Country Music’s 5 Greatest Women Singers

The country music genre has been dominated by influential women singers for decades, each bringing her own flavor to the industry. These powerful women have shown extraordinary talent, coming from all kinds of backgrounds, and have earned their pedestals.

Great country singers are known by their first names only – Shania, Loretta, Reba – and no one ever asks, “Loretta who?” Below is an undebatable list of the top 5 greatest women country singers of all time – ranked according to commercial success, the longevity of career, vocals, and influence.

The Radio Celebrity (Carrie Underwood)

Even if you don’t actively listen to Carrie Underwood, you have definitely at least heard of her – whether that’s because she’s worldwide famous for the depth and value of her songs, or because you’re a fan of American Idol.

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She’s one of those people – the ones you can count on as a constant in the world of music. There’s Michael Jackson for pop, and there’s Carrie Underwood on the radio. With her endless streams of inspirational hit after hit, she’s the woman with the most number-one singles on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart, and the Rolling Stones-acclaimed “female vocalist of her generation.”