“It’s Gettin’ hot in Herre” – 5 of the Hottest Music Videos Ever Made

Sex sells, especially in the pop music industry, where a singer or band’s image can make or break their entire careers. Countless songs and even entire albums have been written with sexual themes in mind, and certain music videos, especially those from the 1980s onwards, made sex a big part of their scenes.

It’s impossible to watch some of these iconic music videos without getting a little hot under the collar, and the following five classic clips have gone down in history for their stylishly shot and immensely sexy nature.

S&M by Rihanna

One of Rihanna’s greatest songs also produced one of her hottest ever music videos. As the title of the song suggests, the video is filled with bondage-style imagery including ball gags and latex suits, but director Melina Matsoukas wanted to take the idea to a more metaphorical level.


Source: Spin.com

The clip could easily have been yet another sexy pop video, but it incorporates some smart ideas and shows how a superstar like Rihanna almost has a “sadomasochist relationship with the press,” as Matsoukas herself puts it, showing the singer tying reporters up and whipping them to prove her power.