The 5 Greatest Country Music Stars of All Time

The country genre is almost a century old, having its origins back in the 1920s. A distinctly American form of music, country and western takes its roots from American folk music and has some blues influence too, and the genre has evolved so much over the years, branching out into all kinds of sub-genres like bro-country, Nashville sound, outlaw country, and more. There have been some genuinely outstanding country music singers and performers over the years. The following five have truly made their mark on the genre.

Reba McEntire

A terrific singer and a wonderful human being too, Reba McEntire started off her music career as a high school student, singing with the school band and even performing on local radio shows with her family. Known as ‘The Queen of Country,’ she’s released a total of 29 studio albums and made 42 number one singles.


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Reba is the only solo female country artist to ever earn number one hits in four subsequent decades. She’s been one of the most consistently brilliant country stars of all time and even enjoyed success on screen in her TV sitcom Reba and movies like Tremors. Is there anything she can’t do?