Top Female Singers Who Define Beauty in the Music Scene

A vast majority of lady musicians are renowned best for their tonal and vocal uniqueness. A majority of them are cherished by their audiences mainly since they light the podiums up with their fiery music. However, some female artists have a more significant gift than their music; beauty. Here are some of the beautiful female singers from around the globe.

Shakira: Definitive Columbian Beauty

Shakira is a world-renowned vocalist, record producer, composer, but most people would instantly recognize her pristine dance moves. Shakira was born in Columbia, but most of her singing and choreographic career was established in the U.S. Her beauty is also unmatched, considering it is almost all natural.


Shakira’s face radiates a bright yet ambient glow, giving her a polite and earnest character. Her countenances also look quite guiltless. The fact that she sometimes wears no facial makeup at all is proof that she is a naturally good-looking blonde. Her handle is @Shakira.

Carrie Underwood: The Astute Animal Lover

Carrie Underwood is renowned for her singing, acting, and songwriting, as well as gracing the American Idol sequel as the winner fourteen years ago, which propelled her to fame. She is American by birth, aged 35, and a recognized celebrity across the globe.


Carrie is an astute animal-lover. She turned vegan aged thirteen only because she couldn’t bear the thought of consuming the very animals she professes her love. Her IG handle is @carrieunderwood.

Beyoncé Knowles: The Undoubted Queen of R&B

Beyoncé is probably the most distinguished musician in the contemporary global music platform. Knowles is renowned for her singing, acting, and songwriting, and is married to the eminent Hip Hop artist, Jay Z. Many know her for her music, but her beauty cannot go unnoticed either.


Beyoncé rose to the Hall-of-Fame in the 1990s as the lead-musician in Destiny’s Child. Since then, Knowles has sold more than a hundred million solo hits, making her undoubtedly one of the most efficient music icons of the 21st century. Her success is capped by her notable hourglass figure and a gorgeous face. Her IG handle is @Beyoncé.

Demi Lovato: The Stunning Artist and Thespian

Demi Lovato became a celebrity after her inaugural appearance on “Barney and Friends.” Her audience loves this lovely artist, a significant percentage of whom believe that she is as attractive on her inside as the outward appearance.


Demi is held in high esteem by many who love her for the numerous anti-bullying campaigns she had led, a result of her recent encounter with bullies when she was younger. In addition to her unmistakable beauty, Demi’s vocals have transformed over the years to the current mature voice loved by her listeners. She is also adored for her politeness. Her IG: @ddlovato.

Katy Perry: American Songster and Model

Katy Perry is another renowned vocalist, and also a model. Her appearance instantly brings back the memories of Snow White: a gorgeous lady with ebony-dark hair, white-as-snow skin-glow, and stunning bright-green eyes.


Though in her early 30s, Perry has maintained her well-framed body and can be easily mistaken for a teenager. She has a huge fan base despite her controversial marriage life where she has several incidences of being unfaithful. All in all, such beauty cannot go unnoticed. Her Instagram handle is @katyperry.

Taylor Swift: The Incredibly Gifted Stunner

Taylor Swift has claimed a lot of top positions in her music profession, with a good number of her hits having over one billion views each on YouTube. Many have argued that her talent and her incredible beauty give to make her a deservedly top artist.


Not only does Taylor don a cute face, but most of her audience attest to the beauty of her heart. Her hit records have made a significant impact on millions of viewers, building on her kind disposition. Her almond-shaped eyes and blonde hair steal the attention of many. She is also a recognized philanthropist. Find her on IG by the handle @taylorswift.

Avril Lavigne: Rocking that Beauty

Similar to Swift, Avril’s beauty flows from inside-out. She sweeps the sentiments of her audience with her incredible natural voice, the beautiful songs, and an impeccable sense of fashion. Avril is typically blonde-haired with beautiful goldish hair, sharp-looking eyes, and lush lips.


Lavigne is loved by many for remaining ‘real’ in a world defined by fakeness. She is also highly engaged in charity; she even once performed for free at a school auditorium. Her IG handle is @avrillavigne.

Selena Gomez: A Stunning Latino

Selena Gomez acts, sings, and also models, achieving a lot in a short period. She dons the distinctive look of a lady with an unquestionable Latin origin, with her olive-looking skin, long ebony-black hair, and attractively-long eyelashes which add to the definition of her beauty.


Gomez is loved by her fans mostly because she brings out her voice on a live stage similar to her recorded albums. Her innocent-looking appearance and her striking beauty add to her likeability. She has, however, been caught up in many gruesome disgraces that impact her likeability, but we still consider her amongst the most stunning lady musicians. Her handle on IG is @selenagomez.

Ariana Grande: Oh, What a Beauty!

Ariana has recently faced a horrific sight during her Manchester-City Concert, the blast that may remain etched in her memory forever. However, that does not dilute any bit of her stunning beauty.


Ariana has a melodious voice that is instantly recognizable, a striking facial appearance with long black hair (not forgetting the baby hairs), and stunning eyes as well. She also has a great figure. Many consider Ariana only second to Swift regarding beauty and talent, something we do not refute in any way. Her Instagram handle is @arianagrande.

Jackie Evancho: A Celebrated Music Icon

Jackie Evancho is a famed musician from the U.S. with an astounding musical career. She boats of some key accolades inclusive of 3 top-ten hit singles on the popular Billboard platform. She also has platinum-standard as well as gold-standard albums to add to her success.


As a celebrated classical musician, she spots a rare voice, which is the core attraction to her audiences. She is also undoubtedly attractive, donning blonde hair that twirls naturally to complement her rounded, beautiful face. Evancho exudes calmness with her emerald-green eyes and a gorgeous smile. Her Instagram handle is @officialjackieevancho.

In conclusion, we may say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, there are some women, musicians in this case, whose beauty seems universal. This attribute thus ranks them atop of our list.