David Geffen: How the Brooklyn Kid Became a Billion-Dollar Magnate

In the Right Place at the Right Time

Two decades later, David Geffen sold his second label, the one he named after himself, for a sweet $550 million. It was around the same time that The Eagles’ (under his label) first greatest hits album was declared the biggest-selling album of all time. You could say that Geffen was in the right place at the right time.


Photo by Michael Putland / Getty Images

Two major things happened in the ‘60s and ‘70s in California. First, it was the dawn of the singer-songwriter era, filled with epic tales of music, sunshine, drugs, talent, and greed. But there was also a scene that swirled around the navel-gazers and hippie millionaires of the L.A. canyons. There was the whole business side of things, the side that made people like Geffen filthy, filthy rich.