What are the Top Five Music Stories that Were Kept from the Public?

We often only hear good things coming out of the music industry. Well, at least form the publicist, for more juicer stories we sometimes need to dig a bit deeper behind the shell of both the public relations and the paparazzi to find stories about our favorite musicians that may not exist in the mainstream. We gathered our top five stories from the past and present that you may not have read or even heard of yet.

Rocking Astrophysicist


Source: Twitter

If by now, you have not seen Bohemian Rhapsody, then you must be reading this story from another planet. ‘It’s a movie about the legendary rock band Queen, and their frontman Freddie Mercury. The band’s lead guitarist Brian May is pictured here, but why is he wearing an Academic dress here. Well, ‘that’s because he is also an astrophysicist. Please welcome to the stage Dr. Brian May!