5 of the Most Iconic Movie Scores Ever Written

There are so many aspects that make up a genuinely great movie, and for any film to stand the test of time, it needs to excel in every domain. The writing, acting, directing, effects, and production all need to be top notch, and perhaps one of the most important factors of all is the music.

The best movie music enhances the action on screen and lives long in the memory, with iconic themes and songs from the world of cinema becoming as well-known as the stories and characters themselves. Here are five of the very best movie scores.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Some would say the greatest Star Wars film ever made, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back was a major success in every single way. It’s a terrific film and a lot of fun to watch, but also wonderful to listen to. John Williams, the man responsible for themes from films like Jaws and Superman, really took things up a notch with Empire.


Source: Moviestillsdb.com. Copyright by Twentieth Century Fox

He took the work he’d done from the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope, and enhanced it in all the right ways, with The Imperial March being one of the most recognizable pieces of music in all of cinematic history.