The United States of Pop: How Each State Contributed to Popular Music

50. Wyoming

Artists Born/Lived There : Scott Avett, John Perry Barlow, Ronnie Bedford, Loren Driscoll, Cary Judd, Chancey Williams

Bands Formed There : The Lillingtons

John Perry Barlow, a guy who wrote several Grateful Dead lyrics (from 1971 to 1995 with songs like Cassidy and Hell in a Bucket), was born in Sublette County. Then, there’s Scott Avett of the Avett Brothers, who was born in Cheyenne.


The Avett Brothers – Scott Avett, Mike Marsh, and Seth Avett. Photo By Rmv/Shutterstock

Jackson Pollock, the painter, was born in Cody, and his painting titled White Light was used on the cover of Ornette Coleman’s 1960 album Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation. The Lillingtons, a Ramones-Esque pop-punk band, was formed in Wyoming in the mid – ‘90s in Newcastle. Wyoming sits at the top (which is really at the bottom) because, in terms of musical significance, not much else has ever come from this state. Sorry, Wyomingites.