All Aboard the Crazy Train With Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne might just be the wildest, partying rocker of all time. He is one of the most prominent personalities rock and roll has ever seen, and he has certainly lived up to his stage persona. Osbourne has gotten himself into some wild situations throughout his career, and his life is the stuff of legend.

Ozzy Osbourne
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Osbourne has released twelve solo albums during his career, got revenge on his teachers, drove himself to the hospital while he was drunk, and many more wild things that would shock anyone. His crazy moments have made tabloid headlines. It’s time to board the crazy train to see all these wild moments.

He Was Arrested for Burglary

In 1948, John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne was born in Birmingham, England. When he was 15, Osbourne left school and had many different odd jobs: such as, construction site worker, trainee plumber, car factory horn-tuner, and apprentice toolmaker. However, he soon got into trouble with the law for the first time.

A mugshot of Ozzy Osbourne.
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Osbourne dabbled in crime around that time and got caught burgling a clothing shop. He ended up spending six weeks in Winson Green Prison when he was unable to pay the fine. Instead of helping his son out, Osbourne’s father refused to pay the fine. We guess he didn’t learn his lesson.

Revenge on His Teacher

Osbourne was a troublemaker since he was a child, and his antics only got more intense as he got older. When he was in school, his metal shop teacher, Mr. Lane, often punished Osbourne by spanking him with a piece of wood. Times were clearly much different back then.

A portrait of a younger Ozzy Osbourne.
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Instead of sitting around and taking the punishment, Osbourne got even. He would take a coin, heat it for a few minutes, and put it into Mr. Lane’s desk. When the teacher would reach into the desk and pick up the coin out of curiosity, he would get burned. Osbourne had a good laugh.

The Dove Incident

When Osbourne decided to go solo after leaving Black Sabbath, he wanted to make a good impression on CBS, his new record label, and came up with a unique idea. While it was meant to be a nice gesture, Osbourne’s plan didn’t go as he thought it would.

Osbourne is performing on stage.
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He decided to release a set of doves as a “sign of peace.” However, the CBS executives didn’t care for the grand gesture. Osbourne was frustrated and drunk, so he turned things up a notch. He reportedly grabbed the closest dove, bit its head off, and then spit it out on the ground.

The Bat Incident

Osbourne must have a thing for eating animal heads. When he arrived in Des Moines for his solo tour in 1982, the singer was at the height of his infamy. He decided to take a bat and bite its head off, literally. He thought it was a rubber bat at first.

A portrait of Ozzy Osbourne.
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Because bats can carry diseases, Osbourne had to go to the hospital to get rabies shots after the concert. He said he got one in each arm, leg, and butt cheek. He said this is a precautionary tale for anyone who thinks it’s “cool.” However, Osbourne wouldn’t recommend trying this stunt.

A Trip to the White House

In a strange turn of events, Osbourne and his family were invited to the White House at the peak of their reality TV fame in 2002. George W. Bush almost instantly regretted his decision because Osbourne was not on his best behavior for the prestigious encounter.

A picture of Osbourne and his wife after the trip to the White House.
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Unsurprisingly, Osbourne took full advantage of the open bar and got wasted. Bush was fed up with his behavior and muttered, “This might have been a mistake.” Osbourne and Bush didn’t have a long friendship after this visit, and he wasn’t invited back to the White House.

Driving Drunk to the Hospital

In 1972, Osbourne was married to Thelma Riley, and she was pregnant with their first child. On January 20, Riley went into labor and insisted Osbourne drive her to the hospital. There were two minor problems; Osbourne didn’t have a license, and he was drunk.

A photo of Ozzy Osbourne at home with his children Jessica and Louis.
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While he might not have been legally allowed to drive, that didn’t stop him from taking his wife to the hospital. Osbourne drove drunk to the hospital even though he was in no condition to be operating heavy machinery. Luckily, they made it to their destination safely.

He Turned His Nose Purple

When Osbourne sang with Earth, which eventually became Black Sabbath, he always wanted to pull pranks or mess around. He would do pretty much anything to get his audience’s attention, but his antics didn’t always go according to plan, like the time he turned his nose purple.

A picture of Ozzy Osbourne.
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Osbourne once found purple paint backstage and covered his nose with it. Unfortunately, the paint wasn’t so easy to remove and took a few weeks to fade. He was probably drunk and didn’t think about reading the bottle to see if it was skin-safe.

Accidentally Drugged a Vicar

Although it was an accident, the incident didn’t look good for Osbourne. When he went to a pub and came home “a few days later,” he was coming back from a bender. Before he left the house, he bought some hash and made a cake with it.

A portrait of Ozzy Osbourne eating a lemon.
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Osbourne told his now ex-wife not to let anyone eat the cake because “it will be bad.” When he came back from the pub, the vicar (a church representative) was in his house having a cup of tea and a piece of cake. Osbourne immediately started to panic.

He Had to Take the Vicar to the Hospital

Osbourne still didn’t have a license, but the vicar was slumped over at the table. He dragged him by his hair, put him in the back of the car, drove him home, and walked home. Osbourne thought he had killed the man.

A picture of Osbourne during an interview.
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However, Osbourne ran into the vicar at the pub a few days later. The vicar said, “I must have caught a dreadful flu at yours. I hallucinated for three days and had to miss church.” Osbourne was relieved to see him alive. The irony is that the vicar was there to see if they wanted to make a confession.

The Dismembered Shark

Times were wild when Black Sabbath was on tour. The band’s guitarist, Tony Iommi, told The New York Post a story about a time when they were staying at a hotel, and Osbourne did something no one expected. Iommi said, “With drugs, you always get bored, so you must do something to one another.”

A portrait of Ozzy Osbourne kissing his dog.
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In one instance, Osbourne hauled a shark through a window, dismembered it, and soaked their hotel room in blood. Iommi didn’t give any other context to the story, but with Osbourne, anything is possible. It was just a typical day on tour.

He Poisoned Bill Ward

In 1972, Black Sabbath was living in a mansion in Bel-Air, which was overrun by cocaine. It was so important during their day that they almost named the album they were working on Snowblind. One evening, Osbourne decided to pull one of his typical pranks.

Black Sabbath pose for a portrait backstage.
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While he was pumped up on coke, Osbourne and Bill Ward were going to the bathroom outside when he saw a can of spray paint on the ground. Osbourne obviously couldn’t pass up on an opportunity and decided to spray Ward on his nether regions.

“I Poisoned Bill”

When Osbourne sprayed him, Ward started screaming and fell down. Osbourne then looked at the can and realized it said, “WARNING: DO NOT SPRAY ON SKIN – HIGHLY TOXIC.” He then thought he poisoned Ward through his genitals. However, he later told the story differently.

Bill Ward is performing on stage.
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In his 2010 biography, Osbourne made himself look more innocent. He wrote, “Tony gets this can of blue spray paint and sneaks around, and when Bill starts pissing over the railing, he sprays him with it. You should have heard the scream… But then, two seconds later, Bill blacks out, falls headfirst over the railing.”

What Did Cats Ever Do to Ozzy

Osbourne was addicted to drugs and alcohol throughout most of his adult life, reaching a severely low point. One day, he took out his frustrations on the family cats. Osbourne later admitted that this was a time when his drug intake was at a sky-high level.

Ozzy is performing on stage.
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The singer had about 17 cats in his home, and he was so drugged up that he decided to shoot them. Osbourne’s wife later came home to find him sitting under the piano in a white suit with a shotgun in his hand and a bloody knife in the other.

Satanic Curse

In his autobiography, Osbourne wrote about a time when Black Sabbath was asked to perform at Britain’s Druid Mecca, Stonehenge. Osbourne couldn’t believe it when he learned that people practiced the occult. When they would come up to the band after shows, they invited them to black masses.

A photo of Osbourne on stage.
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Osbourne would usually look at them and say, “The only evil spirits I’m interested in are called whisky, vodka, and gin.” Black Sabbath was also invited by a group of Satanists to play at Stonehenge, and when they declined, the Satanists said they put a curse on the band.

He Almost Killed Sharon

Osbourne used to get blackout drunk and load himself up with drugs, and these benders would go on for days. His partying would leave him with intense anxiety and horrible hangovers. Osbourne feared that he would do something awful during a blackout, and it almost came true.

Ozzy Osbourne walks the street with his head down.
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One time, he woke up in a single cell that smelled awful, and he had no idea how he got there. He thought one of his jokes went too far, so he asked the officer why he was arrested. The officer said Osbourne was charged with the attempted murder of Sharon Osbourne.

A Painful Time in His Marriage

Sharon recalled that she and Osbourne had a couple of fights that felt like they were building up to something. When she was sitting across from him on the couch, she didn’t recognize him. All of a sudden, Osbourne looked Sharon in the eyes and lunged at her.

Osbourne embraces Sharon.
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Sharon reached for something on the table and hit the panic button. A few moments later, the cops were there. After the incident, Osbourne said he was surprised that his wife didn’t press charges against him. It was a horrible time during their marriage.

For the Alamo

If you have ever been to San Antonio, Texas, you know that the city’s most sacred monument is the Alamo. Osbourne did not care how important the monument was because he decided to use it as a bathroom. He was drunk beyond belief and wearing one of Sharon’s dresses.

A picture of Ozzy and Sharon backstage at a show.
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Sharon hid all Osbourne’s clothes so he wouldn’t go out, which didn’t stop him from going into her closet. He hit up all the bars in town and couldn’t control his bladder. He started peeing on the side of a building and didn’t realize what it was, so the police arrested him.

Does Anyone Smell Roasted Chicken?

Osbourne’s first wife, Thelma, wanted to help him stop partying, so she bought him chickens and a coop. However, the plan backfired because Osbourne hated the chickens and the responsibility to remember to feed them. He got so fed up with the chickens that he did something unspeakable.

A portrait of Osbourne at home.
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One night, Osbourne got drunk, took a shotgun, and started shooting the birds. He then set fire to the coop and then threw the gun into the fire with live cartridges. Suddenly they went bang-bang-bang, and that was the end of the chickens.

Stripping Down

Osbourne would do anything to get a reaction out of his audience or people around him in his drunken state. During the “Blizzard of Oz” tour in Germany, Osbourne was having dinner with a group of some more conservative people.

A picture of Ozzy Osbourne performing on stage.
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Instead of sitting like a normal adult, Osbourne climbed onto the table and began doing a striptease. When he was naked, he peed into one man’s carafe of wine. Everyone was in utter shock because they couldn’t believe what was happening. Osbourne wasn’t invited back to Germany for a while.

It’s Raining Meat

If you ever go to an Ozzy Osbourne show, you might want to bring a poncho because you never know what is going to happen. During Osbourne’s “Diary of a Madman” tour in the early ‘80s, he would hurl pieces of meat into the audience.

Ozzy Osbourne performs on stage.
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Audiences surprisingly loved this part of his bizarre show, and it caused young people to start bringing pieces of animals to the performances. On one occasion, a kid brought an ox head after he killed and dismembered it. Someone should watch out for that child.

Shaving People’s Eyebrows

When people would stay at Osbourne’s Outlands Cottage in England, he liked to pull pranks on his guests. One of his favorite tricks was to shave off people’s eyebrows while they slept. Osbourne said, “There’s nothing funnier than a bloke with no eyebrows.”

A photo of Ozzy Osbourne during a concert.
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He thought it was the best thing ever because eyebrows help you show your facial expressions. Osbourne would keel over laughing when people realized their eyebrows were gone. One guy ended up going to see the doctor because he couldn’t figure out what happened to his eyebrows.

Somebody Find Him a Bathroom

It seems like Osbourne never knows where the bathroom is because he is always using whatever is outside as his urinal. One night when he was in Memphis, Tennessee, Osbourne was drunk and looking for a place to pee, as per usual.

A dated picture of Black Sabbath on stage.
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Osbourne spotted a white car nearby and decided it was the perfect place to relieve his bladder. He soon realized it was an unmarked police car, and the officer inside arrested him. He spent the evening in jail, and luckily the cells have a toilet for him to use.

On Top of an Aerial Tramway

If you haven’t guessed by now, most of the incidents that have occurred on this list were fueled by drugs and alcohol. When Osbourne was in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he was on a bender and thought it would be nice to take a ride in an aerial tramway.

A photo of Osbourne on stage.
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When the vehicle stopped, he took a ladder to the roof, lifted the emergency hatch, and climbed atop it. The tramway started moving again, and Osbourne stayed there with his arms open as if he were surfing in Malibu. He didn’t care how dangerous it was.

The Thing That Made Him Stop Cheating

During the AIDS epidemic in the ‘80s, Osbourne realized you can still get the disease even with heterosexual sex. However, he wasn’t practicing safe sex with his many one-night stands. After sleeping with one of his groupies, Osbourne went to get himself checked for the virus.

An outdoors portrait of Ozzy Osbourne.
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At first, the doctor thought Osbourne had AIDS; then, he later changed his diagnosis. It was a huge wake-up call for him. He was so freaked out by the possibility of having AIDS that he vowed never to cheat on Sharon again. He sounds like a great husband.

He Drugged a Fan

Osbourne gets recognized wherever he goes because he has such a distinct look. Therefore, when he travels on commercial planes, people around him can’t believe they are sitting next to Ozzy Osbourne. However, if this happens to you, make sure you don’t annoy him.

Osbourne poses for a studio portrait.
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Once when he was flying, a woman sitting in front of Osbourne kept annoying him, so he slipped a “Doom Dot” into her drink to make her fall asleep. This type of drug can incapacitate someone, but he had no intention of doing something bad; he just wanted her to stop talking.

The Height of His Drug Use

While Osbourne has been sober for nearly seven years, there was a time when he was abusing every drug known to man. In 2002, when The Osbournes was on MTV, he was taking as many as 25 Vicodin per day. However, that is not all he was taking.

Carson Daly and Ozzy Osbourne during The Osbourne Family Visits MTV.
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Osbourne was also taking as many as 42 other different prescription drugs on a daily basis. Shockingly, he was able to function in front of the cameras. We wonder why no one tried to get him to stop. Eventually, he finally got sober.

There Goes the TV

Osbourne likes to get himself in trouble wherever he goes, regardless of what it might cost him. Once, he and his friend Zakk Wylde pushed a 50-inch TV through the ninth-floor window of their hotel room just because it was something Osbourne always wanted to do.

Kelly, Sharon, and Ozzy Osbourne take a picture.
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When the TV hit the ground, it was a miracle that no one was injured. The TV basically exploded when it reached the pavement, and the hotel was not happy. They charged Osbourne $38,000 for the destruction of the TV when it actually only cost a thousand at most.

Thrown Out of a Concentration Camp

Osbourne has done many crazy things in his life and gotten in trouble with the law on several occasions. However, nothing tops how rude he was when he visited a concentration camp memorial in Southern Germany. He had been drinking while seeing the sites, which should have been a red flag for everyone.

Ozzy performs on stage.
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While touring the Dachau concentration camp, Osbourne was causing a scene and not acting appropriately in such a somber environment. He was thrown out and removed from the tour. Osbourne faced backlash because of his highly inappropriate behavior.

He Shared Something With a Stewardess

Once when Osbourne was flying home to England, he was carrying four grams of cocaine in his sock. This must have been in a time before solid airport security. He started to worry about how he would get the coke through customs, so he asked someone on the plane for help.

A photo of Ozzy Osbourne at the airport.
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Osbourne quietly waved over the stewardess and gave her the bag so she could get it through customs without being stopped. She used some of it while they were still in the air, and he didn’t get caught.

Penicillin Covered Up His Affairs

Osbourne was not faithful to either of his wives. At the end of an American tour in 1972, Osbourne had been sleeping his way through each state, and who knows what diseases he picked up along the way.

A dated street portrait of Ozzy Osbourne.
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He was about to head home to his wife Thelma but didn’t want her to know about his numerous affairs. To cover his tracks, he got a bunch of penicillin before returning home. The drug treats many STDs, so at least he was looking out for her in some capacity.

Invaded by Satanists

Osbourne has dealt with Satanists many times throughout his career, but the most bizarre situation was when they invaded his hotel. During the 1970s, when Black Sabbath was on the road, the hotel where the band was staying was surrounded by Satanists.

Ozzy Osbourne hides behind a plant.
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Some of the people camped out in front of Osbourne’s hotel room, which is quite extreme. To get them to go away, Osbourne blew out their candles and sang, “Happy Birthday.” They were either excited or highly offended, but they left. That is one group he hopes to never deal with again.

He Used to Work at a Slaughterhouse

When Osbourne finished high school, he took any job he could find to make money. He took a position in a slaughterhouse because that was the first open position. This must have been where his obsession with killing animals started.

A portrait of a younger Ozzy Osbourne.
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Osbourne’s job at the slaughterhouse was to kill cows by shooting them with a gun that fired a steel spike. At times he would end up covered in blood and guts, which he didn’t mind. He later added that to some of his shows because what would a Black Sabbath concert be without blood?

He Snorted Ants

In the documentary The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne, Osbourne recalled a time when he was hanging out by the poolside bar with Mötley Crü while they toured together in 1984. The former Black Sabbath frontman was bummed about the lack of cocaine.

Ozzy Osbourne is pictured in his open-air hot tub in the garden of his home.
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Because there wasn’t any cocaine to satisfy him, Osbourne leaned over a line of ants and sniffed them up his nose. Years later, Osbourne said, “Is it true that I snorted ants? It’s incredibly possible. Do I remember it? No.” It’s a medical mystery that he is still alive.

Taking Down a Burglar

In 2004, Osbourne was at in his Buckinghamshire home when a burglar broke in. When he discovered the intruder in one of the rooms at four in the morning, Osbourne tackled him to the floor. However, he wasn’t strong enough.

Osbourne walks the street.
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Although Osbourne tackled him, the burglar managed to slip away and jump from the window. The robber made off with $1.37 million in jewelry. Fortunately for Osborne and his family, most of the stolen items were later recovered and returned. Maybe all the cocaine helped him take down the man.

He Loves History

While it might come as a surprise, the Prince of Darkness is a huge history fanatic. He and his son have a show called Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour exclusively on the History Channel, and he often watches that station at home, as seen on The Osbournes.

Jack Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne attend a gallery exhibition.
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In his autobiography, Osbourne wrote, “I also have a son who likes to mess around with the settings on my tell, so when I make myself a nice pot of tea, put my feet up, and try to watch a program on the History Channel, I can’t get the thing to work.”

His Bandmates Thought He Was Kidnapped

While Black Sabbath was on tour with Van Halen in 1978, Osbourne and David Lee Roth went on a multi-day drug bender. That lasted until Osbourne disappeared, and no one knew where he went. For the first time, his friends and family started to worry.

A photo of Osbourne performing on stage.
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According to someone working on the tour, after the bus ride to Nashville from their last stop, Osbourne passed out for 24 hours in the wrong hotel room. The police thought he’d been taken. According to David Lee Roth, Black Sabbath was going to continue the tour without him. They just wanted him to get sober.

British Airways Targeted Him With Trash

When photographer and music video director Dean Karr visited Osbourne at his English estate, he noticed that the family weren’t the only ones using the land. Osbourne told an interviewer they have such a large plot of land, and he discovered something while walking around one day.

Ozzy and Sharon attend an event.
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Osbourne and his son Jack were cutting across the grass on a quad one day, and he stopped to pick up a plastic wrapper. Jack told him British Airways pulls the bilge over the house once a week, and it rains down peanut wrappers.

He Almost Died Twice

In 2004, the world almost lost the Prince of Darkness to an ATV accident. The rocker was driving an ATV when it flipped a few times and put him in a coma for eight days. He was unconscious, and his bodyguard was able to get his pulse back until the ambulance arrived.

Ozzy Osbourne smiles at the camera.
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Osbourne said if it weren’t for his bodyguard Sam, he wouldn’t be here today. Sam had to resuscitate Osbourne twice before medical services arrived. Drugs, alcohol, and eating live animals can’t kill him, but an ATV tried to.

He Was Forced to Buy a Hotel Room

Osbourne has been known to trash many a hotel room. However, he once did so much damage that he basically had to buy the room. According to Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi, Osbourne got a massive bill of $200,000 after a night of partying on tour.

Ozzy performs on stage.
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One night, everyone was woken up by a huge bang and a wooshing sound. Smoke started to seep under Iommi’s door, so he opened it to find Osbourne going wild. He let off fireworks in the hallway. Then things escalated when the alarms went off, and he was arrested.

He Didn’t Get His License Until He Was 60

According to Osbourne, he never got his driver’s license because he was never sober enough to take the exam. His first attempt was in 1974, then ’75, ’76, ’77, ’78, and then he lost count. One time, he was doing a three-point turn and passed out because the doctor gave him valium for his nerves.

Jack and Ozzy are sitting in the backseats of a car.
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At the end of the test, the instructor told him he had failed, obviously. Osbourne stumbled around the parking lot, and he remembered that some examiners refused to even get in the car with him because he was such a lousy driver.

He Ruined Tommy Lee’s Hotel Room

Osbourne enjoyed touring with Mötley Crüe, or maybe he secretly hated them. It’s hard to tell after what he did to Tommy Lee’s hotel room. According to the band’s drummer, Tommy Lee, Osbourne invited him to his room where he did something truly horrifying.

Osbourne and Mötley Crüe pose backstage for a picture.
Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

When Lee got to Osbourne’s hotel room, Osbourne immediately took off his pants and went to the bathroom on the floor. He then started smearing it on the walls like he was making a painting. Lee was disgusted and thought, “I’m not ready for this next level s**t.”

He Almost Burned Down His House While Making a Sandwich

Osbourne has achieved a lot in his life, and with all his money, he could probably afford to hire a private chef. However, he wanted to make his own sandwich one day, and it almost ended with the destruction of his house. Osbourne probably should have had the chef make the sandwich.

Ozzy Osborne has his teeth pecked by his pet parakeet.
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According to Sharon, Osbourne almost burned down the house while trying to fry some bacon for his sandwich. While it is probably the tamest thing he has done on this list, the firemen still had to come to his house, so it did end with sirens and people questioning him.

Texting Robert Plant About a Cat

It’s safe to say that Osbourne is not good with modern technology. He didn’t grow up with smartphones or computers, and his children joke about how bad he is with tech stuff. To prove the point, Osbourne’s son Jack told a hilarious story to Conan O’Brien.

A portrait of Ozzy Osbourne.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jack said that his dad once texted Robert Plant saying, “I can’t find the cat.” Plant is a nice person, so he responded, “You can’t find the cat?” Osbourne’s life might have been filled with wild and unexplainable moments, but he has some wholesome stories to balance everything out.