Joni Mitchell: The Canadian Introvert Turned American Superstar

There are some people whose lives read like a sensational tabloid magazine. Joni Mitchell is one of them. It’s very likely that the Canadian introvert turned American superstar didn’t ask for such a public and transparent life. But, hey, it comes with the package of fortune and fame. Still, even though her life was full of incredible highs as well as tragic lows, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a living, breathing human being behind the headlines.


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The pop folk musician has been making people close their eyes and sway their heads to her music for about six decades. She’s been called “one of the greatest songwriters of the past half century.” That said, this article is dedicated to revealing the full life of Joni Mitchell, from her early beginnings to her later years (she’s now 77). After all, isn’t it always fascinating to get to know the personal side of a musical force of nature?