Who is Linda Thompson, and How Did She Become “The Ex” to Elvis, Bruce Jenner, and David Foster?

Linda Thompson is a 69-year-old songwriter/lyricist, former actress and beauty pageant winner. You might recognize her as a cast member of ‘Hee Haw’ as one of the “Hee Haw Honeys.” But she was famous for other reasons, one being the fact that she was a longtime girlfriend of the late great Elvis Presley. That is before she married Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner, and then the legendary music producer David Foster.

Lee Majors, Caitlyn Jenner, Linda Thompson, Open Hearts Foundation 10th Anniversary, Inside, Los Angeles, the USA – February 15th, 2020

Lee Majors, Caitlyn Jenner, Linda Thompson. Photo By Broadimage/Shutterstock

Thompson once said: “I’m the kind of person who lives under the radar.” It sure sounds modest, right? But how do you live under the radar when you were the other half to the King of Rock’ n’ Roll? Thompson was no stranger to walking the red carpets, but her glamorous partners were only part of the story. After writing a tell-all book about her life, some new, rather revealing, information surfaced that was only considered to be rumors before.

Linda Thompson’s story reads something like a Cinderella story…at least at first.