The Suspects in Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain – Who’s the Lucky Guy?

Suspect #1: Mick Jagger

Back in the ’70s, Mick Jagger contributed his (uncredited) vocals to the background of You’re So Vain. It only made sense that the song would be about him, and fans immediately started speculating that it was. But in 1983, Simon confirmed that the song was NOT about the Rolling Stone.


Photo By David Thorpe/Shutterstock, Randy Bauer/Shutterstock

Ten years later, in 1993, a certain Angie Bowie re-sparked the rumors when she claimed to be the “wife of a close friend” mentioned in the song. She said that for a long time, Jagger was “obsessed” with her. Simon ended up marrying James Taylor, but apparently, Jagger’s wife Bianca tried to break them up. She allegedly called Taylor the night before the wedding, telling him not to marry Simon because she is having an affair.