America’s Top Country Stars and Who They Are Married To

If you are in the entertainment industry, chances are you will marry someone who also is. I mean, it makes sense if you think about it. However, the country music world seems to be separated from mainstream pop music. Of course, many country singers are married to other country singers but not all of them. You might be shocked to see which country artist married his high school sweetheart.


Photo by Debby Wong, / Photo by Debby Wong, / Featureflash Photo Agency,

Some of these marriages ended up in divorce, but many of them prove that love conquers all. They stay together through tragedies, hardships, and all that fame. The country music stars tend to be more private about their personal lives, so you may not know much about their relationships. Do you know how old Thomas Rhett was when he met his wife? Check out who your favorite country singers are married to.