Top 5 Facts About Music That Hide Behind the Curtain

In most articles about music, you may read about the musicians and their life before stardom, or about the instruments they were using in their heyday. You may learn about their personal life, or who they like to party with on the weekends, but we rarely get a glimpse at a lot of the other more miscellaneous facts about the music industry. We have gathered our top five music facts that you for sure have not thought of, but would be happy to know. Number one may surprise you!

“Do the Bartman”

The early 90s is known as the heyday of the Simpsons popularity, and as the show began to gain steam in pop-culture, its creators decided it was time to churn out some hits as well. One of the famous Simpsons tunes is “Do the Bartman.”



It was rumored for years that the song was ghostwritten by bigtime Simpsons fan Michael Jackson, and although it was denied for many years, eventually the show’s creator, Matt Groening finally spilled the beans that it was indeed the writing of M.J. himself.