When Actors Want to Conquer the Music Industry As Well

A Singer and a Multi-Instrumentalist – Ryan Gosling

Starting his career as a child star in the 90’s, Ryan Gosling rose to stardom over a span of two decades, with many hits under his belt such as La La Land and the Big Short. Other than his acting career, Ryan Gosling is part of the rock band named Dead Man’s Bones.


Source: weheartit

The band includes one of his best friends, Zach Shields, and since its inception in 2007, the band has released one musical album. The two of them met back in 2005, and released their first solo called ‘Put Me in the Car’. In the band, Ryan acts as a multi-instrumentalist, with having the expertise of playing numerous instruments like a guitar, piano, and bass. Not to mention, he is also the lead singer for the band.