The Myths and Music of Laurel Canyon: From Hippies to Rock Legends

Once Home to the Woodstock Generation

Laurel Canyon, with its twisted roads, dense eucalyptus, and hidden homes, feels like a country town a world away from Los Angeles. Yet, it’s only five minutes away from the Sunset Strip. That’s why the area was once home to the bohemian artists of the Woodstock generation. 1967 – 74 were considered the golden years of the Laurel Canyon scene that gave birth to the singer-songwriter movement.


The Byrds – Chris Hillman, Michael Clarke, Gene Clarke, Roger McGuinn, and David Crosby. Source: Shutterstock

Huge stars rose from the hillside area, from The Byrds to The Mamas and the Papas to Neil Young, to name only a few. The fun part of it all – well, at least one fun thing – was the fact that many of these musicians would play on each other’s records as well as hang out together and even sleep in each other’s beds.