The Summer of Love: More Than Just Hippies and Awesome Music

We’ve all heard the tag “The Summer of Love,” but how many of us really know what happened that eventful summer in 1967? What drew 75,000 young people to the streets of San Francisco? That particular summer did see a revolutionary new movement, but there was another reason why it became such “a thing.” And it’s because the media started to really identify and focus on the whole hippy phenomenon.


Source: Shutterstock / Photo by Underwood Archives, UIG, Shutterstock / David Graves, Shutterstock

The covert, alternative youth culture had already been developing in America and Europe for several years. And it reached a boiling point that summer, in the Haight-Ashbury district, attracting people from near and far with a promise of escaping from conservative social values to get the chance to experiment with you know what.