The United States of Pop: How Each State Contributed to Popular Music

We’ve all seen the lists of music – the best-selling artists, the most popular bands, and the best/worst of all time – and how music is ranked in the United States. But this one’s a little different. This is a (debatable) list that ties together music, location, and impact on the world of popular music. Each state has contributed to the industry in its own way, but not all states were created equal.


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You’ll see which states have contributed more and which ones less. Wyoming, for one, is nowhere near as influential in the musical history books as Louisiana. Interested to see where your state lies on the list? Well, you’ll just have to scroll through and check it out. And you can learn a little bit about the other states along the way.

Let’s begin…

(And just remember, folks: this isn’t a comprehensive list. There will, of course, be some bands left out.)