The Top 5 Feuds in Music That People Don’t Stop Talking About

Hollywood’s celebrities have gotten into public spats throughout the years, but it seems like the industry that experiences the most feuds is the music industry. Sure, sometimes a feud is over after some “diss tracks” are released. But there are also feuds end in real violence. And some feuds never end at all.

Here are the top 5 feuds in music history that people just love to talk about.

5. Chris Brown vs. Drake

Chris Brown and Drake have a long-running feud, despite their latest single they released together. The fight was supposedly over Rihanna and came to a head in 2012 when Drake and Brown were at the same club. Drake sent Brown a bottle of Ace of Spades as a peace offering. But Brown wasn’t feeling it and sent the bottle back with a note that read, “I’m still f*%&ing Rihanna.”


Source: GRM Daily

Both artists and their entourages clashed big time. Bottles were flying, and people were injured. Brown even suffered a cut on his chin. Drake, on the other hand, remained uninjured. Later in 2017, they were back at it again when Drake called Brown out at a concert, which ignited a threat from Brown.