Songs about Animals That Withstood the Test of Time

Animal songs are a great way for singers to get in touch with their wild side. You may have noticed that many of your favorite singers have animal songs in their discography. Songs about, or referring to, animals usually have a deeper meaning, and there are nuances beneath the lyrics. They’re not always referring to the obvious – but to something more.

Below is a list of the top 5 animal songs that we’ve compiled based on votes by music fans. If you’re in the mood, pick one and dance to the beat. You’ll feel the animal inside of you come to life.

Eyes on the Prize (Eye of the Tiger)

The song was released with the movie Rocky III – the biggest movie of 1982 – so even if you haven’t really heard Eye of the Tiger, you’ve heard it. It’s one of Survivor’s most famous songs, being the only one that managed to top the Billboard Top 100, and that too for six consecutive weeks.



The song is one of the most inspirational ones out there. It revolves around the events of the movie itself, telling you not to give up on your dreams, and to keep running after your passions despite setbacks. Glory, fame, recognition – if you run after temporary, fickle things like these, you’d eventually lose track of what you set out to do.