized for his special live performances and a long list of hits. Still going strong at the age of 74, he has been knighted by Northern Ireland and has been showered by numerous accolades and achievements.