The Osbourne Family: Making It Through the Madness

A Giant Mirage

Although Ozzy and Sharon’s marriage made the front page of almost every tabloid in the world, many are still surprised to learn that it was not the singer’s first marriage. In 1971, shortly after Ozzy hit it big with Black Sabbath, he met his first wife, Thelma Riley, at a nightclub. The couple got married quickly, bought a house, and had two kids named Jessica and Louis.


Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne with their family. Source: Reddit / Pinterest

The Prince of Darkness also adopted Thelma’s son Elliott from a previous relationship. “I thought, ‘I have arrived.’ Not realizing it was a giant mirage,” Ozzy told A&E. The singer’s substance abuse combined with Black Sabbath’s touring schedule took a toll on his personal life.