You Can Never Leave – The Success Story of The Eagles

The Eagles started as a band of four with Glenn Frey on the guitar, Don Henley playing drums, Bernie Leadon on guitar, and Randy Meisner on bass. The four-piece were established in Los Angeles in 1971 and would soon become one of the most influential bands of their generation.

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They were eventually inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. The rock stars dominated the charts and earned six Grammy Awards, five American Music Awards, five number-one singles, and six number-one albums. Here is their incredible story.

The Formation of Eagles

The band was formed when the founding members Glenn Frey and Don Henley developed a friendship while playing for musician Linda Ronstadt. Ronstadt helped convince the remaining members, Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon, her touring musicians, to join what would soon be the Eagles.

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The band was soon signed to Asylum Records in 1971 while going under the name “Teen King and the Emergencies“. They changed their name and debuted with their album on June 1, 1972, where it instantly became a success, earning the group three top 40 singles.

They Soon Turned to a Rockier Sound

Following up the success of their early releases, which includes their equally successful second album Desperado, Frey and Henley felt the need to switch up the band’s style and transitioned to playing with an edgier hard-rock sound.

Don Felder and Joe Walsh of The Eagles perform on stage.
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They decided to take in Don Felder, Bernie Leadon’s childhood friend, who they often jammed with backstage in 1972 to play for the album. On the Boarder brought the Eagles their first number 1, and they followed it up with their fourth studio album months later with One of These Nights.

Eagles Soon Became Superstars

Don Felder became a permanent member and One of These Nights also became the band’s breakthrough album. It gave them the title of international superstars after the album brought them another number one song, its title track.

Bernie Leadon, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, and Randy Meisner of The Eagles pose for a group portrait.
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One of These Nights was also the last album that the founding member Bernie Leadon featured after he felt disillusioned with the direction the band was taking their music. He officially left the band in December of 1975.

Then Hotel California Happened

In December of 1976, the band released its fifth studio album Hotel California featuring the newest addition to their lineup, Joe Walsh. He was no stranger to their sound as he was a band’s good friend for years.

Don Felder, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner pose together.
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Hotel California took about a year and a half to complete, earning the band more singles with “Hotel California” and “New Kid in Town,” respectively. After topping the charts in 1977, Hotel California also garnered the title of the band’s signature song.

It All Went Wrong for the Eagles

The downfall of the Eagles began just as soon as they rose to fame. The Long Run took the band two years to complete, allegedly due to the pressure to outsell Hotel California rendering the members unable to produce the quality of music they intended to.

The Eagles sit on chairs performing on the television show 'Don Kirschner's Rock Concert.'
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Though the album didn’t live up to the success of Hotel California, it still proved to be a hit on the charts. Come July 1980. However, the band allegedly went through what was dubbed the “Long Night at the Wrong Beach” in Long Beach, where the internal tension between the band finally boiled over.

A Long Hiatus Followed

After their breakup in 1980, the individual members each pursued solo careers. The first member to establish himself in the industry was Joe Walsh, who released a successful album in 1981. Like Walsh, Don Henley got well-received commercially after going solo with his album I Can’t Stand Still in 1982.

A portrait of Don Henley.
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His follow-up album earned him his first single to enter Billboard’s top 5 with “The Boys of Summer.” Despite the success, Henley’s career was cut short due to issues with his label. Glenn Frey also had a decent solo career as well as doing some acting work.

Hell Finally Freezes Over

In 1993, a decade and three years after their breakup, a tribute album titled Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles was released to honor the legendary band. The band’s original members were invited to be featured in his music video for his rendition of their song “Take It Easy.”

Glenn Frey, Don Henley, and Don Felder perform live onstage on Hell Freezes Over tour.
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After a year filled with speculations, the band came forward in 1994 with news of a reunion. The comeback tour was called “Hell Freezes Over,” with Henley’s previous statement after the breakup. He mentioned that the band would only get back together when hell freezes over.

Don Felder Left Then Sued the Band

The band decided to fire lead and rhythm guitarist Don Felder seven years following their reunion. He also responded by filing two lawsuits against “Eagles, Ltd.” Felder reportedly sought $50 million in damages.

Don Felder of The Eagles performs on stage.
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Henley and Frey thought Felder should no longer be part of the band creatively, chemistry, and performance-wise. They then proceeded to countersue the ex-band member for breach of contract for writing his tell-all book. The case got dismissed in 2007 after being settled outside of the court.

New Music Was Finally Released

In 2007 and the Eagles continued as Frey, Henley, Walsh, and Schmit. The band released their album Long Road Out of Eden in October of the same year. Henley also hinted in interviews about the Long Road Out of Eden being the last Eagles album that the band will make, which it currently is.

Frey, Henley, Walsh, and Schmit perform on stage.
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The band kicked off their world tour in support of the album on March 20, 2008, by playing their first show at the O2 Arena in London. The tour went on for a good two years to huge success, which showed their lasting popularity.

Founding Member Glenn Frey’s Sad Death

In 2013, the band went on tour again, with a rumored eighth album never coming to fruition. Bernie Leadon appeared on the tour as they wanted to go back to their roots. The band then took another break until the sad death of a founding member, Glenn Frey.

A portrait of Glenn Frey.
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He died at 67 in 2016 from rheumatoid arthritis, pneumonia, and acute ulcerative colitis. The band would perform “Take It Easy” in his honor at the following Grammy awards, which he co-wrote and sang on.

Still Selling Out Shows Today

Despite Henley being unsure of the band’s future, they continued to play live with Glenn Frey, replaced by his son, Deacon. Not only that, but Don Henley’s son Will also joined the band to help on guitar for a few shows.

Timothy B. Schmitt, Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Don Felder, and Joe Walsh perform on stage.
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The band continues to be active, with many more shows lined up. It has been a long and rocky road for them, but they continue to be hugely popular. They’ve not released any new music since 2007, but with their incredible back-catalog, they don’t need to.

Incredible Band Stories from the Eagles

With a band as legendary as the Eagles, there will always be some insane stories. One great early one was how their first album cover came about. On a photoshoot at Joshua Tree National Park, they saw an eagle in the sky.

The album artwork of the Eagle's first album.
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They took it as a sign, and the rest of the band demanded that Glenn Fry had a look. Fry was relieving himself at the time and was also high. He tripped over his pants and fell some rocks as he tried to see the eagle. The band took the idea of the eagle over the desert and used it for cover.

Aftershow Parties Were Dubbed the “Third Encore”

With their increased popularity, the band also increasingly led the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. They decided to organize a party after each gig in a hotel suite. They even dubbed it the “third encore” with a long list of invitees.

Glenn Frey with Elton John at a party.
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They worked out those guests in a curious way as every band member was given buttons that they could hand out to anyone they wanted to come. The only rule they had that “no weirdos,” but you can imagine the amount of partying they were doing.

They Partied Harder Than Black Sabbath

The Eagles and Black Sabbath shared the same studio, and you’d probably assume that the Californian country-rockers would be pretty tame compared to the legendary Black Sabbath. In reality, the opposite was true.

Pete Townshend, with Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh, at a party.
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It seems like the Eagles partied hard wherever they were. This is proven by an anecdote from Back Sabbath’s bassist, Geezer Butler. Before starting, he mentioned that his band had to scrape cocaine out of the mixing board, left behind by the Eagles.

They Were Nearly Jailed in Paradise

The year was 1974, and the band wanted to take a break from touring and decided to fly off to the Bahamas. In a reasonably stupid move, the band tried to take plenty of drugs, mainly marijuana and Valium.

Bernie Leadon, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, and Randy Meisner pose in old west costumes.
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The customs officers quickly found the drugs, and the band faced jail time. That was until their manager Irving Azoff saved the say. No one knows for sure what he said to the officers, but the man himself said he just guilt-tripped them into letting them go, drugs intact.

Bernie Leadon Quit in a Dramatic Way

Leadon was brought into the Eagles as a country guitarist and part-time banjo picker. As the band moved from a country style to more straight rock, he didn’t like the direction they were going in and was also tired of the constant touring.

A portrait of Bernie Leadon.
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After they played at the Orange Bowl, Glenn Frey discussed these ideas with the band. Leadon disagreed, and it started to get heated. Frey told him to chill out, but instead, he poured his whole beer over his head. He eventually apologized . . . 40 years later.

Joe Walsh Received an Unusual Birthday Present

Joe Walsh was well known for smashing up any place the Eagles happened to stay. As a joke, manager Irving Azoff decided to get him a chainsaw for his birthday. Walsh didn’t see it as a joke or a helpful tool.

Joe Walsh is leaning on a metal fence.
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Shortly after, the band booked a Holiday Inn. Walsh and Azoff were meant to have connecting rooms, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the case. Instead, Walsh powered up his chainsaw and decided to make his door, so the two could have a connecting room.

Walsh Also Partied With the Infamous Jim Belushi

We’ve already seen the crazy antics of Joe Walsh, but he also hung out often with another crazy guy, Jim Belushi. Walsh admitted that Belushi could be more extreme than him and that sometimes hanging out with him was “terrifying.”

Glenn Frey with John Belushi at a party
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A great story between the two was when they were turned away from a restaurant because they were wearing blue jeans. Belushi came up with the genius idea of spray painting them. They managed to get in but would leave plenty of black paint on the restaurant chairs.

Hotel Damage Led To a Huge Bill

As you can imagine, the Eagles were commonly handed sizeable hotel bills. The biggest of those came on the same night that Belushi and Walsh decided to spray paint their jeans black. They both ended up going back to the Gold Coast Hotel.

The aftermath of a night of room-trashing in Chicago.
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They took great enjoyment from trashing their hotel room and did so with a ferocity rarely seen before. The result was a bill for $28,000 of damages. You can only picture the number of repairs required for the room to be left in such a state.

The Police Had To Break Up a Fight

No doubt, touring can take emotional stress on a band. Add the partying into that, and emotions can run high. This was seen with Randy Meisner, who had become tired and anxious about singing “Take It to the Limit.”

Glenn Frey and Randy Meisner perform onstage.
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Meisner refused to sing it just before the band was to go back on stage for their encore. Frey was incensed at this, and the two were about to blow. The police rushed in to stop the fight, but Henley diffused the situation.

Henley Used Cocaine as a Writing Tool

We’ve already seen that the Eagles weren’t shy of taking cocaine. For some of the band, it went even further than that. Henley admitted that he used cocaine as a writing tool for greater creativity, especially in trying to recreate the success of Hotel California.

Don Henley poses for a portrait.
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It helped inspire some of their recording sessions, but the drugs took their toll in the end. While it had its upsides, he later admitted that the drug brought out the worst in everyone.

“Life In The Fast Lane” Has an Interesting Story

Joe Walsh always hung out with an interesting crowd, and at one time, he found himself in the front seat of a Corvette with a drug dealer. They were heading to a poker game, the type of escapade you’d expect from Walsh.

The Eagles perform live on stage.
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In this situation, however, the drug dealer was going a little too fast for his liking. Walsh wanted him to slow down, but the man just turned to him and said, “life in the fast lane!” Walsh thought that sounded like a great song title!

Henley Was Arrested After a Guest Overdosed

There are times when their partying and drug habits were undoubtedly getting out of hand. Never was this more apparent than when, during a party, a 16-year-old prostitute had an overdose at Henley’s house, and the cops were called.

Don Henley with Joe Walsh and John Entwistle, at a party.
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The police found plenty of methaqualone, marihuana, and cocaine there and confiscated them. Henley blamed the drug dealing roadies who supplied the drugs, but he was deemed responsible and received a fine and a two-year probation.

Frey and Felder Had an Argument Onstage

It was long established that the relationship between Frey and Felder could be fraught at times. Never was this more evident than in 1980 when the two of them fought onstage when they were meant to be playing a fundraiser.

Glenn Frey and Don Felder are performing on stage.
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Felder disagreed with wanting to play fundraisers as he didn’t want to work for free. An argument happened backstage with Frey throwing a bottle at Felder, which missed. The war of words continued onstage before Felder escaped in a limo, gone forever.

Walsh Developed an Unusual Way of Taking Drugs

During the Eagles’ break-up, Joe Walsh started dating a young stripper named Kristen Casey. Their ‘love at first sight’ moment was when Casey saw Walsh moonwalking while snorting cocaine from a plate.

Joe Walsh is grasping a ukulele while wearing a flowery female hat.
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The incredible amount of drug-taking from them led to Casey damaging her nose. Instead of realizing that they were taking too much cocaine, the pair resorted to an alternative method of taking cocaine by blowing it up each other’s anus.

The Eagles Band Members – Don Henley

Don Henley is the most famous member of the Eagles and one of its founding members. While the band often shared vocal duties, he was the one who sang lead vocals on many of their greatest hits, with by far the most famous one being Hotel California.

Don Henley of the Eagles performs at MGM Grand Garden Arena.
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After the band broke up in 1980, he went on to have a successful solo career with an impressive album called I Can’t Stand Still. He had the best career of any band member while also being active in political and environmental causes.

Henley Eventually Found True Love

Many of the Eagles’ songs were inspired by jewelry designer Loree Rodkin, whom Henley had a relationship with in the ’70s. After that ended, he met Stevie Nicks, and the two talented musicians were together for two years.

Don Henley and Sharon Summerall are attending a benefit.
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Following that, Henley had a six-year relationship with Maren Jensen, but sadly it wasn’t to last. Eventually, Henley found true love in 1995 with former model Sharon Summerall. The two are still happily married to this day with three kids.

Joe Walsh – A True Rock ‘n’ Roller

Joe Walsh wasn’t a founding member of the band but has been with them continuously (aside from the hiatus) since 1975. He was a guitarist and songwriter for the Eagles but had plenty of experience before becoming a member.

Joe Walsh is playing a twelve-string guitar.
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In 1965, he became a member of a university band called “The Measles.” He had dropout for one term from university because he was more interested in music than studying. He’d go on to play in two other bands called James Gang and also Barnstorm.

Creativity, Love and Tragedy Followed

He joined the band after Bernie Leadon departed and had plenty of roles in the band with vocals, guitar, and keyboards. The “Clown Prince of Rock” worked with many different bands after the Eagles broke up and were never off stage for long.

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He’s been married an incredible five times while also having a relationship with Stevie Nicks but has been happily coupled with Marjorie Bach since 2008. Tragedy struck Joe’s life in 1974 when his three-year-old daughter died in a car accident which inspired him to write “Song for Emma.”

Timothy B. Schmit – the Eagles Bassist

As with Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit wasn’t a founding member but has been with the band for a very long time. One of the more understated members, he lends his vocals for some tracks but is primarily the group’s bassist.

Portrait of Timothy B Schmidt as he poses in a photo studio.
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He began playing music at the age of 15 in 1968 for a group called Tim, Tom & Ron. In 1968, Schmit originally had a rejected audition to join Poco before joining the band when Randy Meisner quit, playing with them from 1969 to 1977.

History Funnily Repeated Itself

History would repeat itself in 1977. Meisner quit the Eagles, and once again, it would be Schmit who’d be his replacement. He’d become a vital band member and most notably co-wrote and sung on the track “The Long Run.”

Timothy B. Schmit of the Eagles performs at MGM Grand Garden Arena.
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After the Eagles broke in 1980, he joined many other bands, including Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band and Toto. In 2012, Schmit was successfully treated for throat and neck cancer. He’s been married twice and has three children, with his oldest, Jeddrah, becoming a recording artist.

Glenn and Deacon Frey – Father and Son

There was no better person to follow in Glenn Frey’s footsteps than his son, Deacon. He was the middle child of Glenn’s three children, with an older sister named Taylor and a younger brother named Otis. Deacon started playing the guitar when he was only seven years old.

Deacon Frey of the Eagles performs on stage.
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The young artist has been beautifully playing guitar ever since. He’s perfectly filled in for his father and even sings his signature song, “Take it Easy.” It showcases his brilliant vocal talents, along with being a brilliant guitarist.

Glenn Frey Was a Legend

Glenn Frey was another of the founding members, along with Henley, Randy Meisner, and Bernie Leadon. While growing up, he started studying piano at the age of 5 but later switched to guitar. During high school, he joined a band, Subterraneans, before eventually forming the Eagles.

Glenn Frey of the Eagles at Wembley Stadium.
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Frey achieved solo success and co-wrote the worldwide hit “The Heat Is On” while acting in high-profile films such as Jerry Maguire. He was married twice but had all of his children with Cindy Millican. The two shared a loving relationship until his sad death.

Vince Gill – A Later Addition

Vince Gill is the fifth and final member of the current line-up. He enjoyed a great career as an award-winning country musician before joining the band. He is well-known for such hits as “What the Cowgirls Do” and “Whenever You Come Around.”

Vince Gill performs on stage.
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His father, J. Stanley Gill was a lawyer and encouraged his son to play banjo and guitar early. His first entrance into music was playing bluegrass in the band Mountain Smoke. They had a solid local following without much notoriety.

A Brilliant Solo Career

Gill has played with many bands in his time, but most of his work was as a solo artist, releasing 20 albums in total. As with other band members, he’s also had plenty of acting work in such films as Maverick (1994) and Indecent Proposal (1993).

Timothy B. Schmit, Vince Gill, Don Henley, Decon Frey, and Joe Walsh perform on stage.
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Gill married actress Janis Oliver, and they had a child together but eventually divorced. Since 2010 he’s married to Amy Grant. He joined the Eagles in 2017 after the death of Glenn Frey, helping out on co-lead guitar and rhythm guitar ,and vocal. He also still tours his solo work.

The Eagles’ Past Members

There have been nine permanent band members, along with the current five, Glenn Frey, Bernie Leadon, Don Felder, and Randy Meisner. Added to the permanent members has also been a long list of touring musicians.

Joe Walsh, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Randy Meidner, Don Felder pose together.
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Bernie Leadon left the band very early, back in 1975. Disgruntlement with the band’s direction and being tired of touring took their toll. He currently works as a session musician and a producer. He also joined the Eagles on stage in 2016 in their tribute to Glenn Frey.

Don Felder and Randy Meisner

Don Felder was with the Eagles for a long time, from 1974 until 2001, but relationships were often strained. This led to the break-up of the band and the lawsuit that followed. He remains active and released his third solo album in 2019.

Glenn Frey and Don Felder perform on stage.
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Randy Meisner is another who left the band quite early, back in 1977. He released some solo albums and was invited back by the band to perform in 2013 but declined due to health issues. He’s recently struggled with mental health issues and tragically lost his wife in 2016.

An Incredible Music Legacy

There’s no doubting the band’s impact on the world of music. They dominated the ’70s rock scene with incredible record sales and a long list of awards. This led to their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018.

Randy Meisner, Bernie Leadon, Glenn Frey, and Don Henley pose for a group portrait.
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Their sound was unique with hard rock guitars but still used country-style harmonies. It gave a distinct mix of styles. Undoubtedly, they would have inspired a wide range of musical artists who can only hope to replicate their success.

The Future of the Eagles

As it stands, the band appears content with touring their wide range of brilliant songs. There has long been talking of an eighth album since they released Long Road Out of Eden in 2007, but it doesn’t appear they are close to releasing new music.

The Eagles pose for a group portrait.
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Instead, the band has focused on publishing live work and reissues of their old classics. Whether we hear music or not, fans will still love singing the old songs from one of the best rock bands that music has ever seen.