“The Name Is Bond, James Bond” – Here Are the Best James Bond Songs of All Time

We recognize a James Bond movie for its thrilling action, gripping storyline and of course, the charisma of the man with a license to kill. James Bond movies have always enjoyed commercial success at the box office. Surprisingly, however, the James Bond theme songs have also enjoyed equal commercial and critical success and have at times become the most iconic feature of the movie.

In fact, over the decades, the James Bond theme has garnered such importance that now it is an honor to be asked to deliver the music and vocals for an upcoming James Bond movie. Check out our countdown for the top 10 James Bond theme ever below:

10. “GOLDFINGER” 1964 Shirley Bassey

The title song for the 1964 James Bond movie with the same name, the song was composed by John Barry and performed by Shirley Bassey. Shirley Bassey was not a very popular name at the time, but this iconic song catapulted her into fame and earned her the only top 40 hit at the Billboard Hot 100.


Source: ultratop.com

It was also Bassey’s only single to reach the No. 8 spot at the Adult Contemporary Chart. The song was composed with a brassy aesthetic which was enhanced by Bassey’s soulful voice and given a touch of grandeur that is deserving of a James Bond theme.