Time to Say Goodbye – Shocking but True Band Break-Up Stories

There’s nothing worse for a music fan than the announcement that one of their favorite bands of all time is breaking up. Even though we don’t actually know the bands we love on a personal level, they almost start to feel like our friends as we can connect to them through their music. Their lyrics, melodies, and performances resonate with us in ways we can’t explain, and hearing that all of that is about to come to an end can be quite devastating for any music fan. Here are five of the most famous band, break-up stories.

Guns N’ Roses – An Inevitable Collapse

With their hard rock lifestyles and eclectic personalities, it was clear to see that Guns N’ Roses, or GNR as they are commonly referred to, were destined to encounter some big bumps along the road and struggle to keep it together in the long run.


Source: Imgur

The band partied hard, with drugs and drink a regular part of their lives, and lead singer Axl Rose, who had suffered abuse as a child and had a tough upbringing, swiftly established himself as one of rock’s biggest bad boys. Tension built up between Rose and the others, especially lead guitarist, Slash, and the band broke apart in 1996.