Famous Musicians Who Have Been Rocking the Stage for Half a Century

Music has always been an instrumental part of cultures around the world. Artists would come and go, but the tunes they would share with the world would go on to live forever. Then there are some artists, who immortalize themselves through their long-lasting service to the music industry, and they are the ones who are successful in penetrating a deep place in the hearts of millions of people, and the generations to come. In this article, we honor five such of these artists who devoted entire decades to music, ensuring their place in an elite music hall of fame.

The Belfast Lion – Van Morrison

Van Morrison, or also known as Van the Man, is a Grammy award winner Irish national treasure. Starting his music as a teenager playing various instruments, he rose to prominence through the Irish band “Them” in 1964, and his career further skyrocketed after going solo.

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His music is based on multiple genres, notably soul and R&B, and he is recognized for his special live performances and a long list of hits. Still going strong at the age of 74, he has been knighted by Northern Ireland and has been showered by numerous accolades and achievements.

The definition of Rock and Roll – The Rolling Stones

With sales figures reaching more than 250 million, The Rolling Stones is one of the most iconic bands in history. Having a cult following, the band has been rock and rolling for five decades, and selling out venues to this date.

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They revolutionized the music movement in the 1960s, and are justifiably labeled as the greatest rock and roll band in the world. Over the decades, the band dealt with internal feuds and the changing music industry, but that did not stop them from releasing an astounding 30 studio albums and 120 singles over these glorious 50 years.

The Beatles frontman – Paul McCartney

With a career spanning for more than 50 years, which include being the de-facto leader of one of the most popular bands of the 20th century, the Beatles, to being a Grammy award-winning solo artist, Paul McCartney has done it all. He is revered as one of the greatest songwriters of all time, with 32top-charting singles in his career.

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Paul McCartney is also one of the wealthiest artist alive with his net worth in the billions, and apart from his musical legacy, he is leaving another legacy behind in the form of extensive charity work, supporting numerous causes worldwide.

A child prodigy – Stevie Wonder

Marked for his funky keyboard style, and strong vocals, Stevie Wonder is one of the most prominent names in music history. He is notable for is “classic period” ranging from 1972 to 1977 in which he released hits after hits, getting every accolade and award in the book.

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His influential music shaped pop music for times to come, and he has gotten his hands on a Grammy award 25 times. For his services to the music industry, he has been inducted in the Rock and Roll hall of fame, and he has a star of his name on the renowned Hollywood walk of fame.

A Nobel Laureate singer – Bob Dylan

A Nobel Prize laureate for his work in literature, Bob Dylan is an exemplary figure from America’s popular culture. His music sparked new life in the anti-war movement and the civil right movement in the 60s, consisting of heavy themes such as politics and societal issues.

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He is notable for his take on folk and rock songs and experimenting with different genres, releasing innovative tunes throughout his career. His long list of accolades includes the Presidential Medal of Freedom and an Academy Award.