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This year, our readers enjoyed reading all about the wildest families in the music business. Check out the lives of the Jackson, the Osbournes, and all the Beatles’ kids. We also have rock star weddings and wives. And if you’re a fan of John Denver, there’s a deep dive on him and his untimely death. Check it out!

Growing Up Jackson: The Lives of Prince, Paris, and Bigi

The King of Pop has three children, Prince, Paris, and Bigi (Blanket) Jackson. The three kids have gone through a lot in life, but they managed to stay out of the spotlight. The siblings had a wonderful childhood growing up on the Neverland Ranch. The kids were happy, loved, cared for, and protected; until Michael Jackson suddenly passed away on June 25th, 2009, leaving the three children with no father.

Michael Jackson in the 'Thriller' music video

Photo by Optimus Prods / Kobal / Shutterstock

Paris and Prince accepted awards on behalf of their father, but they managed to stay under the radar for quite a few years. They went to school and tried to live a relatively normal life. Well, as normal as it could be without their dad. But now the kids are all grown up. There’s modeling, acting, college graduation, and even a YouTube channel coming out of these starlings.

Check out what life was like growing up Jackson, and what these extraordinary kids are up to now.

Debbie Rowe Made Him a Daddy

Michael Jackson spent two years of his life married to Lisa Marie Presley. However, Presley refused to have children, and the couple divorced in 1996. Michael Jackson was worried that he would never have any kids of his own. He just wanted a family. Thankfully, he was eventually able to make that happen.

Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe

Source: Twitter

On November 14th, 1996, Jackson married his second wife, Debbie Rowe. The king of pop met Debbie when she was working as a dermatologist assistant – she treated his vitiligo. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last very long. Two years after tying the knot, the couple called it quits. But before their marriage was over, they had two children together.

The Birth of a Prince

Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe’s first child was named Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. He was welcomed into the world at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on February 13th, 1997. It didn’t take long for the pair to come up with the perfect nickname for their perfect son: Prince. Considering his dad is the king of pop, the name seems appropriate.

Michael Joseph Jackson Jr

Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. Photo by Broadimage / Shutterstock

But Jackson and Debbie weren’t a conventional couple. Their marriage had more to do with giving the singer children and a family, and less to do with true love. Not long after baby Prince was born, Debbie stayed with a friend, and Jackson brought the infant to his home on the Neverland Ranch.

Cute as Can Be

As you may already know, Michael Jackson acted like a child sometimes. Apparently, he felt like his childhood was taken away from him, so he spent years as an adult, making up for lost time. That’s why, when he had kids, he loved to play dress-up with them. He dressed them up for photoshoots back in the 90s. Prince is as cute as can be with his big brown eyes and that bow tie.

Prince Jackson with a blue lollipop and a blue bow tie to match his shorts

Prince Jackson. Source: Twitter

Prince revealed that he has happy memories at Neverland. He also said that Michael was a great dad who wanted to give his kids the childhood he never had. On multiple occasions, Prince admitted that he misses his dad so much and thinks about him every day.

Welcoming Paris Jackson

In November 1997, Debbie Rowe announced that she was pregnant with baby number two. The beautiful Paris Michael Katherine Jackson was born on April 3rd, 1998. The adorable blue-eyed baby got her middle name Katherine from her grandmother – Michael’s mom. She clearly inherited some gorgeous genes. Supposedly, she was named Paris after the city she was conceived in.

Paris Jackson was performing at the 'Michael Forever' concert in 2011.

Paris Jackson at the ‘Michael Forever’ concert. Photo by Alan Davidson / Shutterstock

Just like he did with his son Prince, Michael took Paris to live on the Neverland Ranch shortly after she was born. The ranch was their childhood home. As unconventional as it was, it seems like every kid’s dream. Neverland was a fun ranch complete with theme park rides and a petting zoo.

A Lucky Girl

Paris and Prince had a great childhood growing up on their famous father’s Neverland Ranch. After Jackson bought the ranch in 1988, he turned it into a fun amusement park. In addition to having a real zoo and a carousel, the ranch also featured a rollercoaster. That seems like a dream for me! Hopefully, his kids aren’t scared of heights.

Paris Jackson in a floral dress riding the carousel

Source: Twitter

As you probably guessed, the kids enjoyed playing in the fairy tale land that was in their backyard. In this charming picture, you can see Paris enjoying the carousel in her colorful dress. She probably rode that thing all the time. Who can blame her? If I grew up with rides in my backyard, I would never leave my house.

Dressed to Impress

Michael Jackson is known for a lot of things. But one thing he is really famous for is his flamboyant outfits. The singer didn’t slack when it came to his children’s style. Those cool kids were always dressed to impress. In this picture, you can see the siblings looking very fashionable, posing on that motorcycle.

Paris and Prince on a motorcycle

Source: Twitter

The pop star always dressed his daughter in cute girly clothes. As a toddler, Paris wore classic dresses, Mary-Jane shoes, and lots of pretty bows. She is now a model, and it seems like she was destined to be one from a very young age. Prince was frequently dressed in shirts and slacks. He adopted this style and brought it into his adult life.

Baby Blanket

On February 21st, 2002, Michael Jackson’s third child was born, Prince Michael Jackson II. For his third child, Jackson used a surrogate mother and did not know her identity. Jackson caused a media frenzy when he nicknamed his child Blanket. His reasoning was: “A blanket is a blessing. It’s a way of showing love and caring.”

Michael Jackson on the balcony at his hotel room

Photo by Mark Large / Associated Newspapers / Shutterstock

Blanket had a pretty dramatic entrance into the world. In addition to his controversial name, there was that infamous moment when Michael held his newborn outside a hotel in Berlin. Photographers snapped a picture of Michael carelessly holding his son out the window Lion King-style. Yikes! Michael later commented, explaining how he was swept up with emotion.

The Legend of Peter Pan

As you probably would have guessed, Peter Pan was a significant story in Michael Jackson’s life. I mean, he even named his ranch Neverland, after the fictional fantasy story about kids who stay young forever. It only makes sense that his children enjoyed the fairy tale as well.

Prince, Paris, and Blanket dressed in handmade Peter Pan costumes

Source: Twitter

In this charming picture, you can see Prince Paris and Blanket playing dress-up dressed in handmade costumes from the story of the boy who never grew up. Since Michael started performing at a young age, he felt like he didn’t get to experience really being a kid. That’s why he wanted his children to capture their childhood and enjoy the magic of being a kid for as long as possible.

Protecting The Children

Like any good father, Michael Jackson wanted to protect his kids from paparazzi, tabloids, and the media. Of course, he couldn’t keep them locked up, but he still tried to shield the kids when he took them out. If you look at childhood pictures of the Jackson kids, they are often seen wearing elaborate masks, carnival costumes, or something to cover up their faces.

Michael Jackson out with Paris and Prince with their faces covered up

Source: Twitter

The masks were obviously intended to hide the kids. He didn’t want them to be bombarded because of his fame. However, their face coverings tended to be semi-transparent, which kind of defeated the purpose of wearing them. It didn’t stop the paparazzi from snapping pictures of them, but I guess it’s the thought that counts.

Knowing the Right People

Michael Jackson was obviously a gigantic star. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Jackson kids grew up with celebrities. Many rich and famous people would come to visit the Neverland Ranch. Here, you can see Paris out at a fashion show with Gigi Hadid more recently. Mohammed Hadid would come to the ranch to visit with his kids when they were younger.

Paris Jackson and Gigi Hadid sitting in the front row at fashion week, 2018

Paris Jackson and Gigi Hadid. Photo by Swan Gallet / WWD / Shutterstock

Sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid are still close friends with Paris Jackson. The Jackson kids were homeschooled up until Michael passed away. Because they didn’t get to socialize with other kids conventionally – at school – these social opportunities were really important to them.

Fun fact: Macaulay Culkin and Elizabeth Taylor are Prince and Paris’s, godparents.

Just Trying to be Normal

Since Jackson frequently covered his kids’ faces in public, they were often photographed wearing masks. You can run, but you can’t hide from the paparazzi. There were occasional moments where pictures of the children would surface, and they’re not wearing masks. I’m certain the singer didn’t expect to encounter photographers on those days.

Michael Jackson standing on stage

Photo by JM Enternational / Shutterstock

They look like they are casually walking around like a regular family, which is exactly what Michael wanted. It’s sad to look at this photo, knowing that it was probably one of the last times the kids got to hang out with their father before he passed away at the early age of 50. At least they have a childhood full of memories to cherish.

The King of Pop Dies

Michael Jackson died of an accidental prescription drug overdose in his North Carolwood Drive home in the Holmby Hills neighborhood in Los Angeles. The world lost a musical icon on June 25th, 2009, but those kids lost their father. At the time, the singer was happy, doing well, and getting ready to perform a concert at the Staples Center.

Michael Jackson

Photo By Greg Allen/Retna Ltd/Shutterstock

So, when news broke about the singing legend’s death, the world was in complete shock. Understandably, the kids stayed under the radar and weren’t seen publically during that difficult time. They stayed away from the media and stayed home with the family to comfort them. They were so young at the time, and this was a lot for anybody to deal with.

Coping with a Family Tragedy

Michael Jackson’s death was a sudden and devastating shock for the whole family (and the entire world). After her son’s death, Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, stepped in and took care of Prince Paris and Blanket. Jackson’s 40-year old nephew and the kid’s co-guardian, TJ Jackson, also helped out during this time.

Michael Jackson with his mother, Katherine Jackson, in 1974

Michael Jackson and Katherine Jackson in 1974. Photo by Globe Photos / mediapunch / Shutterstock

Thankfully, the kids had their grandmother Katherine, and their aunts, uncles, and cousins all around to support them. They still had a lot of challenges ahead of them, like adjusting to living in a world without their dad. The father that loved them supported them and was there for each and every one since the moment they were born.

Staples Center Memorial Service

On July 7th, 2009, twelve days after his death, a public memorial service was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, for Michael Jackson. This was the first real moment when the world got to truly see the king of pop’s children. The kids were so young at the time, and people really felt their sadness.

Brooke Sheilds, Janet Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson II, La Toya Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson I, and Paris Jackson at the Staples Center for Michael's memorial service.

Brooke Sheilds, Janet Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson II, La Toya Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson I, and Paris Jackson at the memorial services for Michael. Source: Shutterstock

Paris was just 11 years old at the time, and when she went on stage to speak, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Jackson’s only daughter said: “I just wanted to say, ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just wanted to say I love him so much.” Just reading those words is giving me the chills.

Getting Better Everyday

The kids had no choice but to adjust to this new life and the new normal. In 2011, Aunt Latoya Jackson said: “The children are doing so well. Michael put masks on them to protect them and to keep them safe from anyone who wanted to hurt him. He’s gone now. The first thing my mother did was say to them, ‘Today we’re unmasking you. Today the masks come off.'”

Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, Paris Jackson, and Prince Michael Jackson II.

Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, Paris Jackson, and Prince Michael Jackson II. Photo by David Fisher / Shutterstock

Eventually, Katherine moved the kids to a gated community close to Calabasas. That’s when Prince, Paris, and Blanket started attending regular public school. It gave them a chance to socialize with other kids instead of being homeschooled. Being distracted and focused on school helped them cope with the loss.

Lifetime Achievement Award

One of the very first times Michael Jackson’s kids were seen at a fancy celebrity event was in 2010. Prince and Paris were at the Grammys to accept their father’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Both of the kids wore black clothes with red armbands in honor of their father.

La Toya Jackson and Stefano Cecchi holding the Lifetime Achievement Award for Michael Jackson in April 2010

La Toya Jackson and Stefano Cecchi accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award for Michael. Photo by Jimmy McGrath / Shutterstock

The siblings went up on stage and proudly accepted the award that was presented to them by singer Lionel Ritchie. Don’t worry about Blanket; he wasn’t left out. The youngest Jackson kid did attend the event, except the eight-year-old stayed in the seats holding on to a toy. He was too young to take the stage but was still there to support his father.

Prince’s Dreams

Prince Jackson got the performance gene from his dad and tried to make his own way in the entertainment industry. In 2013, he finally made it to our TV screens when 16-year-old Prince appeared on Entertainment Tonight as a guest correspondent. Prince had a great time and wanted to pursue a career in show business.

Prince Jackson on Entertainment Tonight

Source: Twitter

The oldest Jackson expressed his interest in getting involved in the industry. He may not be a singer like his father, but he is a performer; he would just rather do it on screen than on stage. Prince is willing to work hard to achieve his goals, saying, “I’m looking to become well-rounded as a producer, director, screenwriter, and actor.

Acting Debut in 90210 Finale

In addition to appearing on Entertainment Tonight, 2013 was also the year Prince Jackson made his official acting debut. He was featured on an episode of the teen drama show, 90210. Prince got the opportunity to star alongside the main cast in the series finale, where he played a concertgoer who fell off the stage and got injured.

Prince Jackson in 90210

Source: Flickr

Even though his appearance was a cameo, the aspiring 16-year-old actor got to speak his first acting lines opposite Jessica Stroup, the actress who played Silver throughout the series. Not bad for a first-timer. It was a good way for this rising star to get his foot through the doors of Hollywood (and I’m sure his last name doesn’t hurt).

Quite the Businessman

As we mentioned, Prince Jackson had dreams of becoming a popular producer, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t value education. Prince was determined to study hard to garnish success. In fact, he enrolled at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Many other famous faces have attended the university, including Alyssa Milano and Paris Hilton.

Prince Jackson in 2019

Photo by AFF-USA / Shutterstock

Prince originally wanted to pursue acting and major in film, but he ultimately chose business instead. This was a smart move because Prince can still work in entertainment. Savvy businessmen are always needed in the film industry. He graduated with honors and is really growing up to be a stand-up man and sets a great example for his younger siblings.

Prince and Bigi’s YouTube Channel

After he graduated from college, 22-year-old Prince made an announcement. He revealed that he and Blanket (who now goes by Bigi), are coming out with their own YouTube channel, where the brothers will be reviewing movies. They launched their channel on a high note reviewing the smash hit Avengers: Endgame.

Prince and his brother reviewing Avengers: Endgame

Source: YouTube

Price took a screenshot from the video to Instagram and wrote, “We are very excited to announce that we are starting a movie review channel. Right now, you can go see our first ever video on my YouTube channel (link in bio).” The brothers have continued to post videos, so if you want to get to know the Jackson boys a little more, check out their YouTube channel.

A Good Big Brother

Prince proved that he is taking his big brother role very seriously when he chose to make videos with Bigi. He always seems to be extremely devoted to his family. You can see the huge smile on his face when he poses for pictures alongside his siblings. I guess after their father died, he wants Paris and Bigi to know they still always have someone there for them.

Paris Jackson, Prince Jackson, and Bigi Jackson at Michael Jacksons memorial service

Source: Shutterstock

Bigi is known for being quiet and spent a significant part of his young life avoiding the spotlight. That’s why it’s inspiring to see his big brother encouraging him and bringing him out of his shell. In their YouTube videos, you can see the two brothers goofing around talking about comic books and pizza. There is no doubt that Prince is a wonderful influence on Bigi.

Ready For Motown

Prince and Paris Jackson walked the red carpet together in 2019 for the Ryan Gordy Foundation’s ’60 Years of Motown’ celebratory event at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. The Jackson siblings even gave a speech there together, but Prince wasn’t Paris’s only date. Gabriel Glenn, a musician, and Paris’s longtime boyfriend, also attended the event with the Jacksons.

Paris an Prince Jackson at the 60 years of Motown celebration

Photo by Earl Gibson III / Shutterstock

However, no one can ever replace her brother. They frequently post photos together and have a good relationship. I can only imagine that their unique upbringing and the death of their father brought them closer together. Paris and Prince have each other to lean on, and at the end of the day, that’s all the support they need.

Overcoming Hardships

When her father suddenly died, Paris was 11 years old and completely traumatized. The death came as a major shock and Paris spoke up about it as an adult. She explained how hard it was for her to cope without her father in her life. During an interview with Rolling Stone, the model revealed that she felt as though she couldn’t do anything right and struggled with self-hatred.

Paris Jackson at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in February 2020

Photo by Chelsea Lauren / WWD / Shutterstock

It was a rough time for such a girl. Thankfully, she had a great support team of friends and family supporting her the whole way. With the help of her loved ones, Paris was able to overcome the difficulties she faced. Now, she is happy with her relationships and career.

A Much-Needed Change

During her troubled years, the family wanted to put Paris in the best position to help her. The ultimately decided that the right course of action would be for Paris to go to a therapeutic school in Utah for her sophomore and junior years of high school. The school ended up being really good for her. It was a refreshing change that she needed.

Paris Jackson in 2012

Photo by Matt Baron / BEI / Shutterstock

In 2015, Paris graduated from college. The middle Jackson kid briefly enrolled in community college, but then she changed her mind. She wanted to focus on her career and start working. The aspiring model made the correct choice. It didn’t take long for this stunner to catch the eye of modeling agencies and fashion designers all around the globe.

A Modeling Career Begins

It’s obvious that Paris inherited good looks. She has a naturally elegant way of holding herself and incredibly piercing eyes. Anyone would be lucky to have this beauty modeling for them, and in 2017 the lucky agency to sign her was IMG Models. Paris was quickly whisked it into a glamourous world of photo shoots, fashion weeks, and catwalks.

Paris Jackson, 2018

Photo by John Salangsang / Shutterstock

The starlet used her talent and beauty to make a name for herself in her own right. Paris started feeling the success of her hard work when she made the cover of Australia’s July issue of Vogue. Now, the impressive model is invited to walk red carpets all over the world. Good for her! She’s come a long way.

A Good Role Model

When Paris was featured in Vogue Australia, the blue-eyed beauty took the opportunity to discuss her dreams and goals, saying: “I really want to leave a positive imprint in the fashion world, mostly regarding the media and the stereotypical beauty standard that is blasted all over every magazine you see.”

Paris Jackson at a fashion show

Photo by Chelsea Lauren / WWD / Shutterstock

It’s always refreshing to see aspiring stars positively using their platform. Paris went on to tell the magazine that she wants to be a good influence and role model, stating, “I already have many young girls looking up to me, and I want to be something their parents are okay with them looking up to.”

The Soundflowers

Paris is obviously garnishing success as a model, but that’s not all she is. The talented Jackson has music in her DNA! Paris shows off her musical abilities when she performs in her band The Soundflowers, alongside her longtime boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn. Paris plays acoustic guitar, and it’s not surprising to find out she sings, too.

Paris Jackso and Gabriel Glenn were performing together as 'The Soundflowers.'

Photo by Chelsea Lauren / Shutterstock

The Soundflowers is a hippie-inspired folk band. In fall 2019, Paris and the band played a variety of shows called The Full Moon Tour, up the length of the Pacific Coast Highway. Paris really sticks to the hippie style of the band, often performing barefoot and bellbottom jeans. She’s lucky that she has music because it’s like a part of her dad will always be with her.

Tattoo Lover

As soon as she was of legal age to get tattoos, Paris started getting them. She currently has at least 16 of them. The girl loves her ink and is a big fan of animal tattoos. The girl basically has an entire zoo on her body with animals, including a bird, snake, deer, elephant, goat, wolf, rabbit, peacock, and monkey. She also has a heart and an eye.

Paris Jackson in 2019 with her tattoos showing

Photo by Chelsea Lauren / Shutterstock

Paris also has two tattoos that are dedicated to Bigi, her little brother. Back in September 2016, Paris scheduled a tattoo session where she got his initial “B” tattooed in white ink and the Millennium Falcon spaceship from the Star Wars movies in black ink.

Dad’s 60th Birthday Celebration

Even though Michael Jackson passed away over a decade ago, his children honor him every day. Just because he wasn’t alive for his 60th birthday didn’t mean that his kids weren’t going to celebrate it. In 2018, Prince and Paris accepted the Elizabeth Taylor Legacy Award on behalf of their dad for his humanitarian work with the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation. What a way to celebrate a legend’s birthday.

Paris Jackson and Michael Joseph Jackson Jr at Michael Jackson's 60th Birthday celebration

Photo by Broadimage / Shutterstock

The pair decided to go with bright and iconic looks for the party, which took place at Mandalay Bay in Los Angeles. The sibling duo wore custom-made matching sneakers with “Tribute” bedazzled into the sole. That’s one way to celebrate their dad’s iconic life.

Paris Goes to Paris

In January 2020, Paris went to Paris Fashion Week, where she made her fashion week runway debut. The model walked for Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring/Summer 20202 collection. Paris got in at the perfect time because this was the fashion designer’s last show ever. The model did an impressive job working it.

Paris Jackson on the catwalk, January 2020

Photo by Swan Gallet / WWD / Shutterstock

The collection dynamic and filled with bright colors, which is right up Paris’s alley. The bohemian accessories and vibrant designs fit her sense of style beautifully. A whole string of celebrities was featured from Dita Von Teese to Paris’s childhood friend’s Gigi and Bella Hadid. Hippie chick Paris was comfortable in the style and killed it on the runway.

Mark Lester

Michael Jackson’s friends, specifically Mark Lester (from the movie Oliver!) as responsible for fueling rumors and allegations against Michael not being the real father of his children. Lester claimed that the king of pop asked him to donate sperm. Apparently, since Lester had four children, Michael was convinced he’s fertile.

Mark Lester with Lorraine Kelly on the 'Lorraine' TV show with the screen behind them showing a large photograph of Michael Jackson

Photo by Steve Meddle / ITV / Shutterstock

“I thought it was a joke at first,” Lester explained. On This Morning, he was asked which of his kids actually have his DNA, and Lester answered: “Regardless of who the so-called biological father is or whatever, Michael raised those children as his own.” So basically, DNA or not, all three of those kids are Michael Jackson’s. At the end of the day, genes don’t matter; love does.

The Favorite Child

Every kid likes to think that they are their parent’s favorite child, and Paris Jackson is no different. When it comes to her father, Paris Jackson believes she is the favorite. I’m not trying to cause any sibling rivalry here, but Paris is convinced she was her daddy’s pride and joy. I can believe Jackson had a soft spot for his only daughter, but you can tell he loved all three of his children.

Paris Jackson at the Dior Sauvage party in 2018

Photo by Chelsea Lauren / WWD / Shutterstock

However, being the only girl comes with some perks. Paris was treated like a queen. They had a special bond, and Michael always tried to keep her safe and protected. She said that he spoiled her so much, and after he passed away, it was a hard social learning curve.

Bigi Jackson

As you can imagine, Blanket got bullied a lot growing up because of his unusual name. That’s why in 2015, Blanket decided to change his name to Bigi. The name comes from German origin and means sensitive, inspirational, and idealistic. It seems pretty appropriate for the shy young Jackson.

Bigi Jackson with Paris behind him

Photo by Willi Schneider / Shutterstock

Sources close to the family told People Magazine that Bigi is, in fact, very “shy around people he doesn’t know.” However, the little guy is now at his LA private school, where he feels “confident.” He’s been getting good grades, played sports, and hung out with friends. It looks like the new name gave him a new sense of confidence.

Little Biggie Grows Up

Bigi was only seven years old when he lost his father. He subsequently avoided the spotlight during his teenage years. He goes to high school, and despite being born into an extraordinary family, Bigi tries his best to live a normal teenage life. He loves comics and the entire comic book universe.

Prince and Bigi Jackson (on the right) in 2019

Prince and Bigi Jackson (right). Photo by Christopher Polk / Shutterstock

In February 2020, Little Bigi Jackson turned 18 years old. Paris wrote on Instagram, “My little brother is a legal adult today. I used to change his diapers. This is such a trip… proud of the handsome, intelligent, insightful, funny, and kind young man he has become.” It’s really inspiring to see how close the siblings are and how they continue to support each other.

The Osbourne Family: Making It Through the Madness

You either love them, or you hate them, but the Osbourne family is here to stay. Their crazy antics and love for profanity have captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world. They have stuck together, even though it proved to be a struggle throughout the years. But what exactly makes this dysfunctional family tick?

Ozzy, Kelly, Aimee, Sharon, and Jack Osbourne posing together outside of a trailer / Kelly Osbourne on the red carpet / Jack Osbourne on the red carpet

Photo by Mtv, Kobal, Shutterstock / Lionel Hahn, Epic Records, PictureGroup, Shutterstock / Rob Latour, Shutterstock

How did the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, win over the love of his life? And what about Sharon and Ozzy’s third daughter Aimee? And no one can forget the 2016 incident involving Ozzy and a hairdresser. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest scandals that have rocked the Osbourne family. You better get comfortable. We have a lot of drama to cover here!

A Giant Mirage

Although Ozzy and Sharon’s marriage made the front page of almost every tabloid in the world, many are still surprised to learn that it was not the singer’s first marriage. In 1971, shortly after Ozzy hit it big with Black Sabbath, he met his first wife, Thelma Riley, at a nightclub. The couple got married quickly, bought a house, and had two kids named Jessica and Louis.

Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne holding hands / Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne with their kids

Thelma Riley and Ozzy Osbourne with their family. Source: Reddit / Pinterest

The Prince of Darkness also adopted Thelma’s son Elliott from a previous relationship. “I thought, ‘I have arrived.’ Not realizing it was a giant mirage,” Ozzy told A&E. The singer’s substance abuse combined with Black Sabbath’s touring schedule took a toll on his personal life.

Mo Money, Mo Problems

At the time, Ozzy was living in Los Angeles for part of the year to work on new music. With his newfound fame came money and a whole new set of problems. “I thought money would buy everything, would fix everything, but money would buy the alcohol and the drugs, and I behaved f***ing badly,” he told interviewers at A&E.

Ozzy Osbourne photographed sitting on a couch 1975

Photo by Ian Dickson / Shutterstock

Ozzy’s former bandmates said that Ozzy was using every day. It got so bad that the singer even admitted that he couldn’t remember when Louis or Jessica was born. This caused problems between the couple, especially since Ozzy had a hard time staying faithful. He cheated on Thelma with several women, including groupies and his current wife, Sharon.

An Instant Attraction

After the unexpected success of the band’s self-titled first album, Black Sabbath began looking for a new manager. They finally settled on Don Arden, whose daughter Sharon was working as his receptionist. Ozzy says that he was attracted to Sharon from the first time he laid eyes on her, despite the fact that he was still married to Thelma at the time.

Don Arden and Sharon Osbourne posing together at the breakfast table

Don Arden and Sharon Osbourne. Source: Shutterstock

However, Ozzy didn’t act on his attraction, assuming that “she probably thought I was a lunatic.” Well, she sort of did. “Ozzy walked into my father’s office without shoes, with a water faucet dangling from his neck and sat on the floor,” she told People magazine of the first time they met. “I was terrified.”

Dysfunctional Households

One of the reasons why the two hit it off was because of their dysfunctional upbringings. While Don may have taught Sharon the ins and outs of the rock world, he also had a very harsh side to him. Nicknamed the “Al Capone of Pop,” Don once dangled one of his competitors from a balcony by his feet. Another time, he allegedly hit a stage manager for messing up the lighting during one of Black Sabbath’s performances.

Don Arden with an umbrella in the streets circa 1968

Don Arden. Photo by Evening News / Shutterstock

Sharon grew up seeing her dad threatening people and even showing off a handgun to get what he wanted. Sharon’s relationship with her mother Hope wasn’t much better. The two never got along, and things got so bad that she refused to attend her mother’s funeral in 1998.

Deep, Dark Secrets

Ozzy’s childhood wasn’t much better. He grew up with five siblings in an impoverished household. “If you build a wall with rocky foundations, you are going to have a pretty unstable wall when it’s finished,” Ozzy told the Daily Mirror in 2003. Besides dealing with his parents’ bickering at home and his problems with dyslexia at school, Ozzy was constantly bullied on his way home from school.

A young Ozzy Osbourne in middle school

Ozzy Osbourne. Source: Pinterest

The bullying turned into sexual abuse, and Ozzy felt that he had nowhere to turn. He was afraid to tell his parents about the abuse, especially since it wasn’t something that was openly discussed in those days. The singer says that this dirty secret festered and affected him later on in life, even after the abuse stopped. The only person he could be himself with was Sharon.

A Life-Changing Year

Years later, Ozzy said that the best thing about having Don as a manager was that he got to see Sharon on an almost daily basis, even though their relationship was strictly professional at first. By 1979, things weren’t going so well for Ozzy’s career with Black Sabbath. The rest of the band thought that Ozzy’s addictions were way out of control and he was unreliable.

Tony Lommi and Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath performing in 1973

Tony Lommi and Ozzy Osbourne. Photo by Ian Dickson / Shutterstock

However, Ozzy says that his alcohol consumption and drug use was neither better nor worse than his band members’. Regardless, Don fired Ozzy from the band. That’s when Sharon decided to take over his management as a solo artist. That’s when they began to fall in love, despite the fact that Ozzy had a wife and kids back home.

A Broken Family

While Ozzy was happy with the change in management, Sharon’s new job severely affected her relationship with her father. In her memoir, Sharon says that her father went to great lengths to get back at his daughter for managing Ozzy. She soon lost contact with Don and refused to speak to him for nearly 20 years.

Don Arden, Sharon Osbourne, and David Osbourne posing at a party

Don Arden, Sharon Osbourne, and her brother David Osbourne reunited. Source: Shutterstock

In 2001, she told the press that her father had never met her three children and that “he never will.” At one point, she even told her kids that their grandfather had passed away. But the pair were reunited in 2001, and Don has even made a few appearances on their MTV reality show. In August 2004, Don was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and passed away in 2007.

Finding the Light

By the time Sharon took over Ozzy’s management, Ozzy had been put through the wringer. He had just been kicked out of Black Sabbath and was dealing with the loss of his father, but Sharon brought light into his life. “We were just having the time of our lives. Meanwhile, Ozzy had a wife and kids back home, so it was a lot.”

Ozzy Osbourne placing a ring on Sharon's finger at their wedding / Sharon and Ozzy posing on their wedding day

Source: Instagram / Pinterest

The two began to date and eventually married in 1982, just one month after his divorce from Thelma was finalized. Not long after their Maui wedding, the couple welcomed their first daughter Aimee in 1983, then Kelly in 1984, and finally Jack in 1985. Although the couple seemed to have everything they had ever wanted, the ‘80s were an especially low time for Sharon and Ozzy.

Hitting Rock Bottom

Sharon told The Guardian that the couple would often engage in physical fights, which were fueled by alcohol and drugs. But, in 1989, the couple had their worst fight yet. One night, Ozzy came home after a five-day bender and tried to strangle Sharon. The mother of three managed to release his grasp and press a panic button in the room.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne sitting across the table from each other with their daughter Aimee sitting on the table like a baby

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne with Aimee Mether. Photo by David Crump / Associated Newspapers / Shutterstock

Before they knew it, police officers had arrived at her house. Today, Sharon says that she doesn’t know what triggered Ozzy to come after her that night, but she does know that he blacked out. “You’ve never probably lived with an alcoholic addict,” Sharon told Dr. Oz. “They blank out, they have blackout times, and it’s like literally being asleep, but you’re awake.”

Dealing with His Demons

Sharon also says that she understands that it was a big deal, and she isn’t trying to make excuses for Ozzy. “These are facts. This is what happens to people who are so deep into their addiction,” she shared. “I’d seen him like sleepwalking before, but never as for this amount of time.”

Ozzy Osbourne’s mugshots from 1984

Ozzy Osbourne’s mugshots from 1984, his previous arrest. Source: Shutterstock

Ozzy was arrested and spent the night in jail. When he woke up, Ozzy said that he couldn’t remember what had happened. After a court-mandated separation, Ozzy decided to return to rehab to take control over his addictions. Sharon decided not to press charges against the singer, trusting that he would stay sober and not try something like that again.

Taking a Toll

Her relationship with Ozzy began to take a physical toll. The manager began to lose control of her weight, and after years of debating, she finally decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery in 1999. While she initially lost 125 pounds, Sharon says that it wasn’t in a healthy way.

Sharon Osbourne after the surgery in 2003

Photo by Stewart Cook / Shutterstock

She had a hard time keeping down her food and was throwing up all the time. The mother of three began to feel like a “cheat” for having the surgery and has said numerous times that she regretted ever having it done. In 2006, Sharon had the band removed and decided to focus on her health and keep her weight down the good old-fashioned way.

Meet the Osbournes

In 2002, Ozzy gained a whole new generation of fans when MTV greenlit a reality show featuring him and his family. Apart from the immediate family, The Osbournes also featured Robert Marcato, who was taken in by the couple after his mother passed away from cancer, Sharon’s assistant, and the kid’s Australian nanny, Melinda.

Sharon, Ozzy, Jack, Kelly Osbourne, and Rob, their adopted family member

Sharon, Ozzy, Jack, Kelly Osbourne, and Robert Marcato. Photo by Mtv / Kobal / Shutterstock

The show ran for four seasons, and, during its first season, the show was cited as the most-watched TV series ever on MTV. However, not everyone wanted to be a part of the series. The couple’s eldest daughter, Aimee, refused to film with the rest of the family. She moved out of the house, and her face was blurred out in family portraits that were shown on the series.

Family of Five?

While most of the world thought the Osbournes were a family of four, Aimee says that she had her reasons for not appearing on the show. “I’m not some weirdo depressed daughter that’s afraid of the world that locks herself in her room all day,” she told Barbara Walters in 2007.

Aimee Osbourne at an event in 2003

Aimee Osbourne. Photo by Bei / Shutterstock

She went on to explain that “I want to be a singer, and I felt if I were to stay with the Osbournes and do the whole [show] thing, I felt as though maybe I would have been typecasted right away.” Aimee also added that she dearly loves her family and that it was not out of spite as some fans believe.

Reality Rudeness

The reality show became known for his profanity and outrageous behavior from the Osbournes almost daily. In the US, the swear words were censored, while in the UK and Canada, they were not, leaving audiences fully aware of what the clan was saying. Ozzy later commented on the censorship, stating that while he appreciated the uncensored version, he actually preferred the US censored version.

Ozzy, Kelly, Jack, and Sharon Osbourne posing next to statues

Photo by Mtv / Kobal / Shutterstock

Why? Because the swearing was more noticeable with the “bleeps” that were recorded over the profanity. Ozzy also said that he was stoned during the entire series and will not re-watch the episodes for that reason. But there was another reason why Ozzy didn’t care for the reality series.

Stars, They’re Just Like Us!

There was a time when Ozzy was known as one of the worst, most extreme rockers out there. But now, with a new reality show, the air of mystery that had surrounded him was transformed into a more public and calculated persona. “I think he was like, ‘Whoa, the rock star thing. We’ve gotta hold that up. Like, I’m just, kind of, dad now.’ And I think he struggled with that,” Jack told Yahoo News in 2019.

Ozzy Osbourne performing with heavy black eyeliner and a black leather jacket with white fringe

Photo by Globe Photos / mediapunch / Shutterstock

At home, the Prince of Darkness was like any other dad. He took the family dog on walks and got frustrated when he couldn’t figure out how to work the remote control. He gave fans a new look into his life, and they loved him for it.

A Troubling Diagnosis

Shortly after the show began filming, Sharon received some devastating news. The then-49-year-old was diagnosed with colon cancer. Her family rallied around her, and The Osbournes filming went on as scheduled, with the second season following Sharon’s cancer treatment. One of her lymph nodes tested positive for cancer, meaning that the disease had traveled beyond her colon.

Ozzy with his arm around Sharon at a Colon Cancer benefit

Photo by Greg Allen / Shutterstock

The mother of three underwent surgery and chemotherapy, and a year later, she was officially declared cancer-free. Ozzy took the news hard and eventually relapsed. According to Ozzy, Sharon gave the Prince of Darkness an ultimatum: quit drinking, or she’d leave him. Ozzy says that he quit drinking, but Sharon soon learned that he just got better at hiding his addictions.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Sharon always believed that her kids would never touch drugs after seeing how their dad had struggled with his addictions. When they did, it broke Sharon’s heart. Kelly’s addiction to painkillers first began when she was 16 years old, and it quickly got out of hand. “I never thought I’d be alive at 35 years old,” Kelly told The Mirror in 2020.

Kelly Osbourne posing on a couch with short pink hair

Photo by Page / Shutterstock

“A lot of my friends didn’t make it, and burying them was hard. I had survivor’s guilt for a long time.” Kelly, who is three years sober, was a close friend of Amy Winehouse’s, who died at the age of 27 in 2011, following years about drug and alcohol issues. Kelly hit rock bottom in 2017 and decided to make some serious life changes.

Road to Sobriety

Kelly says that she called her brother Jack after a night of drinking and just started crying on the phone. “I remember saying to him, crying, ‘I don’t want to be a fat, drunk loser anymore. I want to be a skinny winner,” Kelly told reporters.

Kelly Osbourne smiling in a fun outfit

Photo by E! Tv / New Harbor / Rugby Prods / Kobal / Shutterstock

Right then and there, Ozzy’s daughter decided to turn her life around. She enrolled in a six-month therapy program, which helped her get a hold of her dependencies and get back on her feet. Kelly has been very open about her journey to sobriety. The star has often said that if her story helps just one person, she’ll be happy. However, Kelly isn’t the only Osbourne sibling to have had a rocky road to success.

Finding His Way

Given the bumpy and somewhat tumultuous life back at home, Jack also had problems. He began drinking when he was only 13 years old and soon developed an addiction to painkillers. Jack’s dependencies continued until one day, he decided that he “never wants to feel this way ever again” and checked himself into an adolescent rehab facility.

Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly posing on the red carpet in 2012

Photo by Broadimage / Shutterstock

In 2012, Jack and his longtime girlfriend, Lisa Stelly, had their first child, Pearl Clementine, and officially tied the knot later that year. After miscarrying in 2013, Lisa gave birth to two more daughters, Andy Rose and Minnie Theodora. Unfortunately, Lisa filed for divorce in 2018, only three months after giving birth to Minnie.

Jack’s Troubling Diagnosis

In 2012, Jack revealed that he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which he says was the scariest moment of his life. Right before the diagnosis, Jack went blind in one eye, felt numbness in both of his legs, and had problems with his bladder and stomach. But with the love and support from his famous family, Jack was back on track in no time.

Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke leaving the studio after rehearsals

Photo by Picture Perfect / Shutterstock

“My family was an incredible support system for me, helping me understand and wrap my head around the disease, and to them, I am forever grateful,” he said. The youngest Osbourne sibling began an exercise routine and altered his diet, on top of taking his vitamin supplements, hormone replacement therapy, and daily dosages of Copaxone. He even followed in his sister’s footsteps and signed up for Dancing With the Stars!

He Did What?!

Whether it was Jack going to rehab or Kelly accidentally saying something she shouldn’t have, the Osbournes have mastered the art of staying in the tabloids. The most recent, and probably the most explosive drama they had was in 2016 when Sharon left Ozzy for cheating on her. Their split shocked the world, given the fact that they had been through so much as a couple.

Michelle Pugh walking around the side of her car

Michelle Pugh. Photo by Broadimage / Shutterstock

Ozzy first met Michelle Pugh when he made an appointment to get his hair colored. One thing led to another, and their professional relationship turned physical. The affair went on for nearly four years and only ended after Sharon found emails on his computer.

There Were How Many?

According to Sharon, there were actually six mistresses in total. “He had women in different countries,” Sharon told The Telegraph after the news broke. “Basically, if you’re a woman giving Ozzy either a back rub or a trolley of food, God help you.” But when Sharon found out about the hairdresser, she says that she completely lost it.

Ozzy and Sharon on the red carpet with Sharon turning her head away from Ozzy

Photo by Broadimage / Shutterstock

She shared that this incident had come right after Ozzy had accidentally sent her an email meant for “one of his bloody women.” The talk show host said that one night she and Ozzy were sitting on the couch watching TV when she received an email from her husband. “‘Why did you send me this stupid email?” I asked, and when Ozzy told me that he hadn’t sent me anything, I grabbed his phone and said ‘look!'”

The Drama Continues

While this was not the first time Ozzy had cheated on Sharon, she said that this time it was much harder to forgive him. After finding the emails between Ozzy and Michelle, Sharon kicked Ozzy out of their Beverly Hills mansion and moved out of the home before he returned. Kelly took matters into her own hands and famously tweeted Michelle’s number, along with an angry message about the affair with her father.

Kelly Osbourne with her finger on her lips while posing on the red carpet / The tweet that Kelly sent out

Photo by Broadimage, Shutterstock / Source: Twitter

Sharon and Ozzy broke up, leaving Sharon wondering if she could ever trust him again. The two began therapy, and Ozzy got additional treatment for his sex addiction. The singer told Piers Morgan, “If you’re a junkie like I was, anything that alters your mind, you go for.” He also says that the extramarital affairs were purely physical.

The Love of My Life

Michelle, on the other hand, says that the affair was much more than a symptom of sex addiction. A few months after the affair was leaked, Michelle spoke with People magazine about her four-year relationship with the former Black Sabbath frontman. “When I say he gave me the greatest love of my life, I mean it,” she said.

Ozzy Osbourne performing in 2018

Source: Shutterstock

Michelle is adamant that their time together meant something and that the pair connected on an emotional level, as well as on a physical one. The hairdresser also shared that Ozzy was her best friend over the years, and she doesn’t know how to fill the gaping hole in her heart now that he’s gone. Following Michelle’s interview, Ozzy issued a statement apologizing if she took their relationship out of context.

Second Time’s the Charm

After nearly a year of separation, Sharon revealed that she and Ozzy were back together. “I forgive. It’s going take a long time to trust, but we’ve been together 36 years, 34 of marriage,” Sharon told her viewers. “I just can’t think of my life without him.”

Sharon and Ozzy posing together at their vow renewal

Source: Hello Magazine

Sharon also shared that Ozzy is desperately trying to be a better person and is working tirelessly to do so. On Mother’s Day 2017, Ozzy and Sharon decided to renew their vows in an intimate ceremony in Las Vegas. According to Sharon, she considers this day her real wedding day. The talk show host also says that she and her Prince of Darkness fell back in love all over again.

Back to Her Roots

The couple seems to have put Ozzy’s affairs behind them and are on the right track. Today, Sharon is currently working on The Talk, where she’s been a co-host since 2010. Most recently, she made headlines when she changed her hair back to her original dark red pixie cut after going all-natural with her grey hair.

Sharon Osbourne with white hair / Sharon Osbourne on the red carpet with red hair

Source: Instagram, @JackMartinColorist / Photo by imageSPACE, Shutterstock

She has followed the footsteps of other celebrities, such as Jane Fonda, who have recently been spotted rocking silver hair. But as her 68th birthday approached, Sharon says that she began to resemble Grandma Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies and decided to dye her hair back. Over the years, Sharon has also been a judge on X-Factor and a guest panelist on Loose Women.

The Forgotten Osbourne

As for Aimee, she has managed to stay out of the tabloids over the years. But now that she has her own band, ARO, the eldest Osbourne sibling says that she feels more comfortable letting the press into her private life. Aimee has plans to take her band’s success to the next level.

Aimee Osbourne posing with her head resting on her hand

Aimee Osbourne. Source: Tumblr

Aimee appeared in the music video for her band’s debut single, Raining Gold, which received two million hits in just two months! Aimee picks and chooses what she wants to share with the public, but one thing is clear: She loves her father. “I think that he is incredibly unique, I think he’s talented, I think he’s misunderstood,” Aimee told Barbara Walters.

The Dynamic Duo

As for Jack and Kelly, things are on track. Jack celebrated his 17th year of sobriety in April 2020 and has continued to be very open about his struggles. Like his sister, he hopes that his story can not only inspire others to get help but educate people about the opioid crisis that is taking America by storm.

Kelly, Sharon, and Jack Osbourne posing at the bottom of their stairs

Photo by Dymond / Thames / Syco / Shutterstock

Kelly has also devoted herself to self-care. For most of the past decade, Kelly has been an open book regarding her body image struggles and her journey to healthy, sober living. She has also shared that she underwent a gastric sleeve surgery in 2018, which helped jump-start her current weight loss journey. But Kelly says that her current weight is also the result of hard work, dedication, and sticking to a plant-based diet.

The Prince of Darkness

Ozzy has had some health issues for the past few years. In 2019, he fell while he was at his home in Los Angeles, dislodging multiple metal rods that had been put into his body after a nearly-fatal ATV accident in 2003. His injuries from the fall were so bad that Ozzy was forced to cancel all of his 2019 live concerts.

Ozzy Osbourne posing in front of chess pieces

Photo by Stewart Cook / Shutterstock

To make matters worse, in January 2020, Ozzy revealed that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Sharon says that some days are better than others, but the diagnosis meant that Ozzy would have to postpone his world tour until 2021. “We’ve all learned so much about each other again, and it’s reaffirmed how strong we are,” Kelly told reporters about her father’s condition. With the support of his family, Ozzy Osbourne is on the road to recovery!

Here Comes the Sons (and Daughters): The Beatles Children

I mean, sure, we can all say we’re “children of the Beatles.” After all, almost all of us grew up listening to their music, and at least some of us feel as though we were influenced by the Fab Four. But how many of us can say that we’re their actual children? None of us. There are, however, 16 individuals who can say that they are literally the children of The Beatles.

The Beatles Kids

Photo By: Evening News /Shutterstock / Howard, Associated Newspapers, Shutterstock / Evening News, Shutterstock / Dennis Stone, Shutterstock / Globe Photos, Mediapunch, Shutterstock

Most are their biological children, but a few were adopted or are their step-children. In the list below, you can not only see the unmistakable similarity between the sons and daughters and their fathers, but you can see that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. A lot of these Beatles descendent – some still young, some mature adults – are pretty talented music artists themselves.

John Charles Julian Lennon

Parents: John Lennon and Cynthia Lennon

Born: April 8, 1963

Julian was the first one to be born, who came into this world just as the Beatles were becoming massive. As a young boy, he inspired three major Beatles songs: ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ and ‘Good Night’ (written by John) and ‘Hey Jude’ (written by Paul as a way to console Julian during his parents’ divorce). After John left Cynthia for Yoko, the father and son were estranged for a while.

Julian Lennon playing the guitar in his room with Beatles Records surrounding him on the bed

Julian Lennon 1970s. Photo by Mike Hollist / Daily Mail / Shutterstock

They reconnected in the early 70s. By that point, John took an interest in Julian’s musical interests, buying him a guitar and showing him the ropes. With time, Julian followed in his father’s footsteps. He became a musician, songwriter, actor, and photographer.

Julian Lennon Today

In 1984, Julian saw immediate success with his debut album “Valotte” which gave him two top 10 hits and a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. But his next few albums weren’t as much of a hit. By 1991, Julian left the music business for a while. About a decade later, in 2002, he recorded a version of “When I’m Sixty-Four.”

Julian Lennon standing in front of a photograph on the wall with his reflection in it

Julian Lennon, 2013. Photo by Alan Davidson / Shutterstock

In 2009, he founded the environmental/humanitarian charity called the White Feather Foundation, which was named after something his father once told him. Then, in 2010, for the 70th anniversary of his father’s birth, Julian opened an exhibition with 35 photographs, including his collection of Beatles memorabilia. He called it “Timeless: The Photography of Julian Lennon.”

Zak Starkey

Parents: Ringo Starr and Maureen Cox

Born: September 13, 1965

Ringo Starr and Maureen Starkey had their first son, Zak, after having married earlier that same year. Although the drummer discouraged his son from ever getting involved in the highly stressful music industry, Zak couldn’t help but take an interest in his dad’s drums.

Zak Starkey behind the drums

Zak Starkey 1970s. Photo by Mike Hollist / Associated Newspapers / Shutterstock

After all, his godfather Keith Moon (of The Who) gave him a drum set when he was eight. With a father and godfather-like those two, it’s no surprise the kid got into drums and rock ‘n’ roll. He got serious about it after his parents got divorced in 1975. He joined a band called the Icicle Works and then his own dad’s All-Starr Band.

Zak Starky Today

Zak got his big break when he filled his godfather’s former role in the Who during the mid-90s. Not only did the band members find him to be the perfect fit for the band, but so did fans of the Who. And it’s not easy to find someone to fill the role of such a prominent rock star. Zak continued to record and tour with both Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey.

Zak Starkey behind the drums

Zak Starkey 2019. Photo by Richard Young / Shutterstock

He also served as the third drummer for Oasis between 2004 and 2009. He handled the sticks for Johnny Marr and the Healers, too. In 1985, Zak married Sarah Menikides, and the couple gave us the first Beatle grandchild, Tatia (who is now also a musician).

Jason Starkey

Parents: Ringo Starr and Maureen Cox

Born: August 19, 1967

Two years into their marriage, Ringo and Maureen gave birth to their second son, Jason. Growing up, Jason played the unofficial role of the rebel in the family. He was seven years old when his parents divorced. Maureen got custody of both her sons and Ringo was left with visitation rights.

Ringo Starr and Jason Starkey in the airport terminal

Ringo Starr and Jason Starkey in 1977. Photo by Evening News / Shutterstock

Like many children of divorce, Jason began acting out. He started to get into more than his share of trouble and brushes with the law. In 1987, at the age of 20, he was fined £125 for trying to steal a car stereo. He also appeared in court on drug charges a few years later.

Jason Starkey Today

In the end, Jason put his days of juvenile delinquency behind him and joined a series of indie bands. Like his older brother and father, Jason is also a drummer. In the mid-’80s, he played drums for bands including Buddy Curtis and the Grasshoppers, The People’s Friend, Empire Of Sponge, and even one with his brother Zak called Musty Jack Sponge and the Exploding Nudists.

Jason Starkey

Jason Starkey, 2002. Photo by Richard Young / Shutterstock

But for some reason, Jason doesn’t seem too fond of his family legacy. “Being Ringo Starr’s son is the biggest drag of my life. It’s a total pain,” he once said. Jason nonetheless got involved in the music industry and worked as a road manager as well as a drummer. He’s been married to fashion designer Flora Evans since 2010, and the couple has three sons.

Mary Anna McCartney

Parents: Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney

Born: August 28, 1969

Paul and Linda were already expecting Mary when they got married in 1969. You might even remember her as the little baby who was famously peeking out of Paul’s coat on the back cover of his first solo album, ‘McCartney’ (which included the photo taken by her mother). Mary is the eldest biological child of Paul and Linda.

Linda, Paul, and Mary McCartney sitting at a restaurant

Linda, Paul, and Mary McCartney in 1988. Photo by Richard Young / Shutterstock

Like her mother, Mary took an interest in photography. She eventually became a professional photographer and photo editor. She specializes in portrait and fashion photography. In 2001, she produced the TV documentary, ‘Wingspan,’ which was about her parents’ band. In the documentary, she also served as her father’s interviewer.

Mary McCartney Today

Mary was 29 when her mother passed away from breast cancer at the age of 56. She didn’t just get into professional photography but also became a vegetarian cookbook writer. She currently runs the photo department at her father’s company, MPL Communications. Outside of her own professional work, Mary likes to get involved in charity.

Mary McCartney in front of some of her work hanging on the wall

Mary McCartney, 2019. Photo by Mark Thomas / Shutterstock

She’s a part of numerous charitable causes. In 1998, she married director and television producer Alistair Donald. In 1999, she gave birth to her dad’s first grandchild, Arthur Donald, the eldest of his eight grandchildren. Mary had another son, Elliot Donald, in 2002. In 2005, the couple divorced. By 2010, she married director, Simon Aboud. She and Aboud have two sons together.

Lee Parkin Starkey

Parents: Ringo Starr and Maureen Cox

Born: November 11, 1970

Lee arrived at a very tricky time. It was right after the breakup of the Beatles in 1970 and her parents’ relationship was really falling apart. That said, it would take another five years until Ringo and Maureen would file for divorce. In 1989, Lee got major attention when she co-starred in an Oldsmobile commercial with her father.

Ringo Starr and Lee Starkey in front of a blue curtain

Ringo Starr and Lee Starkey 1992. Source: Shutterstock

It was around the same time that Lee co-founded the Los Angeles boutique called Planet Alice, which specialized in popular 60s styles. But it eventually closed down, and once it did, Lee started working as a fashion designer and makeup artist.

Lee Starkey Today

Sadly, a year after her mother succumbed to leukemia in 1994 at the age of 48, Lee herself was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She had to undergo surgeries and radiation therapy. In 2001, the tumor reappeared, and she had to be treated again. Thankfully, Lee has been in better health ever since.

Lee Starkey standing in front of green and pink flowers

Lee Starkey 2008. Photo by Richard Young / Shutterstock

She would often show up at her brothers’ gigs as well as Stella McCartney’s shows (who we’ll get to next). Lee has been in a relationship with Jay Mehler, the Kasabian/Beady Eye bassist, for a while now. In 2009, Lee gave birth to triplets – a definite first in the Beatles fam jam. She and her family live in London, which surely comes as no surprise.

Stella Nina McCartney

Parents: Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney

Born: September 13, 1971

As a little girl, Stella traveled the world with her parents and their music group called Wings (along with her siblings). According to Paul, the name of the group was inspired by Stella’s difficult delivery. She was born by an emergency C-section, and Paul sat outside the operating room, praying that she be born “on the wings of an angel.”

Stella McCartney holding a fan while sitting in a chair

Stella McCartney, 1997. Photo by Miquel Benitez / Shutterstock

That might have been a blessing of some sort because Stella might just be the most famous of Paul and Linda’s children. She has turned herself into a well-known name in the world of fashion. Her love for clothes and designing them came at a young age.

Stella McCartney Today

Stella worked her way up the ranks, getting all the way up to launching her own, self-titled clothing line in 2001. There are currently 17 Stella McCartney boutiques around the globe. In addition to raking in a number of celebrity clients (like her close friend and model Kate Moss), Stella also landed a bunch of athletes.

Stella McCartney in a royal blue dress

Stella McCartney, 2019. Photo by Aurora Rose / WWD / Shutterstock

She designed the athletic wear for every British athlete competing in the 2012 Olympics. The following year, she became an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in honor of her contributions to fashion. Stella isn’t afraid to cause a stir. She wore a shirt that read “It’s About F–king Time” when she attended her father’s induction ceremony at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She’s married to publisher Alasdhair Willis, and they have four children.

Sean Taro Ono Lennon

Parents: John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Born: October 9, 1975

John and Yoko had only one child together, and that’s Sean, who was born on his father’s 35th birthday. After the birth of his second son, John took a break from making music to stay at home. Sean proved to be an inspiration for John, which led him to write the song ‘Beautiful Boy.’

Sean Lennon

John Lennon (Left), Sean Lennon (Right). Photo By Associated Newspapers /Shutterstock / Instagram

The track appeared on the 1980 comeback album ‘Double Fantasy,’ which was released right before John’s murder. Sean happens to be the Beatle child born in America. And like his talented parents, Sean became a musician himself. From childhood into his teen years, Sean collaborated with his mother, doing vocals and production on her solo albums, It’s Alright, Starpeace and Onobox.

Sean Lennon Today

He wrote music with Lenny Kravitz and joined Cibo Matto before getting signed to the Beastie Boys’ record label, Grand Royal. Sean released a few solo albums, recorded a handful of movie soundtracks, and collaborated with a bunch of musicians, other than his own mother. He also teamed up with the Flaming Lips, the Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr., and Mark Ronson, to name a few.

Sean Lennon with his hand on his chin looking deep in thought

Sean Lennon, 2018. Photo by Erik Pendzich / Shutterstock

Eventually, he and his model girlfriend, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, formed their own group. The avant-garde folk group called Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger released their first full-length album, ‘Midnight Sun,’ in 2014.

Fun fact: In 1984, Steve Jobs visited Manhattan and attended a party that Yoko threw for her late husband. There, Jobs gave the young Sean one of the very first Macintosh computers.

James Louis McCartney

Parents: Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney

Born: September 12, 1977

James was named after his father who’s actual name is James Paul McCartney. James is also Paul and Linda’s only son, and he took an interest in music at an early age. And it’s not even because of his dad’s influence. The real reason? He saw the infamous scene from ‘Back to the Future’ where Marty McFly plays the guitar.

James, Paul, and Linda McCartney at the airport

James, Paul, and Linda McCartney 1979. Photo by Evening News / Shutterstock

Paul quickly recognized his son’s attraction to the guitar and stepped in to give him a Stratocaster. That guitar was previously owned by Carl Perkins. James ended up contributing to a couple of his dad’s solo records (i.e., ‘Flaming Pie’ and ‘Driving Rain’), as well as playing guitar and drums.

James McCartney Today

Years later, James started venturing into his own music career. James released a couple of pop-rock Eps, which were co-produced by Paul, and then a debut album simply called ‘Me’ in 2013. But a year before that, James managed to cause a bit of a media frenzy. In 2012, he rocked the boat when he suggested that he, Sean Lennon, Zak Starkey, and Dhani Harrison (next up in the list) would start a second-generation Beatles group.

James and Paul McCartney

James and Paul McCartney 2014. Photo by Richard Young / Shutterstock

Wait, what? While James stated that he wasn’t opposed to a reincarnation of their Beatles dads, not all of the sons agreed. “I don’t think it’s something that Zak wants to do,” James commented. “Maybe Jason would want to do it. I’d be up for it. Sean seemed to be into it, Dhani seemed to be into it. I’d be happy to do it.”

Dhani Harrison

Parents: George Harrison and Olivia Harrison

Born: August 1, 1978

Dhani is George and Olivia’s only child, who got married the month after Dhani was born. Thanks to George’s activity and pursuit of Indian philosophy, he chose to name his son after the 6th and 7th notes in the Indian music scale. Who knows – maybe he was destined to be a musician.

George and Dhani Harrison

George and Dhani Harrison 1990. Photo by Dennis Stone / Shutterstock

Dhani became a professional musician when he helped Jeff Lynne complete his father’s album, ‘Brainwashed,’ after George’s death in 2001. The following year, Dhani played acoustic guitar for the “Concert for George” tribute. He joined a lineup that included Ringo and Paul. A few years later, Dhani went out on his own.

Dhani Harrison Today

In 2006, he co-founded an indie rock group called Thenewno2. The group released a number of albums ever since. Dhani is also a member of a rock trio called Fistful of Mercy with Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur. His music collaborations are pretty diverse, actually. He’s toured with Eric Clapton, appeared on the Wu-Tang Clan track “The Heart Gently Weeps,” and even joined Pearl Jam on stage several times over the years.

Dhani Harrison

George Harrison (Left) Dhani Harrison (Right). Photo By ITV/Shutterstock / Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock

Dhani married Solveig “Sola” Karadottir in 2012 but divorced a few years later. They never had any children together. Apart from his musical endeavors, Dhani also took part in the Beatles video game. He was a major force behind the video game ‘The Beatles: Rock Band.’ He brought together the surviving members of the band and the game designers.

Beatrice Milly McCartney

Parents: Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

Born: October 28, 2003

Beatrice was born to Paul and his second wife, Heather Mills, in 2003. Beatrice Milly was reportedly named after Heather’s mother, Beatrice, as well as Paul’s Aunt Milly. Beatrice is McCartney’s youngest daughter, and his only child with Heather, whom they had when Paul was well into his 60s.

Beatrice Milly sitting next to Nancy Shevell on her wedding day with Paul McCartney

Beatrice Milly McCartney and Nancy Shevell in 2011. Source: Shutterstock

Despite their rather bitter divorce, Paul and Heather decided to share custody over their dear Beatrice. She served as the flower girl at her father’s 2011 wedding to Nancy Shevell. Word on the street is that Beatrice is a skilled saxophonist, but she doesn’t plan on pursuing a career in music. It looks like marine biology is more up her alley.

Heather McCartney

Parents: Linda McCartney and Joseph Melville See (adopted by Paul McCartney)

Born: December 31, 1962

Heather McCartney is Linda McCartney and Joseph Melville See’s daughter. But since her parents separated when she was very young, and her mother married Paul McCartney in 1969 when she was just six years old, Paul formally adopted her.

Paul, Linda, and Heather on Paul and Linda’s wedding day

Paul, Linda, and Heather McCartney on their wedding day in 1969. Source: Shutterstock

While her biological father had a lifelong influence on her, she still considers Paul to be her father. Heather has always been a lover of art. She went to an art college, where she focused on pottery and design. Later in her life, she moved to Arizona to live with her biological father, but eventually went back to England to work as a potter.

Kyoko Chan Cox

Parents: Yoko Ono and Anthony Cox (adopted by John Lennon)

Born: August 8, 1963

When John and Yoko wed in 1969, he became a stepfather to Yoko’s daughter from her previous marriage to Anthony Cox, the American film producer, and art promoter. In the early years of Yoko and John’s marriage, she and her ex-husband were involved in a custody battle over their daughter. The ordeal inspired John to write the song ‘Don’t Worry Kyoko (Mummy’s Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow).’

Yoko Ono, Kyoko Cox, and John Lennon sitting in the back of a car

Yoko Ono, Kyoko Cox, and John Lennon in 1969. Photo by Reg Childs / Daily Sketch / Shutterstock

The track was credited to the Plastic Ono Band, including John, Ringo, and Eric Clapton. Cox kidnapped 8-year-old Kyoko and raised her under the name Ruth Holman. He was actually a part of a religious cult named The Living Word Fellowship. Kyoko and her father left the cult in the 70s, but she and her mother didn’t reconnect until the 90s. Not much is known about Kyoko, but it’s been said that she works as a teacher and is married with two children.

Francesca Gregorini

Parents: Barbara Bach and Augusto Gregorini (step-daughter of Ringo Starr)

Born: August 7, 1968

She goes by Francesca, but she’s officially Countess Francesca McKnight Donatella Romana Gregorini di Savignano di Romagna. Yeah, say that three times in a row. Francesca is the daughter of Barbara Bach and Count Augusto Gregorini, but she later became the step-daughter of Ringo Starr.

A reporter holding a tape recorder up for Ringo Starr while he walks in the park with Barbara Bach and Francesca Gregorini

A reporter, Ringo Starr, Barbara Bach, and Francesca Gregorini in 1986. Photo by Stuart Clarke / The Mail On Sunday / Shutterstock

She’s an Italian-American director and writer. Bach’s oldest child, Francesca, grew up in Rome and America before she moved to England after her mother married Ringo. She dabbled a bit in music before gaining attention as a filmmaker. She made an indie film in 2013 called ‘The Truth About Emanuel. Gregorini was also famous for her relationship with Portia de Rossi (pre-Ellen).

Gianni Gregorini

Parents: Barbara Bach and Augusto Gregorini (step-son of Ringo Starr)

Born: April 6, 1972

Ringo has another step-child – Francesca’s brother – from his marriage to Barbara Bach. Gianni was born four years after Francesca. When Gianni was a little boy, he served as a pageboy at his mother’s wedding to Ringo. When he grew up, he started working for his father in Italy, but he then moved to Los Angeles, where he became a businessman.

Ringo Starr talking to Gianni Gregorini at a party in 1985

Ringo Starr and Gianni Gregorini in 1985. Photo by Alan Davidson / Shutterstock

There isn’t a lot about Gianni on the internet. So as much as I would like to give at least a little bit of juicy information, I can’t. But what I will say is that he and his sister (and the rest of these kids for that matter) were born into a very lucky situation!

Arlen Blakeman

Parents: Nancy Shevell and Bruce Blakeman (step-son of Paul McCartney)

Born: December 3, 1991

When Paul married his third wife, Nancy, in 2011, he added yet another kid to his brood. I mean, at this point, why not, right? So Paul became a step-dad to Arlen Blakeman, Nancy’s son from her marriage to lawyer Bruce Blakeman. Arlen was a teenager when he gave his mother away to Paul at their wedding ceremony.

Arlen Blakeman and Nancy Shevell

Arlen Blakeman and Nancy Shevell. Source: Tumblr

Arlen graduated from college in 2015. He’s now in New York City, reportedly doing a law internship. Like some of the other Beatles kids on this list, Arlen seems to have chosen to stay out of the limelight. It’s for the best, though.

The Rise and Sudden Fall of Country Boy John Denver

John Denver brought folk music to a higher level during the 1970s and inspired generations to come. His manager once said, “If you give Elvis the ’50s and the Beatles the ’60s, I think you’ve got to give John Denver the ’70s.” His picturesque lyrics, rising vocals, and acoustic guitar sets were a pleasant escape from the times. Songs like Rocky Mountain High or Country Roads and Sunshine on My Shoulder were the kind of tunes that separated Denver from the rest.

Singer John Denver

Singer John Denver. Photo By Phillip Jackson/Associated Newspapers/Shutterstock

But like too many other musicians, Denver’s life came to an abrupt end. And it wasn’t the result of drugs or alcohol. His life came to a tragic end when an experimental plane that he was flying crashed into the Pacific Ocean. While some have debated whether or not the crash was intentional, his passing shocked the nation.

This is the rise and sudden fall of John Denver…

Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.

He was born in Roswell, New Mexico, as Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. on December 31, 1943. His interest in airplanes stemmed directly from his father, who was a United States Air Force pilot and flying instructor.

John Denver

John Denver. Photo By Associated Newspapers/Shutterstock

Denver learned how to fly at a young age through his father, and it was a passion he held on to his whole life. During the late 1940s and ‘50s, his family moved around a lot – to Oklahoma, Arizona, Alabama, and Texas – which wasn’t easy on the boy.

Finding Safety in Nature

When he turned 11, Denver got a 1910 Gibson acoustic guitar as a gift from his grandmother. The guitar was his one constant in his unstable upbringing. Since Denver never really knew where his home was, he found safety in nature and the outdoors. He once said in an interview: “When I was a child, I felt like I didn’t have a lot of friends. My father was in the Air Force.

Annie and John sitting with their Golden Retriever

Source: Pinterest

We moved around a great deal, and I used to go out into the desert, or I’d climb up into a tree or I’d be up in the mountains, just anywhere that I could get out in nature.”

From Deutschendorf to Denver

By the time he reached college, Denver had grown more comfortable and started to perform acoustic guitar at local venues. In 1961, he went to Texas Tech University (known as Texas Technical College at the time). Denver dropped out of college to make it in the music business. In 1964, he moved to Los Angeles.

John Denver, Wembley, London, Britain - Apr 1979

John Denver, Wembley, London, Britain – Apr 1979. Photo By Andre Csillag/Shutterstock

There, he began performing at Leadbetter’s night club, where he met Randy Sparks, the founder of the folk group The New Christy Minstrels. Sparks told him that his last name, Deutschendorf, wasn’t going to help his career.

From One Trio to Another

And so, he became John Denver. Why Denver? Well, apparently, it was the capital of his favorite state Colorado. Not only was it the place his family finally settled in, but Colorado also has a strong association with mountains and nature – something he enjoyed singing about. The name clearly worked for him as a stage name that people easily remembered.

John Denver with Tom Jones

John Denver with Tom Jones. Photo By Valley Music Ltd/Shutterstock

By 1965, Denver was in New York City and won a gig competing against 250 other candidates for the Chad Mitchell Trio, but he only caught his big break in 1967 when he ended up replacing Chad Mitchell himself. The trio became “Denver, Boise, and Johnson.”

This One’s for Annie

Speaking of trios, folk group Peter, Paul and Mary recorded a song that Denver wrote: Leaving on a Jet Plane. The song was a hit, and Denver’s appeal skyrocketed. Music industry executives wanted Denver. By 1969, Denver had already left his trio to pursue a solo career. In October of that year, his first album was released with RCA Records: Rhymes & Reasons.

Annie and John posing on their wedding day

Source: Pinterest

On the album was his very own rendition of Leaving on a Jet Plane. From the late ‘60s into the mid-‘70s, Denver made and released six albums. Four of them were commercial successes. The songs Take Me Home, Country Roads, Rocky Mountain High, and Thank God I’m A Country Boy put him on the map. His tune Rocky Mountain High became the state song of Colorado.

Poems, Prayers, and Promises

Denver’s popularity grew so much that sooner than later, he was playing sold-out shows at stadiums across the United States. It was around this time that, after a concert in Minnesota, he met Annie Martell – his future wife. The couple married, and she became the subject of his famous hit Annie’s Song.

'The Val Doonican Show' - John Denver

‘The Val Doonican Show’ – John Denver. Photo By ITV/Shutterstock

He apparently composed the track in 10 minutes as he sat on a Colorado ski lift after the two had had an argument. In 1971, Denver released his fourth studio album called Poems, Prayers, and Promises. Take Me Home, Country Roads was his first million-selling single. It marked the beginning of a prolific streak of hits that lasted through the ‘70s.

Rocky Mountain High

The song’s success was partly due to the efforts of his new manager, future Hollywood producer Jerry Weintraub. Weintraub signed Denver in 1970 and insisted on re-issuing the track and getting a radio-airplay campaign, which started in Denver, Colorado. His career flourished from that point on.

'This Is Tom Jones' TV Programme. – 1970, John Denver

‘This Is Tom Jones’ TV Programme. – 1970, John Denver. Photo By Valley Music Ltd/Shutterstock

By 1972, he made his first Top 10 album with Rocky Mountain High, with the title track reaching the Top 10. Between 1974 and 1975, Denver was known as a prolific musician, dominating the charts with three No. 1 albums and four No. 1 songs. His album, John Denver’s Greatest Hits, turned into one of the highest-selling albums in the history of the RCA label. Over 10 million sales were counted.

Blonde Hair and Granny Glasses

But despite his popularity, some people saw John Denver as a lightweight folk singer. The musician also had a specific style that might not have appealed to most Americans. During the 1970s, his onstage appearance involved the long blond-haired singer wearing his “granny” glasses. His embroidered shirts had images commonly associated with the American West.

Scooter and John Denver on 'The Muppet Show'

Scooter and John Denver on ‘The Muppet Show.’ Photo By David Dagley/Shutterstock

Denver appeared on many TV shows. He had a seasonal special, called the Rocky Mountain Christmas special, which was viewed by over 60 million people and became the highest-rated ABC show at that time. By 1982, Denver had ended his business relationship with Weintraub due to the manager’s focus on other projects. He reportedly kicked Denver out of his office and even accused him of being a Nazi.

When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

Denver later wrote in his autobiography: “I’d bend my principles to support something he wanted of me. And of course, every time you bend your principles – whether because you don’t want to worry about it, or because you’re afraid to stand up for fear of what you might lose – you sell your soul to the devil.”

Hayley Mills with Carol Channing, John Denver, and Twiggy

Hayley Mills with Carol Channing, John Denver, and Twiggy. Photo By Charles Knight/Shutterstock

When one door closes, another one opens. Denver entered into a lifelong relationship with Jim Henson once he started getting involved in The Muppet Show as a guest on the series. Throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s, Denver hosted the Grammy Awards five times and guest-hosted The Tonight Show a few times.

A Man of Activism

It was in the mid-‘70s that Denver became outspoken in politics. In 1977, he co-founded The Hunger Project. He expressed ecologic interests in his 1975 song Calypso – an ode to the exploration ship once used by environmental activist Jacques Cousteau. In 1976, he helped campaign for Jimmy Carter, who became one of his close friends and allies.

John Denver Country Singer 1982.

John Denver Country Singer 1982. Photo By Phillip Jackson/Associated Newspapers/Shutterstock

As the ‘70s came to an end, he devoted himself more to humanitarian causes like wildlife, land conservation, hunger, and helping NASA explore space. It was as though he realized that he was past his musical peak and needed to move on to bigger and more important things. Denver and his first wife, Annie, lived in Edina, Minnesota, from 1968 to 1971.

Some Little Gal’s Dad

After the success of Rocky Mountain High, Denver bought a place in Aspen, Colorado – where he lived until his death. The Denvers adopted a boy they named Zachary John and a girl named Anna Kate. Denver once said that the best thing about him was the fact that he was “some guy’s dad; I’m some little gal’s dad.”

Source: Pinterest

“When I die, Zachary John and Anna Kate’s father, boy, that’s enough for me to be remembered by.” The song A Baby Just Like You is about little Zachary, although he actually wrote it for Frank Sinatra.

A Second, Brief Marriage

By 1982, Denver and Martell had divorced. He said his career demands drove them apart. But, according to Annie, they were simply too young and immature to deal with his sudden success. Following their property settlement, Denver allegedly became abusive. He reportedly used a chainsaw to literally cut their bed in half.

Cassandra Delaney and John Denver walking in the street

Cassandra Delaney and John Denver 1988. Photo by Rick Wilson / ANL / Shutterstock

In 1988, Denver married Australian actress Cassandra Delaney after dating her for two years. The couple lived in Denver’s home in Aspen, and they had a daughter together named Jesse Belle. Three years later, they were separated. By 1993, they were divorced. Of his marriage to Delaney, Denver recalled that “before our short-lived marriage ended in divorce, she managed to make a fool of me from one end of the valley to the other.”

Laid-Back with a Record

Denver may have been a laid-back musician making music about the mountains, but he faced some legal trouble in the early ‘90s. In 1993, he pleaded guilty to a drinking and driving charge. After that, he was placed on probation.

Foxfire , John Denver, Jessica Tandy

Foxfire , John Denver, Jessica Tandy, 1987. Photo By Moviestore Collection/Shutterstock

The next year, while still on probation, he was charged again. This time, with misdemeanor driving – also under the influence – after crashing his Porsche into a tree in Aspen. His case even went to a jury trial. In 1997, the trial resulted in a hung jury on the second DUI charge.

A Fatal Test Ride

Prosecutors later reopened the case, only to close it after Denver’s death in October 1997. In 1996, the FAA concluded that Denver would no longer be allowed to fly a plane. The decision was made as a result of his failure to abstain from alcohol. And it would come to be a major factor in his death…

John Denver experimental plane

John Denver experimental plane. Source: Pinterest

On October 12, 1997, Denver was test flying an experimental plane that he had recently bought from a man in Santa Maria. He was practicing a number of touch-and-go landings that afternoon before taking the plane out for a spin over Monterey Bay in California. But his “test ride” turned out to be his last. He was only 53 years old.

Why Did His Plane Crash?

Less than half an hour into the flight, the plane nosedived into the water. Search, and rescue crews that called onto the scene found Denver floating near the plane’s debris. It was later confirmed that the impact of the crash meant his death was instantaneous.

John Denver On Snow

John Denver On Snow. Photo By Globe Photos/mediapunch/Shutterstock

While his death was certain, the reason why was left up for debate. There were many unresolved questions … There are a few factors that led to the crash and, consequently, to Denver’s death. The first issue was that Denver had neglected to refuel the plane.

He Didn’t Refuel

He might have believed that there was enough fuel for a short spin, but the design of the aircraft required the pilot to un-buckle and turn around completely to switch the secondary fuel tank valve.

John Denver performing

Photo by Globe Photos / mediapunch / Shutterstock

Denver apparently turned down the offer to refuel, insisting that he would use autopilot to keep the plane level while moving to turn the fuel selector valve. Experts believe that while doing that, he likely extended his foot onto the right rudder pedal, creating a downward turn.

His Last Words

A representative from the National Transportation Safety Board said Denver didn’t give any emergency indication when he radioed into the Monterey airport control tower – a routine transmission – mere seconds before the crash.

'Take Me Home: The John Denver Story' TV Film - 2000

‘Take Me Home: The John Denver Story’ TV Film – 2000. Photo By ITV/Shutterstock

Denver had radioed the tower to say that he was adjusting his transponder, a device that signals to the tower in order for air traffic controllers to see an aircraft on their screens. “He was sending the transponder signal,” George Petterson, a safety board investigator, said. He then revealed what John Denver’s last words were: “Do you have it now?”

So Fast, So Light, So Unusual

By the time they saw it on the screen, they had tried to call Denver back, but his signal vanished at 1728 hours (5:28 p.m.). “There had been no indication of any trouble.” Witnesses saw that Denver’s plane was flying 500 feet above the water when it suddenly plummeted down.

John Denver at the 27th Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame June 12, 1996

John Denver at the 27th Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame June 12, 1996. Photo By Gary Gershoff/Mediapunch/Shutterstock

It then disintegrated on impact, 200 yards off Point Pinos. According to veteran pilots of the same kind of plane, the crash could have resulted from a number of factors considering that the plane is so fast, light and unusual.

Anything But Safe and Reliable

Some said that if the front wing had broken away, the small plane would have lost its stability and fallen right out of the sky. A veteran Long-EZ pilot said Denver could have been so distracted by setting his radar systems properly that he didn’t even notice the plane heading toward the sea. As it turns out, Denver’s experimental plane was anything but safe and reliable.

Photo by Globe Photos / mediapunch / Shutterstock

Canard Aviators, a group of home-built aircraft enthusiasts, stated that the Long-EZ aircraft (the one Denver was flying) had suffered 61 accidents (reported to the safety board) between 1983 and 1996. Of those 61, 19 of them involved fatalities.

Styrofoam, Fiberglass, and Metal

Experts on the Long-EZ say the plane isn’t made by any single manufacturer. Instead, people buy plans and build the plane themselves – out of Styrofoam, fiberglass, and metal. With its rear propeller and front wing, it can cruise at nearly 200 mph.

Long EZ aircraft similar to what Denver was flying

Long EZ aircraft similar to what Denver was flying. Source: historythings.com

Experts assume that Denver bought the plane on the used-plane market. It was later discovered that Denver’s plane was designed by Elbert “Burt” Rutan, a man best known for the long-winged Voyager, which was the first airplane to fly around the world without refueling.

I’ll Be Back Soon

It’s unclear whether Denver knew any of this information concerning the plane’s record, but what is pretty clear is that he expected to return shortly. Before boarding his nearly 10-year-old plane, Denver told people at the airport that he had enough fuel for an hour or so in the air.

Television Still Featuring John Denver

Television Still Featuring John Denver. Photo By Globe Photos/mediapunch/Shutterstock

He even left his Porsche in the parking lot with its top-down, seemingly expecting to return after a brief amount of time. Coast Guard officials described Denver’s body as “badly mangled.” It was identified through fingerprints on file in Colorado.

An Airplane Enthusiast

A memorial service was then set for Aspen. Much of the nation wept at the news of John Denver’s death. President Clinton himself said in a statement: “His soaring music evoked the grandeur of our landscape and the simple warmth of human love.”

John Denver and Tina Turner Performing

John Denver and Tina Turner Performing. Photo By Globe Photos/mediapunch/Shutterstock

Denver’s spokesman, Paul Shefrin, said the singer had been flying for over 20 years and also owned a Lear Jet in addition to the Long- EZ. Denver had yet another plane – a two-seater, high- performance Christen Eagle. It was sitting in the hangar at the Monterey airport.

Under the Influence

Denver was clearly an enthusiast, but due to his record for driving under the influence, his piloting license was an issue. Of course, he was not legally permitted to fly. But, despite his record, autopsy reports indicated that he had not been drinking on the day of the crash.

John Denver and Gonzo on the Muppet Show

Photo by David Dagley / Shutterstock

Although he was sober that day, theories were floating around regarding the purpose of the flight. The popular theory is that Denver deliberately crashed the plane. Why? The idea is that he was severely depressed and was looking for the right way to call it a day.

Leaving Behind a Legacy

Upon hearing of Denver’s death, the governor of Colorado called for all state flags to be lowered to half-mast – in recognition and appreciation of his achievements.

John Denver Country Singer 1982.

John Denver Country Singer 1982. Photo By Phillip Jackson/Associated Newspapers/Shutterstock

The state of Colorado also built a bronze statue in his honor, located at Red Rocks Amphitheater. On the anniversary of Denver’s death, Aspen holds a week-long John Denver celebration with live music, tours of his home, and old radio broadcasts.

Songwriters Hall of Fame

Denver left behind a legacy. By the time of his death, he had recorded and released around 300 songs, 200 of them he composed himself. He achieved over 33 million record sales worldwide. In 1996, he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Photo by Globe Photos / mediapunch / Shutterstock

Unfortunately, Denver wasn’t the only musician whose untimely death was the result of a plane crash. Take the story of Otis Redding, for example…

Time to Say “I Do”: When Rock ‘n’ Rollers Decide to Get Hitched

Somewhere between screaming fans and jetting around the world, some of rock ‘n’ roll’s most iconic musicians found time to get married. While rockers don’t have the best track record when it comes to long-lasting marriages, it’s safe to say that their weddings are seriously cool.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono posing together circa 1968 / Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach laughing together / Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love with their baby in 1993

Photo by David Magnus, Shutterstock / Harry Myers, Shutterstock / Mediapunch, Shutterstock

Whether they get hitched after knowing each other for 96 hours (we’re looking at you, Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson!), wear colorful wedding dresses, or have chic ceremonies complete with hundreds of screaming girls outside, a rock ‘n’ roll wedding is definitely the party of a lifetime. So let’s take a journey through time and look at some of the most iconic rocker relationships and weddings ever!

Chuck and Joni Mitchell

Long before she went to “California” to look for “Love from Both Sides,” she was just Joni Anderson, living and performing in Toronto. That’s where the 22-year-old folk queen met Chuck Mitchell, an American guitarist, and singer, who proposed to her less than 36 hours after their first encounter. The two lovebirds tied the knot in June 1965, in Chuck’s parents’ home outside of Detroit.

Joni and Chuck Mitchell on their wedding day

Source: Tumblr

“We had no money,” Joni told author Mark Bego. Joni played acoustic guitar for her guests, while they all sat under a shady tree in her in-laws’ backyard. The couple eventually moved to New York, but their marriage didn’t last very long. Two years after their laid-back, idyllic wedding, Chuck and Joni went their separate ways.

Pattie Boyd and George Harrison

Although George Harrison was known as the “quiet Beatle,” he wasn’t so quiet when it came to matters of the heart. Harrison asked 19-year-old Pattie Boyd to marry him the day that he met her. She obviously (well, not so obvious, we’re talking about rock stars here), turned him down but agreed to go on a date with him.

Photo by Daily Mail, Shutterstock / Daily Sketch, Shutterstock

The two fell in love and married in January 1966 at the Epsom town hall in Surrey, England. “I bought a Mary Quant pinky-red shot-silk dress, which came to just above the knee, and I wore it with creamy stockings and pointy red shoes,” Boyd wrote in her 2007 memoir. Unfortunately, Harrison had many extra-marital affairs, which led to the couple’s divorce in 1974.

Priscilla and Elvis Presley

King of Rock, Elvis Presley, married his queen, Priscilla Beaulieu, in May 1967. Presley flew the entire wedding party out to Las Vegas on Frank Sinatra’s private plane in the middle of the night, with the remaining 100 wedding guests arriving on a separate plane. The couple said “I do” at the Aladdin Hotel, which had been specially decorated with candles and flowers.

Priscilla and Elvis Presley on their wedding day holding hands while sitting at a table / Elvis and Priscilla Presley holding a knife together while cutting a wedding cake

Photo by Fotos International, Shutterstock / Snap, Shutterstock

The rock ‘n’ roll couple not only had a wild reception in Vegas but a second reception in Tennessee for those who couldn’t make the trip. Like many couples on this list, the Presleys’ marriage didn’t survive. After Priscilla confessed her infidelity to Elvis, the couple separated in 1972, and Elvis filed for divorce on his 38th birthday the following year.

June Carter and Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash proposed to his long-time love June Cater multiple times, but she refused him each time. It wasn’t until Cash popped the question during a performance in front of 7,000 screaming fans that Carter finally agreed. Within weeks of his very public 1968 proposal, the couple officially tied the knot.

Johnny Cash carrying June Carter on their wedding day

Source: Pinterest

Even though the couple remained together until Carter’s death in 2003, their marriage was far from easy. As many people know, Cash struggled with addiction. It affected every part of his life, including his relationship with Carter, and it almost killed him at one point. But Carter’s love for Cash ran deep, and she stood by his side through it all.

Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman

Paul McCartney tried to have a private wedding with his long-time love, Linda Eastman, but that was just out of the question for the Beatles’ star. The couple was swarmed with excited fans during their March 1969 courthouse ceremony. After quickly exchanging, “I dos,” the bridal party made their way to the St. John’s Wood Church in London for a more formal wedding.

Linda and Paul McCartney sharing a kiss on their wedding day with her daughter Heather standing in front of them

Source: Shutterstock

“We were crazy,” McCartney told author Barry Miles. “We had a big argument the night before we got married, and it was nearly called off. We were very up and down, quite funky compared to the eventual image of ‘Twenty-five years of married bliss’!” Well, McCartney and Eastman seemed to have found true love, and the union lasted up until Eastman’s death in 1999.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Whether you love her or hate her, John Lennon’s marriage to Yoko Ono was one for the books. The pair wed in Gibraltar in March 1969 during a 10-minute ceremony. The event was much more private than Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman’s wedding, which took place the week before. “It was beautiful,” Lennon said in The Beatles’ Anthology documentary.

Yoko Ono and John Lennon posing together in Gibraltar holding up their marriage license where they got married in 1969

Photo by Daily Mail / Shutterstock

The couple was married at the Pillar of Hercules, also known as the End of the World. “They thought the world outside was a mystery from there, so it was like the Gateway to the World. So, we liked it in the symbolic sense.” The pair remained married until Lennon’s murder in 1980.

Bianca and Mick Jagger

Just before Mick Jagger’s first child Karis was born, he fell in love with Bianca Perez-Mora Macias. The pair met at a Rolling Stones concert after-party in France. Less than a year later, in May 1971, Bianca officially became a Jagger after marrying the rock ‘n’ roll singer in St. Tropez, France. Six months after the wedding, Bianca gave birth to the couple’s only child, Jade.

Mick and Bianca Jagger sitting next to each other on their wedding day

Photo by Norman Potter / Associated Newspapers / Shutterstock

But, as we all know, the couple’s marriage didn’t last. Mick had a long-standing affair with Playboy model Bebe Buell, and Bianca filed for divorce in 1978. However, it seems that Bianca was the only woman to really take a piece of his heart. While Mick went on to have many (failed) relationships, Bianca remains the only woman he married.

Carly Simon and James Taylor

The story goes that Carly Simon saw a picture of James Taylor’s TIME magazine cover and said, “I’m gonna marry that man.” Well, as fate would have it, she did. The two lovebirds met in her dressing room in 1971, but Taylor was in a relationship with singer Joni Mitchell at the time. The two called it quits later that year, and Simon finally got her wish.

Carly Simon and James Taylor on their wedding day under a small ladder-shaped arch

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The couple tied the knot in November 1972 and went on to have two children. But while it may seem like happily ever after, the couple had a very tumultuous relationship. Taylor struggled with drug addiction, and, according to Simon’s memoir, he was “seeing a few other women.” The fan-favorite couple divorced in 1983.

Carole King and Gerry Goffin

Carole King and Gerry Goffin were a match made in heaven. Well, it seemed that way, didn’t it? The song-writing dream team wrote more than 50 Top 40 hits, including Take Good Care of My Baby, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, and the mega-hit (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.

Carole King and Gerry Goffin on their wedding day posing together in front of a rose bush

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It didn’t take too long for the collaborators’ relationship to turn into a whirlwind love affair (serving as the inspiration for Beautiful: The Carole King Musical). King and Goffin tied the knot in August 1959, but they didn’t live happily ever after. The marriage only lasted for a decade, due to Goffin’s infidelity. However, they continued to write together.

Cher and Gregg Allman

The ink wasn’t even dry on Cher’s divorce papers from Sonny Bono, but she didn’t care. Three days after her divorce was finalized, Cher was en route to Las Vegas to marry rocker, Gregg Allman. The pair married in June 1975, but only nine days after the wedding, Cher changed her mind. She filed for divorce reportedly because of Allman’s issues with addiction.

Gregg Allman and Cher posing with family on their wedding day / Gregg Allman and Cher posing with flower petals being tossed on them on their wedding day

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The southern rocker took the news hard, sobered up, and won Cher back within a month. The couple was on the verge of divorce right before their son Elijah was born in 1976. Sadly, this wasn’t enough to save the couple’s troubled marriage. Cher and Allman’s relationship ended in a messy divorce in January 1979.

Pattie Boyd and Eric Clapton

During the late 1960s, singer Eric Clapton became close friends with George Harrison. The two began to write and record music together, and, before long, Clapton became infatuated with Harrison’s wife, Pattie Boyd. Clapton even tried dating Boyd’s sister Paula but couldn’t get Boyd out of his head.

Pattie Boyd and Eric Clapton walking down the aisle / Eric Clapton feeding Pattie Boyd wedding cake

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His 1970 hit Layla was inspired by his love for his best friend’s wife. Clapton began to pursue Boyd in 1974, with her eventually agreeing to leave her husband. The couple wed five years later, and Harrison even attended. Like many rock couples, Boyd and Clapton’s marriage didn’t pass the test of time. After nine years of marriage, the couple officially divorced in 1988.

Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach

Ringo Starr first met American actress (and Bond girl) Barbara Bach on the set of the film Caveman in 1980. It didn’t take long for the couple to fall in love, and they were married the following year. The wedding reception was the first time that the surviving members of the Beatles were together since their break up in 1969.

Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach in the back of a car on their wedding day

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While the couple went through a few rough patches, mainly due to Starr’s drinking problem, the couple is still together today. “I think I love Barbara as much [today] as I did [when we met],” Starr told reporters from People Magazine. “I’m beyond blessed that she loves me, and we’re still together.” The couple split their time between their homes in Los Angeles, Surrey, and Monte Carlo.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne (then Sharon Levy) met her husband-to-be, Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne was she was 18 years old. Sharon was working for her father, Don Arden, who was the band’s manager at the time. But when Ozzy was fired in 1979, she defied her father by dating the singer and managing his solo career.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne sitting across from each other at a table with their daughter Aimee sitting on the table

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Fast forward to July 1982, and the two were officially married in an intimate ceremony in Maui. Despite the couple’s rocky and very public marital problems, the couple is still going strong. Ozzy completed an intense rehabilitation program, and the couple renewed their vows in a private Vegas wedding chapel in 2017. “It was just for us,” Sharon told Hello Magazine. “I didn’t want lots of people there, making it into a big old party.”

Bobbie Brown and Jani Lane

Model Bobbie Brown first met rocker Jani Lane on the set of his band’s music video for Cherry Pie. The couple quickly fell in love, officially tying the knot in July 1991. While the ceremony was intimate and her dress was beautiful, the relati9onship didn’t last long. In 1993, a year after the couple welcomed their daughter, Taylar Jayne Lane, the couple divorced.

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After her divorce from Lane, Brown went on to date and get engaged to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. The couple broke up in February 1995, just four days before Lee married Pamela Anderson in Mexico. As for Lane, he married and divorced Rowanne Brewer before passing away from alcohol poisoning in 2011.

Sting and Trudie Styler

No one rocks Sting’s world quite like his wife of 28 years, Trudie Styler. The couple married in August 1992 at the couple’s mansion in Wiltshire, England. Styler wore a satin Versace gown and rode into the wedding on horseback. The couple and their 25 guests danced the night away with the Troggs, as well as an impromptu performance by Sting’s former band, The Police.

Sting and Trudie posing together on their wedding day / Sting carrying Trudie on their wedding day

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The wedding was definitely one for the books, and the couple is still going strong. Their secret? Being best friends. “Love is passion and all of that stuff, but actually liking somebody and enjoying someone’s company is something slightly different, and it lasts longer,” Sting told People Magazine.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

You can’t get more rock ‘n’ roll than Gwen Stefani’s custom pink and white Dior gown and veil, designed by John Galliano. In September 2002, the No Doubt singer married rocker Gavin Rossdale at St. Paul’s Covent Garden in London. The couple first met in 1995 when No Doubt and Rossdale’s band, Bush, were on tour together.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale in the back of a limo on their wedding day

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Before long, the couple were inseparable and caught up in the midst of a whirlwind romance. Sadly, their love just wasn’t enough. In 2015, Stefani filed for divorce, which was finalized the following year. That same year, the songstress ruffled some feathers when she announced her relationship with country singer Blake Shelton. Rossdale was reportedly so hurt and embarrassed that he and Stefani can no longer be in the same room together.

Elton John and David Furnish

Elton John first met David Furnish in October 1993. “I wanted to meet new people so I rang up a friend in London and said, ‘Could you please rattle some new people together for dinner here Saturday?’” John told reporters from Parade magazine in 2010. Furnish unexcitedly agreed to tag along with a friend who was invited to John’s dinner party.

David Furnish and Elton John waving to a crowd on their wedding day

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But Furnish’s expectations were definitely exceeded when he met John. Although the couple has been together ever since (and John proposed back in 2005), the couple couldn’t formally marry until England legalized same-sex marriage. When the law was passed in 2014, the two lovebirds formally wed in December. The wedding was the party of the decade.

John Cale and Betsey Johnson

Quirky fashion designer Betsey Johnson quickly rose to the top of the avant-garde scene in the ‘60s. She was part of Andy Warhol’s in-crowd, which led to a whirlwind romance with Velvet Underground’s John Cale. In 1968, after less than a year of dating, the pair decided to get hitched at City Hall in Manhattan. Johnson went against the grain and wore a bright red pantsuit.

Betsey Johnson and John Cale standing outside of their limo on their wedding day

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Unfortunately, the justice turned the bride away from her own wedding! Remember, this is the ’60s we’re talking about. It was before women were allowed to wear pants in formal settings. Johnson was forced to either delay her wedding or change into something more “feminine.” So what did she do? She returned to City Hall with the shortest miniskirt she could find.

David Bowie and Iman

David Bowie and Iman first met at a dinner party in 1990. The model, who had just retired, was actually introduced to the singer by her hairdresser. The meeting was love at first sight for Bowie. “My attraction to her was immediate and all-encompassing,” the singer told Hello Magazine in 2000. “I couldn’t sleep for the excitement of our first date.”

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Bowie proposed in Paris, and the two tied the knot on the first of April 1992, with an intimate ceremony in Switzerland. The union was solemnized a few months later in Florence, Italy, where it rained! “They said, ‘Oh, you shouldn’t complain, you’re going to be married for 50 years, it’s going to be happy.’ And they were right,” Iman said in 2012.

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain officially met while partying the night away at a club in Seattle in 1990, but Love had her eyes set on the Nirvana frontman since seeing him perform the year before. “I was determined to be a bachelor for a few months,” Cobain told author Michael Azerrad.

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love posing together with bouquets of flowers on their wedding day

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“But I knew I liked Courtney so much right away that it was a really hard struggle to stay away from her for so many months.” Not long after the couple made their relationship official, Cobain proposed, and the two got married in front of their eight guests on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii in February 1992. The singer famously wore his pajamas to the ceremony, while Love wore a white satin and lace gown.

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee and Baywatch Star Pamela Anderson married in 1995 after knowing each other for just four days. The two met at a club in Los Angeles, but because of their busy schedules, Lee and Anderson didn’t have time for a date. So Lee decided to fly down to Cancun, Mexico, where Anderson had a modeling gig.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee lounging on beach chairs during their beach wedding ceremony

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The lovebirds tied the knot on the beach, with Anderson wearing a bikini (because why not?). The actress’s mom didn’t know about the wedding and reportedly found out when she picked up a copy of People magazine. Lee and Anderson’s relationship was turbulent and even violent at times. Shortly after Lee was sentenced to jail for assaulting Anderson in 1998, the two divorced.

Paul Simon and Carrie Fisher

To describe Paul Simon and Carrie Fisher’s relationship as “on-again, off-again” would be an understatement. For 12 years, the couple dated, broke up, were engaged to other people, got back together, got married (instead of breaking up), divorced, and then continued to date. Whew! That was a mouthful! The two were like magnets. No matter what they did, nothing could keep them apart.

Paul Simon and Carrie Fisher in February 1982

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When Simon and Fisher decided to tie the knot, the entire process reportedly made them fall back in love again. However, the issues that doomed the relationship before the wedding came bubbling to the surface after the excitement faded. The couple soon began fighting, and a year after their 1983 wedding, the pair were already divorced.

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed

After failed relationships with Cher and then Diana Ross, Kiss frontman Gene Simmons finally met his match when he started dating Shannon Tweed in 1983. Surprisingly enough, Simmons didn’t marry the former Playmate until October 2011. The rocker often joked that he and Tweed were “happily unmarried” for 28 years.

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed posing on their wedding day with a small dog by their feet on a leash covered in white flowers

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He also told reporters on many occasions that “Marriage is an institution, and I don’t want to live in an institution.” Well, something changed, because Simmons popped the question in the family’s reality show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Although the couple had their fair share of ups and downs, they officially tied the knot in front of their 400 guests at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

While looking at all of these weddings was fun, there’s one iconic relationship that deserves more coverage, and that’s Bianca and Mick Jagger. Let’s take a look!

Famous Rock Stars And Their Wives: Where Are They Now?

In Hollywood, marriages tend to end as quickly as they start. Unfortunately, things aren’t much better in the music world. We have all heard the term “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll,” and rock stars fit into that stereotype quite well. Musicians are known for drinking, partying, and, most notably, sleeping with a lot of women. Some of the most successful rock stars haven’t found success in their marriages.

Paul McCartney / Tom Petty / Bob Dylan

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The rock star lifestyle and marriage don’t exactly mix. Don’t get me wrong; some of these performers defy all expectations and stay with their soul mate forever, but sadly, that’s pretty rare. A lot of the time, musicians keep it in the entertainment industry and end up with models or actresses. But sometimes, they marry their high school sweethearts. Check out your favorite rock stars’ wives, and see what they are up to today.

Without further ado, let’s see how many of these couples are still together now.

Jerry Hall – Mick Jagger: Then

Jerry Hall was a model back in 1990 when she married The Rolling Stones frontman. The Hollywood duo knew how to party and was frequently seen rocking studio 54. In the rock world, they were the golden couple, or as you’d call it today, “#CoupleGoals.” However, Jerry was actually the rock star’s second wife; he was previously married to Bianca Jagger, but they split up after seven years.

Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger

Photo By: Alan Davidson/Shutterstock

Back in the ’70s, the gorgeous blonde was one of the most successful models in the industry. She was at the height of her career, and her face was on the cover of every big magazine when she met Jagger in 1977. Jagger was still married to his first wife when he started dating the model. In my humble opinion, this isn’t the best way to start a relationship.

Jerry Hall – Mick Jagger: Now

During their marriage, Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger had four children together. Unfortunately (but unsurprisingly), the marriage was later annulled. One of their daughters, Georgia May Jagger, was born in 1992 and has made a name for herself in the industry. Just like her mama, she is pursuing a modeling career.

Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall

Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall. Photo By Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Since Hall and Jagger called it quits, the former model got a few theater stints before making her way to reality television. As for her love life, Hall began dating media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, in 2014, and the pair tied the knot two years later in 2016. She is now 63 years old and seems to be incredibly happy with her new man.

Alana Hamilton – Rod Stewart: Then

In the early ’70s – before meeting her future rock star husband – Alana Hamilton was making a name for herself in the entertainment industry and was focusing on her acting career. What may surprise you is that Rod Stewart, the British singer with a sexy voice, wasn’t the aspiring actress’s first choice.

Rod Stewart and Alana Hamilton at their wedding in 1979.

Rod Stewart and Alana Hamilton on their wedding day, 1979. Photo by Globe Photos / mediapunch / Shutterstock

Alana was previously married to actor George Hamilton before she even met the rocker. For Stewart, Hamilton was his first wife but certainly not his last. She was the first of three wives. The former model tied the knot with Rod Stewart in 1979, but it wasn’t meant to last forever. By 1984, the couple went their separate ways.

Alana Hamilton – Rod Stewart: Now

Alana Hamilton was born Alana Collins. She did, however, choose to keep the name from her first marriage. She continued to go by Alana Hamilton Stewart. Before their split, Alana and Stewart welcomed two children into the world, a son Sean and a daughter Kimberly. Kimberly is a model and television personality, and Sean tries to stay away from the limelight.

Alana Hamilton and George Hamilton in 2019

Alana and George Hamilton, 2019. Photo by Sara Jaye Weiss / Shutterstock

After the divorce was finalized, the actress landed a few television stints. For example: in 2003, she was featured on ABC’s ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.’ She later appeared on another reality show called ‘Celebrity Wife Swap,’ along with her ex-husband George Hamilton.

Barbara Bach – Ringo Starr: Then

We can’t write any rock star list without including at least one member from the greatest and most influential rock bands in history. Yes, of course, I’m talking about the Beatles. The legendary drummer of the group is one and only Ringo Starr. Like many other celebrities, he got married more than once, but we are going to talk about his second wife.

Wedding of Barbara Bach and Ringo Starr, 1981.

Wedding of Barbara Bach and Ringo Starr, 1981. Photo by Image Syndicate / Shutterstock

For his second (and final) walk down the aisle, the musician tied the knot with the former stunning Bond Girl, Barbara Bach. Bach was also working as an actress and model. She actually met Starr on the set of the film ‘Caveman.’ The famous pair got married in 1981 and stayed together for over three decades.

Barbara Bach – Ringo Starr: Now

As we know, most Hollywood couples can’t stand the test of time, but I’m happy to report that this dynamic duo is still going strong. After 31 happy years together, Barbara and Ringo couldn’t be more in love. Bach joined her husband on tour, and she even appeared in some of the Beatles music videos.

Barbara Bach and Ringo Starr on his birthday in 2017.

Barbara Bach and Ringo Starr. Photo by Mediapunch / Shutterstock

They don’t have any children together, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a warm family. Bach actually has two children from a previous marriage, a daughter named Francesca and a son named Gianni. The happy pair live in Cranleigh, and reportedly, they both practice vegetarianism. Bach is also fluent in Italian and learning Spanish and French.

Heather Mills – Paul McCartney: Then

From one Beatle to the next. Unfortunately, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills didn’t have a fairy tale ending like Starr and Bach. Paul tragically lost his first wife, Linda, when she died of breast cancer. Just two years later, the Beatle met his second wife, Heather Mills.

Adopt a Minefield Gala Hosted by Sir Paul Mccartney and Heather Mills, Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, America - 23 Sep 2003

Sir Paul Mccartney and Heather Mills. Photo By Startraks/Shutterstock

Mills was a gorgeous businesswoman and a busy activist. The former model and the rock star began dating in 2000 and were married by 2002. In 2003, Mills gave birth to their daughter Beatrice. Everything looked picture perfect on the outside, but that was far from reality. A seemingly beautiful marriage eventually ended in a messy divorce.

Heather Mills – Paul McCartney: Now

After a rocky marriage and a very public and ugly separation process, the pair finally finalized their divorce in 2008. The former British model was awarded an astonishing $50 million of her ex-husband’s hard-earned money. But I guess that’s just how messy divorces work.

Heather Mills

Heather Mills. Photo by Alan Davidson / Shutterstock

Needless to say, Mills wasn’t portrayed in the most positive light in the media… and for a good reason. She blamed the divorce on Paul’s daughter (and her stepdaughter), Stella, calling her “jealous” and “evil.” Yikes! I thought Stepmother’s rivalries were reserved for fairy tales. Like many other celebrity ex-wives, Mills made her way to reality TV and is now living a vegan lifestyle

Dorothea Hurley – Jon Bon Jovi: Then

Okay, if you want a happy rock ‘n’ roll ending, you’ll appreciate this love story. In 1989, Bon Jovi tied the knot with his high school sweetheart, Dorothea Hurley, at a secret wedding in Las Vegas. I think that’s a fancy way of saying that they eloped. High School sweethearts have such an innocent connection, but they don’t usually stay together.

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley. Photo by BEI / Shutterstock

It’s pretty rare to marry your high school prom date, but if the relationship does last, it tends to make for a heartwarming story. Bon Jovi did take a break from his long-time girlfriend for a while and was in some high profile relationships. Most notably with actress Diane Lane. Eventually, Jovi and Dorothea found their way back to each other.

Dorothea Hurley – Jon Bon Jovi: Now

When they got married, the couple didn’t even have wedding bands. However, weddings aren’t all about fancy rings and dresses; they are about love. Jovi and Dorothea proved that love conquers all and have been happily married for more than three decades. That’s a lifetime for musicians.

Dorothea Hurley and Jon Bon Jovi today

Dorothea Hurley and Jon Bon Jovi. Photo by Mediapunch / Shutterstock

The couple even created a beautiful family and have four children together, Stephanie, Jesse, Jacob, and Romeo. You probably would have never guessed by Dorothea is actually a karate instructor, which is pretty cool. Even though the rock star spends a lot of time on the road, his incredible wife can hold down the fort. The family manages to lead wonderful and balanced lives.

Heather Locklear – Richie Sambora: Then

Richie Sambora will always be remembered as the lead guitarist of the Bon Jovi Band for over 30 years. Aside from being a member of the iconic 80s rock band, Sambora is also known for being married to one of the most beautiful starlets in Hollywood, actress Heather Locklear.

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora in 1995

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora in 1995. Photo by Alex Berliner / BEI / Shutterstock

After Locklear split up with another legendary rock star, Mötley Crüe’s drummer Tommy Lee, she moved on to another popular musician. In 1994, one year after her divorce, Locklear walked down the aisle with Sambora. In 1997, the couple welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world named Ava. As rock star relationships tend to go, this union didn’t last.

Heather Locklear – Richie Sambora: Now

The gorgeous actress and the guitarist weren’t a match made in heaven. In 2007, Locklear cited irreconcilable differences after filing for divorce. Their daughter Ava Sambora is 22 years old now, and she is an aspiring actress following in mother’s footsteps. She is doing pretty well and is already making a name for herself in the industry.

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora in 2005

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora. Photo by Alex Berliner / BEI / Shutterstock

After the divorce was finalized, Locklear put all her energy into her acting career. She landed a couple of television gigs, including a recurring part on Melrose Place in 2009. If you were a Disney fan, you probably remember the actress’s guest appearance on a Hannah Montana episode, where she played Lilly’s mom.

Pamela Anderson – Tommy Lee: Then

Speaking of rock ‘n’ roll bad boy Tommy Lee (Heather Locklear’s first husband), it didn’t take him long to move on and marry his third wife, Bay Watch beauty Pamela Anderson. These crazy kids got married just four days after meeting each other… which is nuts! My parents would kill me if I tried to pull a stunt like that.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, 1995.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, 1995. Source: Shutterstock

The rocker married the blonde sex symbol in a beautiful beach ceremony in 1995. They didn’t spend a lot of time finding a dress, though. The bride wore a bikini to her wedding, which seems fitting. I mean, it wouldn’t be appropriate if I showed up to my wedding in a bathing suit. But this is Pamela Anderson we’re talking about.

Pamela Anderson – Tommy Lee: Now

As you might have guessed, the relationship didn’t last. Maybe wearing a bikini for your wedding is bad luck. The Hollywood power couple called it quits in 1998 after having two kids together, Brandon and Dylan. If you are interested in reality TV, Brandon is the main character on ‘The Hills’ reboot, ‘The Hills: New Beginnings.’ His mom even makes an appearance in a couple of episodes.

Pamela Anderson and Brandon Thomas Lee, May 2019.

Pamela Anderson and Brandon Thomas Lee, May 2019. Photo by David Fisher / Shutterstock

The couple did attempt to rekindle their romance, but the spark was gone. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it work and officially split in 2008. Anderson played in the 2017 ‘Baywatch’ movie, and her latest movie, she was Jessica Fox, in ‘Nicky Larson et le Parfum de Cupidon.’

Teresa Barrick – Steven Tyler: Then

Everyone loves Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler. The performer is known for having his share of ladies throughout his career. The musician once had a short-lived romance with ex-model, Bebe Buell. Buell happens to be the mother of his now-famous actress daughter, Liv Tylor.

Teresa Barrick and Steven Tyler in 1991.

Teresa Barrick and Steven Tyler in 1991. Photo by BEI / Shutterstock

In 1987, Tyler’s first marriage to Cyinda Foxe was over. It didn’t take him long to get married yet again in 1988; this time to fashion designer Teresa Barrick. The couple seemed to have had a good relationship. They even started a family and welcomed two children, a boy named Taj and a girl named Chelsea. But, they didn’t have the fairy tale ending they were hoping for.

Teresa Barrick – Steven Tyler: Now

In 2005, after 17 wonderful years together, Tyler and Barrick separated. The couple seems to have remained on good terms. Although she was mainly known for being the wife of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, she was much more than that; she was a successful woman in her own right.

Steven Tyler and Teresa Barrick in 2003

Steven Tyler and Teresa Barrick. Photo by Fairchild Archive / Penske Media / Shutterstock

Even though her relationship with Tyler is something of the past, Teresa still has a good relationship with the band. She has been designing their costumes since the 90s. There have been rumors about the rock star cheating on his wife, and they aren’t hard to believe considering Tyler’s reputation. It should be noted that these reports were never confirmed.

Bobbie Brown – Jani Lane: Then

Jani Lane is the extremely talented lyricist and frontman of the heavy metal band. Bobbie Brown was a former beauty pageant winner and an aspiring model. It appears as though they don’t have much in common, and that made them one of the most intriguing musical couples of the early nineties.

Bobbie Brown and Jani Lane

Source: YouTube

The unlikely duo met for the first time when Bobbie was on the set of the band’s music video, Cherry Pie. By 1991, they got married. On January 17th, 1992, the couple brought a baby into the world- Taylar Jayne Lane, their only daughter together. Unfortunately, this pairing wasn’t meant to last forever.

Bobbie Brown – Jani Lane: Now

Sadly, Jani and Bobbie split up after only two years of marriage. Following their divorce in 1993, Brown got engaged to yet another rock star- Tommy Lee, the drummer for Mötley Crüe. I guess it’s safe to say she has a type. Sadly, they didn’t have a fairy tale ending either; the two called it quits in 1995.

Bobbie Brown

Bobbie Brown. Source: Instagram

Brown returned to the spotlight in 2012 when she appeared on the reality TV show, Ex-Wives of Rock. She also released her autobiography titles, Dirty Rocker Boys: Love and Lust on the Sunset Strip. Speaking of her specific type of men, the former Miss Teen USA has been in a relationship with Joy Island band member, Joshua Bissel, since 2014. On August 11, 2011, the Los Angeles Police Department announced that Lane was found dead of acute alcohol poisoning at a Comfort Inn hotel in Woodland Hills, California at the age of 47.

Patti Hansen – Keith Richards: Then

It may shock you to find out The Rolling Stones founder and guitarist has only been married once. The beautiful lady who stole his heart is former model Patti Hansen. The blonde beauty transitioned into acting and appeared on countless magazine covers, such as Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and Harper’s Bazaar. Throughout her short-lived acting career, the starlet appeared in ‘Rich Kids,’ ‘They all Laughed,’ and ‘Hard to Hold.’

Keith Richards and Patti Hansen, 1989.

Keith Richards and Patti Hansen, 1989. Photo by Alan Davidson / Shutterstock

The couple tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Fun fact: They actually got married on the rock star’s 40th birthday, December 18th, 1983. Considering Hollywood marriages don’t seem to work, I didn’t have the highest hopes for this couple. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Patti Hansen – Keith Richards: Now

As it turns out, Patti Hansen and Keith Richards have one of the most solid marriages in rock ‘n’ roll, which is quite a relief. It’s also a bit shocking since The Rolling Stones is an extremely popular band. You would think Richards might get caught up in the world of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. But instead, he stayed loyal to his lady.

Keith Richards and Patti Hansen, 2018.

Keith Richards and Patti Hansen, 2018. Photo by Aurora Rose / WWD / Shutterstock

The power couple has two beautiful kids together, Theodora and Alexandra. In 2004, Patti and both of her daughters were featured on ads for Guerlain’s perfume, Shalimar Light. The couple has already been together for decades, and this relationship looks like it’s for the long haul. Sure, anything can happen, but for this family, it looks like love conquers all.

Maureen Santoro – Steve Van Zandt: Then

Steve Van Zandt is a member of the band E Street and is also known as Little Steven. He is one of the few rock stars that made his way into the entertainment industry. On New Year’s Eve in 1982, the singer married his actress wife Maureen Van Zandt in New York City. His bandmate, Bruce Springsteen, was his best man at the wedding.

Steve Van Zandt and Wife at the World Premiere of the 3rd Season of 'the Sopranos'

Steve Van Zandt and Wife at the World Premiere of the 3rd Season of ‘The Sopranos’, New York, America – 02/01. Photo By Araldo Di Crollalanza/Shutterstock

A New Year’s wedding sounds very romantic. Maybe I should aim for that… of course, I need a boyfriend first, but that’s a different story. Van Zandt also played alongside his beautiful wife in the series, ‘The Sopranos.’ Ironically, she played Gabriella Dante, his on-screen wife. I guess acting like a couple on TV really translated into real life.

Maureen Santoro – Steve Van Zandt: Now

Believe it or not, the Van Zandts are still married and are extremely happy together. This is another Hollywood couple that defied all odds. I mean, even Brangelina broke up. But this pair really proves that loyalty and love is all you need to make a marriage work. The couple currently doesn’t have any children together.

Maureen Santoro and Steve Van Zandt, 2015.

Maureen Santoro and Steve Van Zandt, 2015. Photo by Sky Cinema / Shutterstock

In addition to acting, the duo has also been involved in philanthropic work. They founded the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation in 2007, a nonprofit organization that teaches the history of rock. That actually seems really interesting. The foundation’s TeachRock initiative brings rich education materials to teachers, at absolutely no cost.

Pattie Boyd – Eric Clapton: Then

Pattie Boyd was a dazzling British model who made a prosperous career for herself back in the 60s. This beautiful woman made her way around the rock ‘n’ roll circa. The stunner was actually married to two legendary rock stars. First off, she was a Beatle member as George Harrison’s first wife.

Eric Clapton and Pattie Boyd in 1976

Eric Clapton and Pattie Boyd in 1976. Source: Shutterstock

However, when her marriage to the Beatle didn’t last, the model tied the knot with Eric Clapton. Harrison and Clapton were actually friends; that’s how Clapton originally fell in love with the model. He briefly dated her sister Paula. They had a beautiful wedding ceremony in 1979, just two years after she and Harrison divorced.

Pattie Boyd – Eric Clapton: Now

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, Clapton and Boyd weren’t a love story to tell the grandchildren. The couple eventually got divorced in 1989. Supposedly, the reason was the singer’s notorious drug and alcohol addiction. Before their marriage came crumbling down, Pattie Boyd was his muse.

Pattie Boyd in 2019.

Pattie Boyd. Photo by IBL / Shutterstock

His model wife was the inspiration behind two of Clapton’s greatest songs: Bell Bottom Blues and Wonderful Tonight. She was also the muse for his song Layla. In 2015, Boyd married for the third time at the age of 70. She was named a “legendary rock muse” by Rolling Stone in 2007. In addition to Clapton, she inspired Harrison and a few other notable stars in the rock world.

Sheryl Goddard – Alice Cooper: Then

Believe it or not, it’s been over 50 years since the ‘School’s Out’ singer has been in the music industry. In 2011, his original Alice Cooper group was inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, just another thing that proves his incredible musical success. As a rock star, it’s no surprise that he has been surrounded by plenty of women.

Sheryl Goddard and Alice Cooper, 1975.

Sheryl Goddard and Alice Cooper, 1975. Photo by Associated Newspapers / Shutterstock

The singer had a long history of high profile relationships, including his romance with actress, Raquel Welch. Apparently, the rock star left his actress girlfriend to marry Sheryl Goddard, his Alice Cooper Show performer. As I’ve previously mentioned, this doesn’t seem like the healthiest way to start a marriage. Then again, what do I know? I’m still single over here.

Sheryl Goddard – Alice Cooper: Now

The couple got married in 1976. Given the circumstances of their marriage, they had a bit of a rocky start. It didn’t seem like they would last. The relationship really seemed doomed from the start. The pair encountered a few bumps along the way, but somehow, they managed to make their relationship work.

Sheryl Goddard and Alice Cooper, 2019.

Sheryl Goddard and Alice Cooper, 2019. Photo by Michael Buckner / Variety / Shutterstock

It shocked many people, but these two are still going wrong, and are happier than ever. They have three children together, Calico, Dashiell, and Sonora. I feel proud of them. Not only did they defy the odds and make their marriage work, but they also started a beautiful family together. With loyalty and commitment, true love can really conquer all.

Courtney Love – Kurt Cobain: Then

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain are arguably the most iconic rock ‘n’ roll couples of all time. What is so special about these two is that they were formed within the rock world, which was pretty rare. Most of these guys dated models or actresses. This union was certainly a unique one.

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain 1993.

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain 1993. Photo by Fotos International / Shutterstock

Love was the lead singer of Hole, an alternative rock group she formed back in the 80s. Kurt Cobain was, of course, Nirvana’s frontman until he tragically passed away in 1994. This couple was known for its ups and downs. The relationship was like a roller coaster, but the two love birds rocked the punk and grunge scene in the 90s.

Courtney Love – Kurt Cobain: Now

In 1992, the pair tied the knot at a beautiful ceremony on a beach in Honolulu. On February 24th, 1992, six months after getting married, Love and Cobain welcomed their only child – a beautiful daughter named Frances Bean Cobain. Sadly, Love hasn’t had the most graceful reputation over the years.

Courtney Love in 2019.

Courtney Love. Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Shutterstock

Her personal struggles started to take a toll, and it severely impacted her public image. At her 40th birthday party, Courtney even tried to take her own life. Thankfully, the suicide attempt wasn’t successful. Over the years, Love hasn’t had the best luck in the love department. Her relationships haven’t been serious, and they don’t usually last very long.

Trudie Styler – Sting: Then

Sting is a man who needs no introduction, but I’ll just say that he’s an extremely talented musician and the former lead singer of The Police. In 1976, Sting married actress Frances Tomelty; the couple had two children together before getting divorced in 1984. However, there was still a soulmate out there for the rock star.

Trudie Styler and Sting 1984.

Trudie Styler and Sting 1984. Photo by Brendan Beirne / Shutterstock

In 1992, Sting married a woman named Trudie Styler. At two years old, Styler got in an accident that required facial plastic surgery until the age of 18. Her classmates referred to her as Scarface, which really affected her confidence. Kids can be so cruel. Luckily, her self-esteem shot up when she got hitched by a popular musician.

Trudie Styler – Sting: Now

Sting and Trudie dated for an entire decade before finally walking down the aisle. Being married for 25 years now means the couple has been together for 35 years. Even though they have been together for a while, Sting still looks at her as the light of his life. How adorable is that?

Trudie Styler and Sting 2019.

Trudie Styler and Sting 2019. Photo by Chris Polk / Variety / Shutterstock

The power couple combined forced and have worked on many projects together, like the foundation for Xingu Film, their production company. In addition to Stings two children from his previous marriage, he has four kids with Trudie, Jake, Eliot, Mickey, and Giacomo Summer. The couple definitely looks like they are in it for the long hall.

Suzette Snider – Dee Snider: Then

Dee Snider has made his way around the entertainment industry. He has worked as a screenwriter, radio personality, and actor. Still, he really rose to prominence in the early 80s as the lead singer and songwriter for his heavy metal band Twisted Sister. Hit Parader ranked him number 83 on their Top 100 metal vocalists of all time. Now that’s pretty impressive.

Suzette Snider and Dee Snider, circa 1980s.

Suzette Snider and Dee Snider. Source: Pinterest

In addition to a successful career, Snider was also successful in his personal life. He married Suzette in 1981 when Twisted Sister was topping the charts. Unfortunately, that led to some strain on their relationship, and the couple almost broke up in 1984. Snider admitted that he let fame get to his head.

Suzette Snider – Dee Snider: Now

Thankfully, Snider realized his mistakes early on and didn’t want to lose the woman of his dreams. He fought for her, and the couple is still going strong. If you include their dating years, the couple has been together for more than 40 years and are planning on staying together forever.

Suzette Snider and Dee Snider, 2014.

Suzette Snider and Dee Snider, 2014. Photo by Carolyn Contino / BEI / Shutterstock

Suzette and Snider welcomed four children together, Cody Blue, Jesse Blaze, Cheyenne, and Shane. Other than being a mom, Suzette is a designer who is mostly known for her work on the 2013 movie, ‘Fool’s Day,’ and on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ back in the 80s. The couple often talks about their secret to a decade-long happy marriage.

Jane Benyo – Tom Petty: Then

Thomas Earl Petty is an extremely talented singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, actor, and record producer. He is mostly recognized as the lead singer for the band Heartbreakers, formed in 1976. Before that, he was also a member of the band Mudcrutch and a member of the 1980’s group, Traveling Wilburys.

Jane Benyo today

Jane Benyo. Source: Pinterest

Tom Petty is from the band the Heartbreakers, but ironically, he wasn’t a big heartbreaker at all. At least in rock n roll terms. In 1974, before he made it big, Tom Petty married his high school sweetheart, Jane Benyo. Even though he went on to pursue great music and great success, he stayed loyal to the love of his life.

Jane Benyo – Tom Petty: Now

Tom Petty walked down the aisle with his high school sweetheart in 1974, and they appeared to be happy. They had a beautiful ceremony in Gainesville, Florida, before starting their lives together. He looked like he was breaking the “rock star” persona, and preferred his family over his career. That may be the case, but his marriage wasn’t as happy as we were led to believe.

Tom Petty and Jane Benyo

Tom Petty and Dana. Source: Pinterest

Unfortunately, the beautiful union didn’t work out. In 1996, the couple split up after 22 years together and two children, Adira and Kimberly. I guess teenage love doesn’t always last forever. Perry has been spending his time in the film industry and has been working closely with some big names. Including Beyoncé and Rihanna.

Jill Tavelman – Phil Collins: Then

Whether or not you are into rock music, you definitely heard the name, Phil Collins. That’s because the English musician had a pretty long and successful career in the entertainment industry in the 80s and 90s. However, he rose to providence as the singer and drummer of the Rock band Genesis before starting a solo career.

Jill Tavelman and Phil Collins 1986.

Jill Tavelman and Phil Collins 1986. Photo by Alan Davidson / Shutterstock

After splitting up with his first wife Andrea Bertorelli, Phil Collins began dating Jill Tavelman in 1980. She was working as an actress, and after a four-year romance, the pair finally tied the knot. In 1989 they had their beautiful daughter and future actress, Lily Collins. You can catch her on the 2019 Ted Bundy film, ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile,’ alongside Zac Efron.

Jill Tavelman – Phil Collins: Now

Other than being married to Phil Collins, Tavelman was making a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She was a working actress mainly known for her role in the 1988 movie, ‘Buster,’ and she is also recognized for the 1994 movie, ‘Extra.’ Although her career seemed to be going well, her personal life was a whole other story.

Jill, Lily, and Phil Collins, 2009.

Jill, Lily, and Phil Collins, 2009. Photo by Dave Allocca / Starpix / Shutterstock

In 1996, the couple broke up. Their daughter followed her mom’s footsteps to pursue acting, and Phil Collins went on to marry wife number three, Orianne Cevey, in 1999. It doesn’t come as a shock that he and Cevey also called it quits. They had a public and messy divorce in 2008; it was one of the biggest divorce settlements in the history of Britain.

Priscilla Presley – Elvis Presley: Then

Elvis Presley, otherwise known as “The King,” needs no introduction. The popular singer famously only had one wife, Priscilla. Considering most musicians get married multiple times, this is pretty surprising. The couple met way back in 1959, Elvis was serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, and Priscilla was 14 years old.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley at their wedding, 1967.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley at their wedding, 1967. Photo by Moviestore Collection / Shutterstock

Priscila was actually an actress known for her role as Jenna Wade on the hit show, Dallas. She and Elvis were introduced at a house party in Germany, and the rest is history. Well, sort of. The couple didn’t actually get married until eight years later, in 1967. The beautiful ceremony took place at the Aladdin Hotel in Vegas.

Priscilla Presley – Elvis Presley: Now

Elvis Presley is the ultimate King of Rock and has been a music icon for decades. Sadly, his relationship with Priscilla didn’t have the happiest ending. In 1968 the newlyweds welcomed a baby into the world, their daughter Lisa Marie Presley. After a rocky and very publicized marriage, the couple split up in 1973.

Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley. Photo by Stewart Cook / Shutterstock

Despite their breakup, the couple stayed close after the divorce. Priscilla has been extremely involved in charity in recent years. She will forever be remembered as Elvis Presley’s wife, but she did find love after calling it quits with the King of Rock. She was in a 22-year relationship, but sadly, that ended back in 2006.

Adelle Lutz – David Byrne: Then

Adelle Lutz is a stunning model and actress. Being born to a German father and Japanese mother, Adelle has one of the most beautiful and unique looks. The stunning model is also a successful fashion designer, more specifically, a costume designer. Despite her personal success, Lutz is mostly known for who she married.

Adelle Lutz and David Byrne

Adelle Lutz and David Byrne. Source: Tumblr

In 1987, Lutz met the lead singer of Talking Heads (and later solo artist), David Byrne. She gained attention when she created the “Urban Camouflage” costumes featured in one of his movies, True Stories. In 1989, they had one daughter together, Malu Abeni Valentine Byrne. As you might have guessed, this marriage didn’t last forever.

Adelle Lutz – David Byrne: Now

In addition to her work as a model and fashion designer, you probably recognize Adelle for her role in the popular 1991 movie ‘Silence of the Lambs.’ Here is a fun fact you may not have known: Adelle Lutz was Byrne’s muse for his classic song, ‘Naïve Melody.’ It must feel nice to be the inspiration behind a famous song. Obviously, I wouldn’t know the feeling.

Adelle Lutz and her daughter

Adelle Lutz and her daughter. Source: Pinterest

In 2004, the model and singer split up. She has been living in Los Angeles since 2008 and seems to be doing well. In August 2018, she became a grandma when her first grandchild, Bo Wyly Ford Squibb, was born. She hasn’t remarried since Byrne, but she is happy and focusing on family.

Carolyn Dennis – Bob Dylan: Then

When it comes to one of the most legendary, dynamic, talented, and influential artists of all time, Bob Dylan’s name comes to mind. He was a major success when it came to his career, but his personal life had its share of struggles. In 1977, the famous musician split up with his first wife, Sara Lownds.

Carolyn Dennis and Bob Dylan

Carolyn Dennis and Bob Dylan. Source: Pinterest

Carolyn Dennis is a gospel-rock singer and actually sang backup for Dylan. She also dabbled in acting and quietly married Bob Dylan. What’s interesting about this relationship is that Carolyn was considered Dylan’s secret wife because many people didn’t know about this romance. She did, however, confirm that she and the iconic rock star were, in fact, married for six years.

Carolyn Dennis – Bob Dylan: Now

Throughout their short-lived marriage, Carolyn and the rock star welcomed a baby girl into the world, Desiree Gabrielle Dennis-Dylan. She was born in 1986 when the newlyweds were still in their first year of marriage. Carolyn was a backup singer for The Carpenters but transitioned into acting. In 1991, she became recognized for her work on the movie, The Josephine Baker Story.

Carolyn Dennis and Desiree Dennis-Dylan

Carolyn Dennis and Desiree Dennis-Dylan. Source: Tumblr

Unfortunately, after a few years together, the musical duo ended their relationship in 1992. However, their marriage wasn’t publicized until 2001, almost a decade after they got divorced. Apparently, the singer made a pact with her kids not to publicize their paternity. She said: “Bob Dylan has eight or nine children. We’re not trading on that.”