Eight Children with Five Women: Mick Jagger’s Family Tree

76-year-old Mick Jagger is by far one of the most popular rockers in music history. The Rolling Stones have traveled the world with not only their awesome music and excellent sense of style but also with a desire to please their fans, especially the female ones. Jagger has never hidden the fact that he has been (and still is) a ladies’ man. For decades, he has been the subject of desire of not only his current ballerina girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick, but of all his female fans – past and present.

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After all, Jagger did end up becoming a father to not one, not two, but eight children. And those kids are sons and daughters to not one, not two, but five different women. So, do you have “the moves like Jagger?” I guess it would depend on how many kids you have!

Here’s a look at all his kids (and the rest of the Stones’ offspring while we’re at it)…

Karis Hunt Jagger

Age: 49
Born: November 4, 1970
Mother: Marsha Hunt
Occupation: Volunteer and philanthropist

A rather unflattering fact about Mick Jagger revolves around how he once claimed that he wasn’t Karis’s father to avoid paying child support. But those days are behind him, and he and his eldest daughter now have a close bond.

Karis Jagger and Marsha Hunt posing together 1994
Karis Jagger and Marsha Hunt 1994. Photo by Clare Arron / Shutterstock

Karis was particularly helpful in helping her father cope with the suicide of his longtime partner L’Wren Scott in 2014. Scott wasn’t her mother, though. Her mother is model and actress Marsha Hunt – a woman Jagger dated when he was in his early 20s. Karis, a Yale graduate with a degree in modern history, has dipped her feet in the acting and film industry, but she’s mainly a volunteer teacher and philanthropist.

Karis reportedly leads a very private life outside of the public eye, at least more so than some of her better-known half-siblings.

Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger

Age: 48
Born: October 21, 1971
Mother: Bianca Jagger
Occupation: Jewelry designer

With the glamorous actress Bianca Jagger as her mother, it makes sense that Jagger’s second-eldest child Jade pursued a career in design. Jade was born in Paris and spent her early years being babysat by none other than Andy Warhol. And, considering she was born into a rich and famous family, she got to jet-set around the world.

Jade Jagger
Photo by Richard Young / Shutterstock

As she grew up, Jade carved out a name for herself as a socialite and occasional model. In 1996, she founded a jewelry company, Jade Inc., that makes high-end pieces such as the “Jagger Dagger,” an 18-carat white gold sword. Yes, a sword. Thanks to Jade’s son Assisi, Mick welcomed his first great-grandchild in 2014.

Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Scarlett Jagger

Age: 36
Born: March 2, 1984
Mother: Jerry Hall
Occupation: Model and actress

Lizzy was born in New York and followed in her mother’s footsteps – the model Jerry Hall – by pursuing a successful career in the modeling industry. She has worked for major brands, including Chanel. In fact, she even walked the catwalk in the brand’s fashion show at the young age of five.

Jerry Hall and Elizabeth Jagger 2012
Jerry Hall and Elizabeth Jagger 2012. Photo by Richard Young / Shutterstock

She also modeled for Tommy Hilfiger and is the face of cosmetics giant Lancôme. Lizzy is currently single, and her mother is reportedly playing matchmaker, hoping to find her daughter the right husband. A longtime feminist, Lizzy devotes a significant amount of her time to studying equal rights. She successfully lobbied for the Equal Rights Amendment, which passed in Illinois in 2018.

James Leroy Augustin Jagger

Age: 34
Born: August 28, 1985
Mother: Jerry Hall
Occupation: Musician and actor

James is the only one of Mick’s children to pursue a career in music. He is the singer and guitarist for punk-rock band Turbogeist. And, as it turns out, he can act, too. James has appeared in several stage plays and scored a role in the ‘70s-era HBO series Vinyl which his father produced.

Mick Jagger and James Jagger
Mick Jagger and James Jagger 2016. Photo by Broadimage / Shutterstock

Although he is close to his father, James described his famous last name as “more of a curse than a blessing.” But unlike his father, a notorious womanizer, James is a one-woman man. He and his longtime partner, artist Anoushka Sharma, married in 2015 in a very discreet wedding ceremony.

Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger

Age: 28
Born: January 12, 1992
Mother: Jerry Hall
Occupation: Model

As the spitting image of her mother Jerry Hall, Georgia May is one of Jagger’s most recognizable children. Like her mother and sister, she also went into the world of modeling and scored big modeling gigs as she has high-profile celebrity friends.

Photo by Richard Young, Shutterstock / James Gourley, Shutterstock

Georgia May caused a bit of a stir when she criticized the trend of hiring Instagram models based on their online popularity. In her opinion, it “doesn’t really make sense.” And that’s coming from someone with nearly a million Instagram followers. She is dating DJ Josh McLellan-Ludlow, her brother James’s bandmate.

And not because I want to mention Andy Warhol again, but Georgia May played muse to the famous artist as well as for photographer Helmut Newton.

Theodora Dupree Richards

Age: 35
Born: March 18, 1985
Parents: Keith Richards and Patti Hansen
Occupation: Model

Nearly two years after Keith Richards married model and actress Patti Hansen, they welcomed their first child together, Theodora. Under her mother’s wing, she began her own modeling career in her teens. She’s appeared on magazine covers in the US and Europe, working in campaigns for Burberry, Ann Taylor, and Adidas.

Photo by Amanda Schwab, Starpix, Shutterstock / Source: Shutterstock

In 2011, Theodora received some unwelcome attention after she was stopped by the police for writing on a convent wall. It wouldn’t have been such a big deal if it weren’t for the drugs she had in her possession. I guess the rebel in her just had to come out at some point.

Gabriel Luke Beauregard Jagger

Age: 23
Born: December 9, 1997
Mother: Jerry Hall
Occupation: Model

What, another model? It looks like Jerry Hall produced a line of models. In keeping with the rest of his siblings, Gabriel, Mick’s youngest child with ex-wife Jerry, has also tried his hand at modeling. It started after his sister Jade convinced him to pose for the cover of the magazine Another Man.

Gabriel Jagger and Jerry Hall
Gabriel Jagger and Jerry Hall 2014. Photo by Nils Jorgensen / Shutterstock

The collection from that first modeling gig was based on his father’s most cherished clothing, along with some unseen Rolling Stones memorabilia. The mid-20s Jagger is also a committed fitness fanatic and is reportedly in talks to lands his first contract with a fragrance company. Despite being born dyslexic, Gabriel writes poetry.

Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger

Age: 21
Born: May 18, 1999
Mother: Luciana Gimenez
Occupation: Student

It’s not the most positive thing to state, but Lucas was the product of a seven-month affair between Brazilian lingerie model and TV host Luciana Morad and Mick Jagger. In fact, many believe it was Lucas’ birth that prompted Hall to end her marriage with Jagger. Some say she left him when Luciana revealed the pregnancy. Jagger immediately demanded a paternity test.

Lucas Jagger
Photo by William Volcov / Shutterstock

The boy was, unfortunately, the subject of a two-year legal battle over child support. They eventually reached an undisclosed settlement in 2001. Today, Lucas and his father have a close relationship – as well as a close resemblance. Apparently, they bond over a shared love of soccer.

Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger

Age: 3
Born: December 8, 2016
Mother: Melanie Hamrick
Occupation: Preschooler

Jagger’s eighth and youngest child was born when the rocker was 72. Deveraux’s mother, ballerina Melanie Hamrick, is more than 40 years Jagger’s junior, making her younger than some of his daughters. The two have been dating since 2014.

Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger on a scooter
Source: Twitter

Lizzy Jagger posted a picture of her step-brother on Instagram: “So proud of my beautiful baby brother Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger.” Deveraux was actually the third child born to a Rolling Stone member in that year. That brings us to the next portion of the article: the kids of the Rolling Stones. Let’s see the rest of the sons and daughters that can say without irony, “Papa Was a Rolling Stone.”

Barry David Corbett/Simon

Age: 61
Born: May 29, 1960
Parents: Brian Jones and Valerie Corbett
Occupation: Business analyst

The first son of a Rolling Stone was actually born three years before the band was even formed, and 10 years before his father passed away. In 1959, Barry David was born to Brian Jones and Valerie Corbett, both of whom were teenagers at the time. According to Paul Trynka’s book, Brian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones, Jones proposed to Corbett several times, but her parents disallowed it.

Source: Tumblr

She gave birth to Barry David but put him up for adoption. Barry’s adopted parents named him Simon, and he had a “normal” childhood. Since his father was never listed on his birth certificate, Simon only learned the identity of his biological father in 2004.

Barbara Marion

Age: 60
Born: August 4, 1960
Parents: Brian Jones and Angeline
Occupation: Musician

In November 1959, Jones saw a blues band perform in Guildford. At the concert, he met a young married woman named Angeline. The two had a one-night stand resulting in her pregnancy.

Barbara, daughter of Brian Jones
Source: Twitter

Angeline and her husband raised the baby, named Belinda. Apparently, Jones never knew about her birth and went to his grave, unaware. Stones’ bassist Bill Wyman wrote in his 1990 book, Stone Alone, that his fellow band member never knew about the child. Wyman even mentioned her under a pseudonym and revealed that Belinda only learned about her biological father in 2002, when she was 42.

Julian Mark Andrews

Age: 59
Born: October 22, 1961
Parents: Brian Jones and Pat Andrews
Occupation: Works for a national corporation

It’s clear by now that Brian Jones got around. In 1961, he fathered another child with another woman. This time, it was his girlfriend, Pat Andrews. In a rare show of support, Jones sold his record collection to be able to buy clothes for his baby (whom he knew about this time).

Julian Mark Andrews sitting by the pool where his father died
Julian Mark Andrews. Photo by Hafenrichter / Shutterstock

Julian Mark Andrews was named after jazz great Julian “Cannonball” Adderly. Jones lived with Andrews and their son for a little while before he ultimately ran off. In 2013, Andrews said she never received any child support from Jones nor his estate, other than a “package full of baby things” and that her son “doesn’t want to cash in on his dad’s fame.”

Stephen Paul Wyman

Age: 58
Born: March 29, 1962
Parents: Bill Wyman and Diane Cory
Occupation: Unknown

Finally, a Rolling Stones’ baby that wasn’t fathered by Brian Jones. Stephen Paul Wyman was born to soon-to-be Stones’ bassist Bill Wyman and his first wife, Diane Cory, whom he married in 1959. He and Diane divorced in 1969. 20 years later, at 52, Wyman got married again to an 18-year-old singer and model Mandy Smith (whom he had been dating since she was 13).

Bill Wyman and Stephen Wyman 1989
Bill Wyman and Stephen Wyman 1989. Photo by Alan Davidson / Shutterstock

But things got even weirder in 1993 when then-30-year-old Stephen became engaged to Mandy’s mother, Patsy Smith, who was then 46. That means he married his step-grandmother…

Anyway, it’s no surprise whatsoever that both marriages ended within a couple years, and neither of them had children.

Julian Brian Jones

Age: 56
Born: July 23, 1964
Parents: Brian Jones and Linda Lawrence
Occupation: Unknown

And we’re right back to yet another child of Brian Jones’. As the Rolling Stones were on the rise, Jones and his teenage girlfriend Linda Lawrence had a son named Julian Brian (also in honor of Cannonball Adderly). Originally, Jones planned to live with Julian and Linda at her parents’ home, but when her folks learned Jones had no intention to marry their daughter, they kicked him out.

Julian Brian Jones and Linda Lawrence
Julian Brian Jones and Linda Lawrence on the way to Brian Jones’ funeral. Photo by Evening News / Shutterstock

Linda ended up receiving a lump sum to help raise Julian. She later married folk-rocker Donovan Philips Leitch, and Julian changed his middle name to Leitch. He later wrote music with Donovan and recorded under the name Julian Jones.

Paul Andrew Malloy/John Maynard

Age: 55
Born: March 24, 1965
Parents: Brian Jones and Dawn Molloy
Occupation: Senior manager at Ford

The fifth and last (known) child of Brian Jones was born to his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Dawn Molloy in 1965. Malloy told Jones and the Rolling Stones’ management that she was pregnant and was subsequently paid by manager Andrew Loog Oldham to never mention either her pregnancy or her relationship with Jones to the press.

John Maynard, Dawn Molloy, and Bill Wyman sitting around a kitchen table reuniting.
John Maynard, Dawn Molloy, and Bill Wyman. Source: Twitter

She gave birth to Paul Andrew but put him up for adoption. He was raised as John Maynard. Decades later, he learned that the anonymous “musician” listed on his birth certificate was indeed the late Rolling Stones’ band member. He contacted both his birth mother and Bill Wyman, who were able to tell him stories about his biological father. Since 2013, Maynard has spoken publicly about the search for his biological parents.

Seraphina Watts

Age: 52
Born: March 18, 1968
Parents: Charlie Watts and Shirley Ann Shepherd
Occupation: Unknown

When it comes to marriage and family life, drummer Charlie Watts is basically the opposite of Brian Jones – and all of his bandmates. In October 1964, Watts married Shirley Ann Shepherd, a woman he met before the Stones became popular. The two are still married to this day, and they only had one child together, Seraphina, in 1968.

Seraphina Watts, Charlie Watts, and Shirley Ann Shepherd on the red carpet
Seraphina Watts, Charlie Watts, and Shirley Ann Shepherd 1991. Photo by Richard Young / Shutterstock

There isn’t much out there about Seraphina, except for a few pictures of her hanging out with Keith Richards and Mick Taylor. But in general, she was shielded from the crazy rock ‘n’ roll world. At 14, she went to a boarding school but got kicked out for allegedly smoking marijuana (which created some major headlines in the mid-‘80s).

Alexandra Nicole Richards

Age: 34
Born: July 28, 1986
Parents: Keith Richards and Patti Hansen
Occupation: Model, actress, artist and DJ

The youngest daughter of Richards and Hansen, Alexandra, followed the same path as her mom and older sister. She, too, became a model. Based in New York, she has been featured in fashion magazines in the US, UK, France, and Italy with labels like Vogue, Glamour and Vanity Fair (as well as the French version of Playboy).

Photo by Danny Payne, Shutterstock / Eric Charbonneau, Shutterstock

Alexandra has also dabbled in a bit of acting – you may have seen her in a 2009 episode of Gossip Girl. She’s also an artist and a DJ. In 2005, she participated in the Fashion for Relief show in New York as a benefit for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Marlon Leon Sundeep Richards

Age: 51
Born: August 10, 1969
Parents: Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg
Occupation: Artist and photographer

The eldest child of Keith Richards and then-girlfriend Anita Pallenberg was once rumored to actually be Brian Jones’ son (since Anita was Brian’s main squeeze before running off with Keith). But due to Marlon’s obvious resemblance to Richards, the rumor was put to bed with time.

Photo by Associated Newspapers, Shutterstock / Richard Young, Shutterstock

Named after Marlon Brando, he became a permanent member of the Rolling Stones’ entourage in the ’70s. Legend has it he learned to count with elevator buttons, and his very first words were “room service.” Marlon wrote short passages for his father’s 2010 memoir, Life, where he talked about being his father’s keeper. During Keith’s darkest days, Marlon had to wake him up for gigs, clean up his drugs, and keep the police away… all before the age of eight. Marlon has worked as a gallery curator, graphic artist and photographer.

Chloe Taylor

Age: 49
Born: January 6, 1971
Parents: Mick Taylor and Rose Millar
Occupation: Unknown

Soon after Mick Taylor joined The Rolling Stones (replacing Brian Jones on the lead guitar), his girlfriend Rose Millar got pregnant with their daughter, Chloe, who was born in early 1971. Mick and Rose eventually married (around the time Taylor left the Stones in 1975). But the marriage didn’t last very long, and he grew distant from his daughter.

Rose Millar, Mick Taylor, and Chloe Taylor
Rose Millar, Mick Taylor, and Chloe Taylor. Source: Tumblr

“It was very difficult to keep the relationship with Chloe going when I was in America and into the drugs,” he later said, adding that they have managed to finally patch things up. Chloe has a daughter, Eleanor, and Mick says she “is the only one allowed to call me granddad.”

Dandelion Angela Richards

Age: 48
Born: April 17, 1972
Parents: Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg
Occupation: Unknown

Keith Richards’ longtime girlfriend Anita Pallenberg found out she was pregnant in France during the Stones’ recording of Exile in Main St. The drug-addicted actress had planned to terminate the pregnancy, but she never ended up taking the flight to England for the procedure. And so, in 1972, Dandelion was born.

Keith Richards and Dandelion Richards
Keith Richards and Dandelion Richards. Photo by Copetti / Photofab / Mcp / Shutterstock

Born in Switzerland, her parents sent Dandelion to live with Richards’ mother, Doris, in England. She grew up outside of the rock ‘n’ roll world. Out of the public eye for decades, Dandelion (who chooses to go by her middle name, Angela) has been seen in recent years at Stones concerts and on dinner dates with her dad.

Tara Jo Jo Gunne Richards

Age: Deceased
Born: March 26, 1976
Parents: Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg

Richards’ and Pallenberg’s third child together was a baby boy they named Tara Jo Jo Gunne, born in the spring of 1976. He was named after Tara Browne (the London socialite whose death inspired the Beatles’ A Day in the Life) but also in honor of the Chuck Berry song Jo Jo Gunne.

Anita, Keith, and their son eating Toblerone chocolate
Anita, Keith, and their son, 1970. Photo by Globe Photos / Mediapunch / Shutterstock

Tragically, Tara lived for only 10 weeks, passing away from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in June while Richards was on tour. Pallenberg blamed her drug abuse during her pregnancy for her baby’s death. Richards wrote in his memoirs that his relationship with his son Marlon saved him from a spiral of depression.

Jesse James Wood

Age: 44
Born: October 30, 1976
Parents: Ronnie Wood and Krissy Findlay
Occupation: Musician and model

Jesse is the product of guitarist Ronnie Wood’s first marriage to model Krissy Findlay that lasted from 1971 to 1978. Jesse grew up in the music world and decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, becoming a musician. He’s played guitar and bass in several London-based rock bands, such as Glyda, Hogg, Reef, and the Leah Wood Band (with his half-sister).

Jesse Wood and Ronnie Wood
Jesse Wood and Ronnie Wood. Photo by Alan Davidson / Shutterstock

He’s even performed with his old man. Like his father, he has struggled with addiction, and the father-son duo entered rehab together in 2011. In addition to his music, Jesse has also done some modeling. He dated Kate Moss, married model Catherine “Tilly” Boone in 2003, had a few kids, divorced, and married TV host Fearne Cotton, who made him a father of three.

Leah Wood

Age: 42
Born: September 22, 1978
Parents: Ronnie Wood and Josephine Wood
Occupation: Musician and model

Leah was the first child of Ronnie and Jo Wood, but they didn’t marry until years after she was born. As with her half-brother Jesse, she also entered the music industry, forming a self-named band, the Leah Wood Band.

Ronnie, Leah, and Josephine Wood 1999
Ronnie, Leah, and Josephine Wood 1999. Photo by Richard Young / Shutterstock

The group’s biggest claim to fame is when they opened for David Bowie on his tour. Leah also worked as a model. She married Jack MacDonald, and they have two children together, Maggie Dylan and Otis Sonny David. When Leah was overdue with Otis, “uncle” Keith Richards jokingly told her that sitting on an amplifier during one of their concerts might coax her baby out.

Tyrone Wood

Age: 37
Born: August 21, 1983
Parents: Ronnie Wood and Josephine Wood
Occupation: Gallery director

Jo and Ronnie’s second child was their son Tyrone, born one and a half years before his parents married. Unlike the others, Tyrone shunned his dad’s musical obsession in favor of his other passion: art. Tyrone is a fixture in London’s art scene, working as a gallery director, including one his father owns.

Tyrone and Jo Wood
Tyrone and Jo Wood 2008. Photo by Alan Davidson / Shutterstock

Tyrone has collaborated with his half-brother Jamie at Scream Gallery. In 2013, he made the news with the opening of a new photography gallery called Heist. Tyrone has been in a few high-profile relationships, including one with singer Rita Ora, actress Elizabeth Whitson and models Daisy Lowe and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Katherine Noelle Wyman

Age: 25
Born: September 4, 1994
Parents: Bill Wyman and Suzanne Accosta
Occupation: Unknown

Soon after Bill Wyman’s brief marriage to the young model Mandy Smith ended, he proposed to another young model (but at least she wasn’t in her teens). In 1993, Wyman, who recently left The Rolling Stones, married California model and fashion designer Suzanne Accosta, whom he had actually known since the ’70s.

Katherine, Bill, and Suzanne Wyman in 2019
Katherine, Bill, and Suzanne Wyman in 2019. Photo by Richard Young / Shutterstock

Katherine, who goes by Katie, is Wyman and Accosta’s eldest daughter. She was born in London in 1994. Not much is known about her since she is young and out of the public eye. But what I can say is that she looks like a perfect 50/50 combination of her parents!

Jessica Rose Wyman

Age: 26
Born: November 1995
Parents: Bill Wyman and Suzanne Accosta
Occupation: Unknown

A little over a year after her older sister was born, Jessica was born in 1995. Her father said how happy it made him to have another chance at fatherhood. His eldest son Stephen was born before the Stones became famous, and the road kept him away from being able to raise his son properly.

Jessica, Suzanne, and Bill Wyman
Jessica, Suzanne, and Bill Wyman. Photo by Richard Isaac / Shutterstock

Although Wyman was already retired from the Stones when Jessica arrived, he formed another group: the blues-rock band Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings. Like her sister, Jessica is young and not living in the limelight like some of the other adult children on this list.

Matilda Mae Wyman

Age: 23
Born: April 27, 1998
Parents: Bill Wyman and Suzanne Accosta
Occupation: Unknown

Matilda, who was born in 1998, is the youngest of Wyman’s three daughters with Accosta. Although all three daughters keep a low profile, Matilda went with her dad to do an interview with London’s Telegraph in 2008.

Matilda and Suzanne Wyman
Matilda and Suzanne Wyman. Photo by Nick Harvey / Shutterstock

Just nine at the time, she discussed her dad’s show with his band the Rhythm Kings, saying that she didn’t think he was any good because he never sang. Wyman said one of the best things about doing the anniversary shows with the Stones in 2012 was that his daughters got to see him play with his old bandmates for the first time.

Emma Taylor

Age: 23
Born: 1998
Parents: Mick Taylor and Susan
Occupation: Unknown

The former Stones’ guitarist Mick Taylor had a daughter named Emma, who was the product of a brief relationship he had with an American woman named Susan. Susan sang backing vocals for the band. While pregnant with Emma, Susan met Hans McMenamin, a German blues band musician.

Susan, Mick, and Emma Taylor
Susan, Mick, and Emma Taylor. Source: Shutterstock

Susan and Hans married and raised Emma in Florida, while Hans played in local bands and founded a rock music school. In 2007, Susan made an album called Another Place in Time, featuring a duet with her daughter of Radames’ Letter from Elton John’s musical Aida.

And last but not least…

Gracie Jane and Alice Rose Wood

Age: 4
Born: May 30, 2016
Parents: Ronnie Wood and Sally Humphreys Wood
Occupation: Preschoolers!

Two days before Ronnie Wood turned 69, his wife, Sally Humphreys Wood, a theater producer, gave birth to twins. Gracie Jane and Alice Rose are the latest additions to the Woods family, and let’s face it – they’re probably going to be the last.

Ronnie and Sally Wood with twins Gracie and Alice
Ronnie and Sally Wood with twins Gracie and Alice. Photo by Scott Garfitt / Shutterstock

Although they are his fifth and sixth children, the twins are Wood’s first with Sally, whom he married in 2012. She’s also 30 years his junior. As a side note, Wood was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017. He reportedly refused to undergo chemotherapy so as to not lose his hair. We wish him good health!