Unquestionably The Best Songs of The Beatles Ever

When it comes to The Beatles, even the most powerful superlatives simply aren’t enough to do them justice. The Fab Four didn’t just change music as we know it, they changed the entire world, having an unparalleled impact on popular culture that can still be felt today. From the light and breeze rock and roll classics of their early years to the deeper psychedelic and hard rock tunes that came later on, their catalog is unmatched, with The Beatles being the best-selling band in all of history. Everyone has their own personal favorite Beatles song, but here are five of the very best.


Written by Paul McCartney and featured on The Beatles 1965 album, Help!, Yesterday made it to number one in the American charts and really exhibited McCartney at his absolute best. The seemingly simple yet emotionally charged lyrics capture the grim reality of a bad break-up perfectly, as the singer simply wishes to turn back time and enjoy all the happiness, freedom, and hope he felt before “his troubles” suddenly arrived.


Source: Wikipedia

The song, like so many Beatles classics, has been covered on countless occasions, with more than 2,200 known covers, and has been voted the greatest pop song ever written.