Famous Actors Who Tried Their Best to be Good at Music

Did you know Ryan Gosling released an album in 2009, as a member of the band, Dead Man’s Bones? Or that Scarlett Johansson released her debut album consisting primarily of Tom Waits covers, in 2008? Have you been laughing so long and hard at Ricky Gervais’ comedy that you have forgotten that he was once part of a British New Wave group, known as Seona Dancing? Fret not, as this article will jog your memory and remind you about some actors who are, or used to be, musicians.

Scarlett Johansson

The Don Jon star released an album consisting of 10 Tom Waits covers and one original song in 2008. The album was titled “Anywhere I Lay My Head.” After taking a huge break from music, she started a band known as The Singles alongside Holly Miranda, Julia Haltigan, Kendra Morris and Este Haim. The band released the song Candy.


Source: refinery29.com

According to Scarlett, the song was meant to be “super pop, dance music written and performed solely by girls.” She also confessed her love for Grimes, the Bangles and The Go-Go’s, and her aim to produce music like them; something that was a bit ironic, but also a bit comical, while being super pop all the time.