All Things Steven Tyler: The Legendary Frontman of Aerosmith

Steven Tyler formed Aerosmith back in 1970, and ever since, he became one of the most recognizable voices and faces in rock ‘n’ roll history. Even fifty years later, the Aerosmith frontman still has millions of fans all around the world who love his stage presence and musical abilities. Steven Tyler is now 72 years old, but during his prime, he was quite the lady’s man. He was the definition of the term ‘sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.’

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Unfortunately, his substance abuse overshadowed his incredible talent for most of his career. He has been pretty outspoken about his addiction, but you will be shocked when you find out how much money he spent on drugs. Tyler released his memoir in 2012 and revealed plenty of secrets that even superfans didn’t know about him.

Check out these interesting facts about Steven Tyler, his rock n roll lifestyle, and his band, Aerosmith.

You might have heard about his latest stint in rehab… more on that later…

Is It Arrowsmith or Aerosmith?

Did you ever wonder where the origins of the name Aerosmith came from? One day all the band members were sitting around getting high… like most rock stars do. In between reruns of The Three Stooges, Joey Kramer revealed that when he was a kid, he would continuously write the word “Aerosmith” all over his notebook.

Aerosmith in Concert 1994
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At first, the band was pretty skeptical. They thought the word Perry meant was “Arrowsmith,” which was the title of a Sinclair Lewis book. When they realized he meant “Aerosmith,” it quickly grew on them. They loved it and ultimately chose to name their band Aerosmith, and the rest is history.

What’s the Rotation?

The band Aerosmith had a total of nine members. One of them is Buck Johnson, who has been touring with the band since 2014. In 1971 and 1984, three members quit. Currently, the lineup is Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford, and Joey Kramer.

Aerosmith backstage at the Donnington Festival
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The shortest-lived member of Aerosmith was a guy named Ray Tabano. He grew up with Steven Tyler, and the two of them were childhood friends. The band hired him in 1970, but after just one year, Tabano parted ways with Aerosmith in 1971. Unfortunately, he left right when they were taking off and was replaced by Brad Whitford.

Not the Worst Nick Names

Even though they have a clear substance abuse problem, you can’t deny Aerosmith’s talent and contribution to the world of rock ‘n’ roll. They won numerous awards and have been praised for their soulful performances. Aerosmith is still the best-selling American rock band to this day. They sold over 70 million albums in the United States alone.

Tom Hamilton, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Steven Tyler and Joey Kr
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If we’re talking about worldwide sales, the number extends to over 150 million! Despite all their success, most of their attention was focused on the band’s antics- specifically, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry’s legendary partying. The pair started being referred to as the “Toxic Twins.”

He Loves Disney World

Considering Tyler’s “bad-boy” persona, it may be surprising that he was quoted saying, “Disney World is my idea of the ideal vacation.” Well, as it turns out, there is a ride at Disney‘s Hollywood Studios called “Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith.” Well, technically, it’s holograms of the band. The ride is also located at Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
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The Rock star decided to check into ‘the happiest place on earth’ for his 68th birthday; he had a blast and, of course, surprised some lucky fans. Not only did he high-five the guests, but he even stopped to take some pictures. If you have been on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, you saw Steven Tyler is in the pre-ride video. He looks quite different now, considering that was 17 years ago!

He Has His Own Scarf Collection

It wasn’t just that Steven Tyler had boundless energy and a powerful voice that made him one of the greatest frontmen in rock ‘n’ roll history. He also had a unique sense of style to thank for that. His taste in fashion was evident whether he was on stage or walking down the street. In 2012, his style became the inspiration for the contemporary fashion line, Andrew Charles.

Aerosmith in Concert 2002
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Tommy Hilfiger’s brother Andy came up with the idea and said: “I grew up on Aerosmith and Steven Tyler. I’ve always loved his music and his style.” In addition to being the face of the brand, Tyler was also their design consultant. Most rock stars wear black leather, but Tyler incorporated colorful statement pieces into his wardrobe and made them look really cool. His signature scarf collection is called Rock Scarf.

A Custom Motorcycles Hobby

Steven Tyler loves motorcycles. He has been working with Mark Dirico, an internationally renowned master engineer and inventor Mark Dirico since 2007 to design and develop a line of handcrafted bikes. It was originally called Red Wing Motorcycle Company, but they had to change it to Dirico Motorcycles because apparently the other name was taken.

Aerosmith 'Global Warming' tour launch press conference
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It was a mixture of superior engineering and rock ‘n’ roll artistry. This is just what Steven envisioned- comfortable to ride, but sexy too. He said, “You get on one of these bikes, and you can ride for days. These bikes are sick, rugged, and just damn cool. And they’re amazing to look at.” His motorcycle line is pretty impressive. All the bikes look so cool!

On the Board of the Voice Health Institute

Back in 2006, Steven Tyler was experiencing an undisclosed throat ailment and ended up with a hoarse shrill; this meant the band had to cancel the few remaining concerts of their North American tour. He needed surgery and was recommended ‘total vocal rest.’ Apparently, he had a ruptured blood vessel in his throat, and the only way to treat it was to seal it with the help of laser. Tyler said the doctor “just took a laser and zapped the blood vessel.”

'Raise Your Voice' The Voice Health Institute Benefit Gala
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These days, Tyler is part of the Advisory board of the Voice Health Institute, a nonprofit organization that helped fund the Voice Restoration Research Program and other research programs. Various other musicians are also on the board, including Paul Stanley, Lionel Richie, and Keith Urban, just to name a few.

Giving Back – Janie’s Fund

Aside from being a rock star and fashion icon, Steven Tyler is also a philanthropist. He supports a number of charitable organizations like Adopt the Arts, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Musicares, Race to Erase MS, Robin Hood, The Art of Elysium, Cahonas Scotland, and so many more. He even launched a charity back in 2015 focused on helping girls who suffered from sexual abuse and neglect.

Janie's Fund annual Grammy Awards viewing party
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The charity is called “Janie’s Fund” after Aerosmith’s classic track, “Janie’s Got a Gun,” which discusses incest and child abuse. He staged a concert, “Steven Tyler… Out on a Limb,” and all the money went to “Janie’s Fund.” He’s a talented rock star with a heart of gold.

A Drug Encyclopedia

It’s no secret that Steven Tyler has done a lot of drugs. With a long history of substance abuse, it doesn’t come as much of a shock; however, the extent of his knowledge on a wide variety of drugs is kind of impressive. I mean, not many rock stars are walking drug encyclopedias.

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In his memoir, Tyler mentions just a few of the substance he’s an expert on, including, Xanax, Valium, Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine, LSD, Hashish, Opium, Tuinol, Lunesta, Librium, Amyl Nitrate, Clonidine, Suboxone, Seconal, Methadone, Cannabis, Clonidine, Dilaudid, Benzedrine, and the list goes on. I never even heard of half of these, so it’s safe to say I’m no drug expert- which I’m pretty okay with.

An Unexpected Athlete

When you think of Steven Tyler, a lot of things come to mind- mainly sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. He is a musician known for drinking, wearing eyeliner, and of course, singing from his soul. What you probably wouldn’t associate with Tyler is sports. He’s obviously talented when it comes to performing, but his physique isn’t exactly the athletic type.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith at the Donnington Festival
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Well, believe it or not, once upon a time, this rock star was an athlete. In his memoir, the singer wrote about how he was part of the junior trampoline Olympic team back in high school. He also revealed that he could execute 26 continuous backflips! Considering you need incredible focus to perform well in sports, I think this was before his drug days.

Are the Rumors True?

Steven Tyler falls into the rock star stereotype of sleeping with countless women. He had numerous affairs, plenty of girlfriends, and a couple of wives. When a man sleeps with so many women, people think they are covering something up, and gay rumors start to swirl. He clearly loves sex, but in his memoir, the singer confessed that when he was younger, he had an affair with another man.

LIV Tyler Steven Tyler Bebe Buell
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“Gay sex just doesn’t do it for me,” he admitted. “I tried one time when I was younger, but I just didn’t dig it.” At least Tyler isn’t afraid to experiment. If you had your doubts about Steven Tyler’s sexuality, I think this can help clarify.

Shares Something Special with Joe Perry

Speaking of his sexual history, Tyler also go extra close to Joe Perry. Since 1970, Steven Tyler and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry have toured the world together. In his memoir, Tyler revealed that the two rock stars had shared some intimate moments together, one being an STI.

The 48th Annual Grammy Awards, Los Angeles, America - 08 Feb 2006
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“I remember one night on the road when Joe and I were sharing a bed with two girls and woke up in the morning with a seafood blue plate special… Crabs for everybody.” Yikes! That is definitely a Steven Tyler fact I didn’t need to know. There are some things people should keep to themselves.

His Rehab Buddy

In December 2009, Steven Tyler checked himself at Betty Ford clinic after another drug relapse. That’s where he ran into Ivan Followill, who was checked in by his sons. Ivan Followill is the father of Caleb, Nathan, and Jared- members of the alternative rock band Kings of Leon.

Kings of Leon - Caleb Followill
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Tyler recalled, “His kids didn’t like the way their dad was behaving. He’d remarried, and they hated his new wife, he was getting drunk all the time, running trucks and busses off the road- he was the band’s tour manager-fucked up shit. So they sent him to rehab, and I spent the next four months in the best of company with the Kings of Leon’s dad.”

The Tyler and Ex-Zeppelin Band

Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin reached out to Steven Tyler about forming a new band back in 2008. This potential band would have consisted of Led Zep members, Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham’s son, Jason. When the four met up to rehearse, Tyler realized it wasn’t going anywhere.

Alice, Steven, Jeff, and Jimmy
Alice, Steven, Jeff, and Jimmy Page. Source: Pinterest

“…but soon realized it wasn’t going to work,” he explained in his memoir. “Now that I couldn’t singe the stuff, I could do Led Zep in my sleep, but I wasn’t Robert Plant, and Robert wasn’t anything like me. Fans want to hear ‘Percy’ [Plant’s nickname] wait on ‘Whole Lotta Love,’ ‘Communication breakdown,’ etc. It would never have been the same.”

Backstage Fun

A big part of Steven Tyler’s rock star image has been drug addiction. Some musicians do drugs privately in a hotel room, or at a VIP club, but that wasn’t the case for Tyler and Aerosmith. At the height of their popularity back in the 70s, the band didn’t even wait for their show to do drugs. Instead, they did coke backstage during intermissions.

Steven Tyler and Aimee Preston
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“Joe [Perry] had vials of coke with straws in them at the back of the stage, and when the lights would go out he’d go over there like he was checking something or making a guitar change and [a roadie] would put the straw in his nose; he’d take a hit, then the light would come on again.”

Not Everyone Loves Rock Stars

It’s not surprising that not everyone wants to deal with rock stars and their antics all the time- especially the ones who are working for them. Aerosmith’s road crew isn’t always thrilled to work with the band. Sometimes, they would get so fed up, and get back at their rock star employers in the strangest and grossest ways.

Chelsea Tyler, Liv Tyler, and Steven Tyler
Chelsea Tyler, Liv Tyler, and Steven Tyler. Photo By Michael Buckner/Variety/Shutterstock

Tyler admitted, “I found out years later (through a crew member confessional) that when the techs would get pissed off at the band, they’d wipe their a$$ with the bologna and put back on the deli tray.” That is disgusting! If they really hate working with the band so much, they should just quit.

Who Said Kleptomaniac?

Joe Perry also joined the tell-all game in 2014 with his memoir, “Rocks: My Life in and out of Aerosmith.” According to Perry, Tyler had a liking for Kleptomania back in the day. They once lost a gig because Tyler tried to steal a slide projector.

Joe Perry, Steven Tyler
Joe Perry, Steven Tyler. Photo By Broadimage/Shutterstock

Perry also revealed that Tyler was accused of stealing $2,000 from a suitcase by armed men. He wrote that they threatened the rock star. Thankfully, Gary Cabozzi (a friend close to the band) came in with a sword and threatened them right back. Cabozzi won, but twenty years later, he discovered it was, in fact, Steven Tyler, who took the money.

$6 Million on What?

As we know, Steven Tyler was a pretty big fan of drugs. Drugs aren’t cheap, and addicts spend endless amounts of money to get their fix. As a famous musician, Tyler always had money for drugs. In his memoir, he admitted that he spent an astonishing $6 million on his nasal tryst with “la dulce mardre cocainia.”

5th Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards, Los Angeles, USA
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During an interview with Australia’s 60 minutes, he was asked to confirm that mind-blowing number, and he said: “Realistically, five or six [million]. But it doesn’t matter. You also could say I snorted half of Peru, but it doesn’t matter.” Well, it’s his money. If he wants to waste it all on drugs, it’s his decision.

He Did so Many Drugs; He Forgot His Own Songs

After taking a few years off, the original members of Aerosmith got together for a reunion tour in 1984. Reportedly, the guys got so incredibly drunk and high during their rehearsal that they couldn’t even remember how to play their own songs!

Steven Tyler, Carmen Electra
Steven Tyler, Carmen Electra. Photo By MediaPunch/Shutterstock

The band was chilling at a famous Boston DJ’s apartment one night while he spun records for them. As a song was playing, Tyler said, “Hey! [This song is] great! We should cover it. Who is it?” Guitarist Joe Perry responded, saying it’s us f*%^head.” The song playing was “You See Me Crying from the album Toys in the Attic, and it Tyler completely forgot about it.

Only Got Turned Down by One Woman

Even the most famous rock stars get rejected every once in a while, and Steven Tyler is no exception. But when he was asked if any female celebrity turned down his advances, he said: “I’m a persistent motherf*%^er. I’m very sensual and very rhythm-oriented and into poetry. Women can feel that.”

Joan Jett
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But three years later, Tyler contradicted his statement in his memoir. As it turns out, it takes another rock god to turn him down. He revealed that he once showed up to Joan Jett’s hotel room one night naked. Referencing the Toys in the Attic cut, he said, “I’m not into big 10-inch honey,” and shut the door on him. Apparently, this was the only time he was rejected.

No You-Know-What for 10 Days

According to Aerosmith’s 2012 autobiography “Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith,” the band avoided sexual activity during the last ten days of the tour. Rabbit Henson, the band’s engineer, revealed the members of Aerosmith weren’t allowed to receive oral services at the end of their tour as a precaution. It was basically so that they wouldn’t spread diseases to their girlfriends at home. How… thoughtful?

Steven Tyler, Nicole Scherzinger
Steven Tyler, Nicole Scherzinger. Photo By MediaPunch/Shutterstock

During an interview back in 2009, Steven Tyler claimed that “You didn’t have sex for ten days at the end of the tour, but that was so you’d be sure to go home with a full cup of chowder, if you didn’t, you were definitely a suspect.”

Jerry Garcia Was Concerned

Like many drug addicts, people around Steven Tyler were worried about his life. In 1990, Rolling Stone published a piece on Aerosmith’s fall from grace and their successful comeback. Tyler said that he even managed to worry drug fanatic Jerry Garcia with the amount of illicit substances he and his bandmates consumed.

'Today Show' concert series, New York, USA
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“Jerry Garcia says that we were the druggiest bunch of guys the Grateful Dead ever saw,” Tyler revealed. “They were worried about us, so that gives you some idea of how f*%^ed up and crazy we were.” Yea. You know you have a problem if a drug enthusiast like Jerry Garcia is worried about you.

His ‘American Idol’ Gig

In 2010, it was confirmed that Steven Tyler would be a judge on season 10 of American Idol, replacing Simon Cowell. His motivation to sign on to the show was to show the Aerosmith members that he doesn’t need them. This was right after they threatened to kick Tyler out of the band.

American Idol Season 11 Top 13 Finalists Party, Los Angeles
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In an interview with Rolling Stone back in 2011, the then 63-year-old rocker bragged about his continuous drug use and referred to himself as “Hollywood’s f*$%en sweetheart.” The singer said: “Did I take this job to show the band? F*%^, yeah. Not to show them, but that I can’t be held hostage anymore. I will be on my own hostage. The band can’t throw me out.”

Helped Pass Privacy Legislation in Hawaii

Hawaii state legislature passed a new law in 2013 that was proposed under the name “Steven Tyler Act.” Reportedly, the law states that celebrities who live on the island have permission to sue the paparazzi and “collect general, special and punitive damages for taking unwanted photographs.”

Hawaii passes the Steven Tyler Act
Source: YouTube

The law is titled Hawaii Senate Bill 465. Steven Tyler was one of the most vocal celebrities who was advocating to get this law passed. I can understand that. Even famous people need time away from the cameras. Fellow celebs who also showed immense interest in the bill passing were Neil Diamond, Avril Lavigne, and Britney Spears, just to name a few.

Tyler Released his First Single as a Drummer

Steven Tyler made a global name from himself in the 1970s as a founding member of the band Aerosmith. However, he was in a band called Chain Reaction, making jukebox singles before he was an Aerosmith legend. Tyler was a backup singer and drummer for Chain Reaction in 1966 when they released the track “The Sun”/”When I Needed You.”

Aerosmith Group Portrait On Black
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It was a first small glimpse of success in the world of the music industry and made Tyler a local hero to New England teenagers. Tom Hamilton and Joe Perry-future Aerosmith members were also fans. That small taste of fame led him to become to musical legend he is now.

Going to a Secret Audition

After Led Zeppelin’s iconic reunion at London’s 02 Area in 2007, rumors spread that the classic rock band was planning to go on tour. Unfortunately, Robert Plant- Zeppelin’s frontman didn’t want to be part of it. This could have ruined Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones’s chances of taking their reunion on the road, but instead, they auditioned several notable musicians to replace the vocalist.

Led Zeppelin - Jimmy Page and Robert Plant
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Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry claimed that Steven Tyler secretly flew to England, where he auditioned to replace Robert Plant. Sadly, his audition didn’t reach the standards of the rest of the band. Perry reportedly said to his bandmates that Jimmy Page reviewed his audition as “Shambolic.”

Finders-Keepers, Losers-Weepers

Steven Tyler grew up in the tough streets and The Bronx and Yonkers, NY. He was raised with a “finders-keepers” rule that seemed to have been encouraged there more than other places around the country. When Aerosmith was still struggling to get gigs and put their name on the map, Tyler’s upbringing cost the band one of their better-paying steady gigs.

Aerosmith On T F I Friday Ch 5
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At the time when his band was struggling to make ends meet, Tyler stole a projector from a local club. We already touched on Tyler’s alleged Kleptomania tendencies, but the club helped struggling musicians get hot food every day and a weekly gig. Needless to say, the venue had no interest in working with them after that.

Another Drug Relapse

Tyler has relapsed and was said to have “voluntarily” checked into rehab, according to his Aerosmith bandmates. “As many of you know, our beloved brother Steven has worked on his sobriety for many years,” the band wrote. Tyler is now 74.

Steven Tyler attends Steven Tyler's 4th Annual GRAMMY Awards® Viewing Party
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“After foot surgery to prepare for the stage and the necessity of pain management during the process, he has recently relapsed and voluntarily entered a treatment program to concentrate on his health and recovery,” the announcement read. Aerosmith plans to cancel the first set of their Las Vegas dates in the summer of 2022.

I Don’t Want to Miss an Award

Throughout his career, Steven Tyler was nominated for several different awards, but he might be of the few classic rock artists nominated for three significant trophies in entertainment. He won numerous Grammys for his work in Aerosmith, and also nominated for performing on the 1998 hit single, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” from the film ‘Armageddon.’

Aerosmith - 41st Annual Grammy Awards at the Shrine Auditorium
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Steven Tyler and Joe Perry both won a Sports Emmy for their work on E:60’s Dream On: Stories of Boston’s Strongest, which included the duo performing their classic ballad alongside the California Children’s Chorus after the devastating Boston Marathon bombings one year earlier.

An Unusual Meeting

You probably thought Steven Tyler and Joe Perry bumped into each other at a music gig or something, but that wasn’t the case. One summer, Steven was in New Hampshire eating French fries at The Anchorage in Sunapee Harbor- it was a place where people can dock their boats and hang out at the restaurant.

Joe Perry and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith
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As the story goes, Steven ate the best French fries of his life and went into the kitchen to see who made it. As it turned out, the kid flipping burgers and making the food was Joe Perry. Tyler said, “The truth of the natter, I’m from New York, and I have had French fries from Nathan’s all the way back. And I just had these French fries, and I said, ‘who made these? I want to meet the guy.’ And there he was in the back wearing glasses – had tape in the middle.”

Drugs Cost Him Everything

It’s no secret that Steven Tyler was addicted to drugs and alcohol for decades. In 2013 during an interview with Dr. Oz, the rock star didn’t want to admit the number of times he went to rehab, but he did discuss how the addition cost him everything.

Steven Tyler signs a picture of himself with Michael Jackson
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“We live on the tail of a comet being in this band… I did it so much I couldn’t stop, and then I had to ask myself and face myself to see why I couldn’t stop. Is it just that I loved it, or did it steal me like a crook and have me by the short hairs? My sobriety cost me nothing less than everything. It’s serious when you lose your kids, your wife, your band, your job… and you’ll never understand why, because you’re an addict.”

Coke Helped the Band

Tyler has been battling with drugs and alcohol for most of his career. Despite his rehab stints and friends he lost due to the addiction, Tyler admitted that many of the band’s accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without the cocaine fueling them. Howard Stern interviewed the rock star in 2013, and Tyler said:

Steven Tyler, Mia Tyler
Steven Tyler, Mia Tyler. Photo By Broadimage/Shutterstock

“Drugs took me down. Yes, it got us through the ‘70s if it wasn’t for Peruvian marching powder, we wouldn’t have been able to do what we did. From the ‘70s to ’70, we played every state except Alaska and Hawaii.” It’s sad to see how reliant the band was on drugs- specifically cocaine.

Seven-year-old Steven and French Twins

Steven Tyler is clearly a very sexual person, but supposedly, his first type of encounter was with French twins when he was just seven years old. In 2009 he told Elle that he met the twins in a church choir. I guess church choirs aren’t what they used to be.

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith
Photo By Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/Shutterstock

“They took me home one day, and we had a you-show-me-yours-I’ll show you mine session. Isn’t that great? You know, I look at their pictures now and think to myself, ‘how much sweeter does it get?’ And isn’t it crazy that my ex-wife Teresa was a twin and my girlfriend now is a twin?” This explains so much. I guess it’s safe to say that Tyler has a thing for twins.

Hugs Not Drugs

The Aerosmith frontman’s sexcapades were just as notable as his drug abuse. However, Tyler told Rolling Stone that he regrets all the women he missed out on sleeping with because of his coke habit. I think he missed out on more important things because of his addiction, but what do I know?

Steven Tyler and Girlfriend Aimee Preston
Photo By Rick Diamond/Shutterstock

He revealed, “I’m still bummed that I didn’t get all the pussy I could have had in the ‘70s. We were more interested in the finder blends of cocaine from a shipment of dates that came in on the back of some camel with the stamp of a half-moon on it and the star of Lebanon, which by the way, is laced with opium. We were real connoisseurs. That was much more important to me than some girl…”

Too High to Perform

Steven Tyler’s narcotics use is well known and documented by various people. He got so high that one of his shows lasted just three songs. Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton revealed: “Well I remember one show where we got three songs in and Steven lost consciousness for one reason or another. Somebody was too f*%^ed up and couldn’t continue the show.”

Steven Tyler at LAX International Airport, Los Angeles
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Tyler said: “we just got high back then; it was a way of life. I might have done a bit more than others, but I have a problem with that. I’m powerless over the drugs that I love because I’m addicted to music, and music is the strongest drug of all.”

Creepy Moments

When Steven Tyler was cast as an American Idol judge, he was 63 years old and did not act his age. Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel had a bit called “Steven Tyler’s Creepy Leer of the Night,” because he was so amused the rock star’s creepy moments.

'American Idol Season Finale', Los Angeles, America
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One of his most uncomfortable moments was when 16-year-old Victoria Huggin’s auditioned. Referring to her skirt, Tyler said she had “just the right amount showing… that’s nice.” Randy Jackson was laughing awkwardly, and the teenager responded by saying, “Well, I gotta appeal to the boy audience, but I wanna be a lady.” It’s hard to say if she was just as creeped out as we were.