“Please Rise for Our National Anthem” – 10 Beautiful National Anthems from Around the Globe

A national anthem is arguably the greatest work of music a country can produce. It’s a true reflection of the nation’s culture, their people and their traditions. It ignites a fire within the hearts of the indigenous people, motivating them to fight wars, play football matches, and recollect the struggles the forefathers went through to build a nation from the ground up. In this article, we share our pick of the ten most beautiful national anthems from around the world:

Paraguay’s Republic or Death!

The Paraguayan people are earnest about their national anthem, and the name goes to show just that. It’s not the best national anthem out there, but it is the most aptly named one. Republic or Death not only gives you an idea of what the song is really about, but it also portrays the real sense of nationalism.


Source: Amazon.com

Imagine an announcer asking the crowd to Stand up for Republic or Death”. Now that would be cool. Even though Paraguay’s sports accolades are limited to a silver medal in men’s football, they do always participate in sporting events with a lot of heart and panache.