The Life and Death of the Legendary Rock Star: Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison went down in history as one of the greatest front-men in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. His poetic lyrics and outstanding voice help define the 1960s counterculture scene as the lead singer of The Doors. Tragically, his life ended at the young age of 27, making him part of the infamous 27 Club – a club you don’t want to be a part of (but we’ll get to that).


Photo by Alan Messer / Shutterstock

Morrison is known as a rock star with his drunken antics, but there is a lot more to him. Yes, he had multiple arrests and acted in questionable ways, but he was a philosopher at heart. He was a lyrical genius and published his poetry separate from his music. Morrison didn’t have the easiest childhood and seemed to have used drugs, specifically LSD, to help him cope with the pain. Sadly, the drugs ultimately killed him. Here is the life of Jim Morrison and his untimely death.