Keep Your Soul Clean and Your Boots Dirty – the Best Country Songs Ever Written

Originating back in the 1920s and descending from old American folk music, the country genre is distinctly American and hugely popular across the states, as well as internationally. It has also spawned all kinds of subgenres like Bro-Country and Nashville Sound. Typically consisting of ballads and folk-style harmonies with lyrics that tell a story or delve deep into the feelings of the songwriter, country songs are typically moving, emotional, and sometimes quite jaunty too, encouraging listeners to get on their feet and hit the dance floor. Here are 50 of the finest country music songs ever written!

50. Guitar Town by Steve Earle

Released in 1986, Earle’s Guitar Town was written in the wake of a tough divorce from his third wife. He was consuming a lot of alcohol, among other substances, at the time and belts out this classic anthem with the fire and fury of a much older man.


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Earle was only 31 years old at the time but had already lived enough for several lifetimes. In the years following the release of Guitar Town, he released a few more great songs but slipped further into his heroin addiction too.