Do You Own Any of These Vinyl Records? If So, You Could Make A Fortune

Vinyl is no longer a remnant of music history past. Vinyl sales have skyrocketed since 2015, and collectors have been finding hidden gems in their collections. Do you also have a vinyl collection? Who knows, maybe you own an oddly colorful Nirvana record worth a few thousand bucks. Or maybe you paid 75 cents for an album that’s worth $25,000 today. Wouldn’t that be nice?

These are some of the rarest as well as most valuable vinyl records of all time.

The Beatles (‘White Album’) Originals From 1968

The Beatles released the self-titled album, later called the ‘White Album,’ back in 1968. The band members and studio execs were given copies stamped with serial numbers that started in A00000, followed by a number. So, an original copy may have the number A0000018.


Source: Reddit/u/ERJ21

In 2013, Clifford Yamasaki from Let It Be Records sold the very first copy of the ‘White Album’ for $35,000! One year later, copy A0000023 auctioned for $13,750. It just so happens that very few of these original albums still exist today.