The Side of Michael Bublé We Don’t See

The famous Canadian-born singer Michael Bublé launched his career in 2005 with his major hit album, It’s Time. Since then, Michael has released other popular albums, including Call Me Irresponsible in 2007, Crazy Love in 2009, Christmas in 2011, and many others.

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Michael Bublé has had his fair share of ups and downs in life that could have made him give up on his musical career. Michael has seen it all, from his engagement to actress Debbie Timuss to his oldest son’s battle with cancer.

Michael Bublé’s Early Rise to Stardom

As a child, Michael had a very close relationship with his grandfather, who introduced him to jazz or crooner music from the 1930s and 1940s. However, it wasn’t until his teenage years that he started taking singing and performing more seriously.

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With the help of his grandfather, Bublé got access to some stage time, and in 2000, he finally got his big break. He performed Kurt Weill’s “Mack the Knife” at the wedding ceremony of Caroline, the daughter of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. His performance was the beginning of his rise to stardom.

The Young Crooner Gets Signed to a Record Label

Michael’s performance at the wedding was so impressive that it landed him an introduction to Grammy Award–winning producer and composer David Foster. In 2001, Foster signed Michael to his 143 Records label. That year, Michael released his first debut album, BaBalu.

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Two years after releasing his debut album, Bublé released an album called just Michael Bublé. His self-titled album was a hit, and he received Canada’s Juno Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Album of the Year.

The Release of More Award-Winning Albums

The self-named album also made it to the top 10 in Canada, the United Kingdom, and South Africa and was No. 1 in Australia. These were terrific accomplishments for someone who had just stepped into the musical scene, and Michael just kept going.

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On February 8, 2005, Bublé released his second studio album, It’s Time, produced by 143 Records. The album topped the musical charts in Canada, Italy, and Japan, and was No. 2 on the Billboard Top Jazz chart in Australia.

The Era of Growth Continues for Michael Bublé

It’s Time also made it to 7th place on the famous Billboard 200 list. Then Bublé released his third studio album, Call Me Irresponsible in 2007, Crazy Love in 2009, and To Be Loved and Nobody but Me between 2013 and 2016.

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The singer released his eighth studio album, Love, in 2018. “When I Fall in Love,” the first song on the album, instantly became a hit. To honor the Love album, Bublé embarked on a tour in 2019.

The Silver-Tongued Crooner’s Romance Journey

Michael Bublé’s love story began with famous actress Debbie Timuss. She was a co-star on the set of musicals Red Rock Diner in 1996 and Forever Swing in late 1998. Bublé dedicated his self-titled album and It’s Time to the actress, and he didn’t stop there.

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While Michael was in Italy, he co-wrote the hit single “Home” for Debbie Timuss and featured her in the song’s music video. After almost a decade together, they ended their engagement in November 2005, just before exchanging vows.

Bublé’s Duet with Ex-Fiancée Emily Blunt

Although Bublé’s engagement to Debbie Timuss ended, it wasn’t all bad because the breakup inspired Michael to write a beautiful yet heart-wrenching song, “Lost.” The same year after his engagement ended, Michael made a guest appearance at Australian television’s Logie Awards.

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There he met English actress Emily Blunt, and it didn’t take long for the two to start dating. Emily and Michael dated for about three years before their relationship came to an end in July 2008. Emily sang backup vocals for Bublé’s cover song “Me and Mrs. Jones.”

The Relationship Ends on a Bad Note

Emily Blunt was the inspiration behind Michael’s hit song “Everything,” but the relationship came to an end after the two made the decision to part ways. Another love story had come to an abrupt end, and Michael was tossed into the world of singlehood once again.

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News of Bublé and Emily’s breakup was devastating news for their devoted fans. There was talk that infidelity was the reason for the split-up, but Michael denied it. He did admit to being “a jerk.”

Michael’s Breakup with Emily in 2008

According to Bublé, the breakup with Emily was both the best and worst thing that happened in his life. The singer revealed in an interview that he was devastated after his relationship with Emily ended. Bublé admitted that he had some behaviors that needed some fixing.

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Michael said in an interview that they had been “young and naïve and making silly mistakes” and that he had messed up.

Michael Bublé Marries Argentine Actress Luisana Lopilato

Michael’s relationship with Emily ended in July 2008, and then he met Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato in her home city of Buenos Aires. The stars instantly hit it off, and the Canadian crooner made it clear that he knew Luisana was his soul mate.

Michael Buble and Luisana Lopilato on their wedding day.
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The moment Michael saw the actress, it was love at first sight. In November 2009, Michael and Luisana were engaged, and in March 2011, they tied the knot in Buenos Aires. Michael’s hit single “Haven’t Met You Yet” was co-written by him for Luisana while they were dating.

The Couple Is Deeply in Love

Michael and Luisana indeed found love. She appeared in his music video Haven’t Met You Yet, and at that point, it was clear there was no hiding their love. The beautiful couple now have three children—two handsome boys and a beautiful girl.

Michael, Luisana and their kids celebrate as a family.
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Despite Michael and Luisana’s cultural differences and language barrier, the celebrity couple found common ground, and love united them. Bublé and Lopilato’s love continues to blossom, and on February 22, 2022, they announced that they are expecting a fourth child.

Noah Bublé and His Battle with Cancer at Age Three

Michael Bublé’s first son, Noah, was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma (a type of liver cancer) in 2016 at the tender age of three. When the singer received the devastating news, he was overwhelmed with sadness. Bublé canceled his planned tour to spend time with his son.

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Michael was there when Noah was going through radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In a joint interview with The Mirror, the now-46-year-old Canadian jazz singer revealed that his life almost went into turmoil after receiving the news of his son’s diagnosis.

The Beginning of the Mental Struggle

Michael was bold enough to say that he felt very unstable and vulnerable throughout that period in his life. No parent wants to see their child go through a lot of pain, and Bublé and his wife did their best to cope during that time.

Michael has his son Noah on his shoulders.
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Thankfully, all the love, care, medical treatment, and prayers paid off because Noah started getting better. The story ends on a good note because 8-year-old Noah is in remission and has been declared cancer-free. Both parents can finally focus on raising their children without fear.

The Mental Struggle Continues after Noah’s Recovery

In the same interview with The Mirror, Michael and Luisana talked about how they struggled with fear and uncertainty after their son’s diagnosis and even after he has gone into remission. Michael stated that dealing with his son’s illness was challenging for him.

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When he made his last recording in 2018, his son had just gone into in remission. But Bublé wasn’t ready to go back into the music scene. In his words, “I didn’t know that at the time, but mentally, I was so unstable and vulnerable.”

The Couple Put Their Careers on Hold

Luisana and Michael had to put their careers on hold to devote their time and attention to ensuring their son made a full recovery. It was a significant sacrifice for the couple, but they knew that family always comes first.

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Bublé and his wife publicly declared their son’s predicament on Facebook and asked loved ones and fans worldwide to pray for Noah’s recovery and to also respect their privacy. Despite all this jazz singer’s hurdles, he is thankful that he is past that sad phase of his life.

A Heavy Burden Is Finally Lifted

Despite how difficult this was for Michael, he created an album with some producers he liked and tried his best to protect himself and hold on to his career. He needed to be there for his son even though he also loved his music career. He had to make some tough decisions.

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Noah was declared cancer-free in 2018. Confirming his son’s complete recovery removed a massive weight from Michael’s shoulders, and life could go back to normal. In his words, “My son was healthy, my kids and my wife were good, life is good.”

The Official Release of the Breathtaking 11th Studio Album Higher

On January 29, 2022, Michael Bublé publicly announced that his 11th studio album would be released on March 25, 2022. Higher is his first official studio album since he released Love in 2018. Fans around the world are already in love with the album and all the songs.

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According to the naturally chatty 46-year-old artist, Higher is a project he has been working toward his whole life, and he thinks it could be the best album he has ever released. Higher features a combination of classic tunes and original songs.

Higher Introduces Beautiful Singles and Includes Some Old Classics

The album Higher includes Michael’s captivating new single “I’ll Never Not Love You.” His beautiful wife, Luisana, is featured in the music video. Michael also teamed up with show-stopping country legend Willie Nelson to produce Willie’s classic song “Crazy.” Paul McCartney also stepped onto the scene.

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Paul worked with Bublé to create a new version of his poetic masterpiece, “My Valentine.” Some other beautiful songs on the album are Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love,” “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” by the famous Barry White, and “Bring It on Home to Me” by the fantastic Sam Cooke.

Michael Bublé’s 11th Studio Album May Be the Best Yet

Michael said before Higher’s release that he was really opening himself up to trying new things and dug deeper to release all his creative juices. Compared to the type of songs he had done in the past, this was a unique experience.

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In an interview with Kate Garraway, the excited musician did not hide the fact that he had worked with the best music composers on the planet who had huge imaginations and had made the album stand out. Bublé indeed went all out to get all the help he needed.

Michael and Luisana Are Expecting Baby No. 4

In an interview with People, Bublé talked about how he and his wife are looking forward to meeting their fourth baby. Michael and his wife are making sure they enjoy every moment of the pregnancy because it may be their last.

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“We’re really trying to be present with the pregnancy because, most likely, it’s the last time,” Michael said. News about the pregnancy became public when Bublé gave us a glimpse of his wife’s baby bump at the end of his music video I’ll Never Not Love You.

I’ll Never Not Love You Music Video and Pregnancy Reveal

In the beautiful music video, Michael and Luisana recreated some famous romantic scenes from movies such as Titanic, The Notebook, and Love Actually. In the last part of the music video, Michael Bublé comes back to reality, and his wife shows up, revealing her baby bump.

Luisana and her kids appea in a still from the music video.
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Immediately after Luisana reveals her baby bump, we also see their three children—Noah (8), Elias (6), and Vida (3)—at the end of the music video. Michael and Luisana’s decision to reveal the pregnancy in a music video was quite creative.

Michael Was the One Pushing to Have another Child

The iconic singer revealed in an interview that he was the one who presented and fueled the idea of having a fourth child. Michael Bublé doesn’t care if he has a baby boy or girl because he loves watching his boys wrestle and his daughter play.

Michael and Luisana are on a ski trip.
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The superstar dad loves spending time with his young ones and is extremely excited about a new addition to the pack. Initially, Luisana did not want to have another child, but later she changed her mind after Michael did all he could to convince her.

The Crooner Loves Taking Care of His Pregnant Wife

According to the smooth singer, love is expensive, but it’s worth it as long as both parties are on the same page. In their first-ever joint interview with Hello! Canada, the couple agreed that some things were meant to happen because they had succeeded in their first attempt to have a baby.

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Michael Bublé told People that he constantly reminds his wife that she can fully depend on him throughout her pregnancy. The singer stated that he doesn’t mind when his wife asks him to run errands because he enjoys taking care of her. “She just kind of points her finger and says, ‘Go do this, go do that.’ I love that. I love taking care of her.”

Noah, Elias, and Vida Are Excited to Have a New Sibling

Michael and Luisana aren’t the only ones excited about the new baby. Noah, Elias, and Vida are just as excited and have even started suggesting names for their new sibling. The names are pretty interesting since kids are involved.

Michael Buble and his family on Christmas.
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The boys both said that they would name the baby after themselves if he’s a boy. Vida decided that Snowy (aka Snow White) would be an appropriate name if they have a girl. At this point, Michael and his wife affirm that they need help with name suggestions because the kids aren’t doing such an excellent job in that area.

Michael Was in Open Relationships in the Past

Michael is deeply in love with his Argentinian wife, Luisana, but according to him, she didn’t make it easy for him before they started dating. According to Michael, he had been in open relationships in the past, and though he enjoyed them, they never worked.

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He admitted that someone always gets hurt in those relationships, and he has also hurt people in the past. Thankfully, his wife played her cards right from the beginning and says that right now, he’s “like a stupid dog chasing after her car.”

Lupilato Thought Bublé Was Gay before They Started Dating

The Argentinian model and actress revealed that when she met Michael Bublé, she thought the singing heartthrob wasn’t into women. Lopilato recalled that she was interested in going to his show because she enjoyed his songs, although she didn’t know how Michael looked.

Michael Bubble' and wife Luisana wave at reporters.
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Luisana attended the show with her sister and a good-looking actor friend, and when she was asked if she was interested in taking a picture with the crooner, she refused. Nevertheless, the actress believed that Michael Bublé might be gay when he kept complimenting her well-built, good-looking actor friend.

Michael Bublé Is Currently Promoting His Women’s Perfume Brand

As the celebrity couple awaits the arrival of their fourth child, Michael is busy performing in Las Vegas where he resides and promoting his female fragrance called By Invitation. As a young boy, fragrance was very important to his family, and every Christmas, he purchased White Musk for his grandmother.

Michael Buble is testing out different scents.
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Michael created the fragrance in 2016 and says his wife played a huge role in the process. According to the singer, he asks for his wife’s opinion on many things because she is a classy woman with good taste. By Invitation is currently available to purchase at many major stores.

By Invitation Was Created for Men and Women

Though the fragrance By Invitation is primarily popular among women, Michael Bublé created the fragrance to appeal to everyone. The star wears the perfume himself and loves that the scent isn’t overpowering. By Invitation is quite subtle yet attractive with its combination of patchouli and vanilla.

An ad for By Invitation with Michael Buble.
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By Invitation is a special fragrance that people from all walks of life love instantly. The perfume has a simple yet classy packaging with characteristics such as sweet, woody, fruity, citrusy, musky, fresh, vanilla, floral, and powdery.

Fellow Singers Encouraged Michael to Release Higher

In the earlier stages of working on his latest album Higher, the jazz singer admitted that he stepped out of his comfort zone. He said he stretched himself to ensure that he created something different from what he was used to, and thankfully, fellow singers were there to support him.

Michael Buble presents 'Higher' new album.
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A few conversations he had with other artists helped him make some critical decisions for the album. One of those conversations was with Ed Sheeran, who was honest enough to tell him that if the album wasn’t good, his manager would “kill it.”

More Words of Advice from Alan Chang

As scary as Ed Sheeran’s advice sounded to Michael, he thought it was good advice and saw why he needed help to make the album unforgettable. Alan Chang, Michael’s co-writer and musical director, also encouraged the singer to try something new and different.

Michael Buble and Alan Chang perform on stage.
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The music director convinced Michael to go all out so his music would appeal to his diverse audience. These words of advice were all Michael needed to reach out to his beloved producers, and with all the support he got, he was able to create the best album of his life.

Michael Bublé Is Famous for his TV Appearances and Albums

The traditional showbiz artist is famous for singing some holiday tunes on his televised Christmas specials. Michael Bublé has also made many appearances on TV shows, including The X Factor, 30 Rock, The View, Sesame Street, and just about any talk show you can imagine.

Michael Buble poses with Cookie Monster.
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Along with his Christmas specials and appearances on TV shows, Michael is also famous for his ability to recreate other artists’ songs. He has performed songs such as “Feeling Good,” originally sung by Nina Simone, “Cry Me a River” by Julie London, “A Song for You” by Leon Russell, and many others.

The Children Contributed to the Making of Higher

According to the famous smooth singer, his children inspired him with some beautiful lines for Higher. While bathing his kids, he recalls that Noah, his eldest son, said he had written a new song, and as a supportive father, he encouraged the boy to sing.

Luisana Lopilato poses with her children.
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This epic line caught Michael’s attention: “When you go low, and I go high.” The celebrity dad asked his son where he heard the song, and the little boy replied, “It’s in my mind.” A few months after the bath episode, Mike shared the song with his co-writers, and they instantly loved it!

Michael Bublé Gets an MRI after Busting Some Dance Moves in Higher

In a Las Vegas interview with ET’s Kevin Frazier, Michael Bublé talked about his epic dance moves in the music video for his new single “Higher.” The dance training with Derek Hough and his girlfriend, Hayley Erbert, was a bit too much for his body to handle.

Michael Buble busts a move for a studio portrait.
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Hayley, Michael’s dance partner, trained him for seven days with moves that involved dangerous lifts, twists, and turns. According to Bublé, Hayley doesn’t weigh much, but his neck started getting sore by the time he lifted her several times in two days.

The Smooth Crooner Admits His Back Gave Out

When the 46-year-old singer complained to Derek Hough about his predicament, Derek gave him a weird look. Michael didn’t understand why Derek looked at him like that, but months after the choreography session was over, he knew the look was because Derek was concerned.

Michael Buble is asleep in bed with his son.
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The superstar confirmed that he had unfortunately hurt himself as a result of the vibrant choreography directed by Hough for the song. Michael had to get an MRI to make sure he didn’t do any significant damage, and thankfully, the injuries weren’t so bad.

Higher World Tour Kicks Off in August

The popular crooner said he was not going to allow a minor injury to stop him from going forward with his song. After a few engagements in Vegas, the singer plans to get on the road for his Higher world tour.

Michael Buble performs on stage.
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The world tour begins on August 8, 2022, in Duluth, Georgia, and the dynamic singer is excited to see how it goes. In the same interview with ET, Bublé stated that his Vegas residency and performances are a great way to practice his moves and see which ones will work on his world tour.

No Category for Michael Bublé’s Style of Music?

Over time there has been some controversy surrounding Michael Bublé’s style of music because he has recreated so many old songs and fewer of his original songs. However, this songbird has been versatile enough to strike a balance between both old and new and stay relevant through a mix of soul, jazz, and pop music.

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While speaking to Esquire, Bublé talked about how he has always felt like he lives in a strange world where people are quick to categorize. He affirms that he may not sound like a soul singer, but he has always considered himself a soulful singer who loves swing, legendary American songs, and pop songs.

Michael Bublé Is Also a Famous TikTok Star

In the same interview with Esquire, the pop star talked about how much he loves letting loose and having fun on TikTok. Michael loves to write, arrange songs, and create music for the world, but TikTok videos are not one of the ways he tries to stay relevant.

Michael Buble makes a TikTok video.
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Michael’s wife, however, encouraged him to give the platform a try because she saw him as a star and thought he had a great sense of humor. Michael said his powerful songs and records are what keep him relevant, while TikTok is what keeps him entertained in his spare time.

Bublé Is the Epitome of Hard Work and Diligence

In an era when crooners are not as famous as they used to be, Michael Bublé has created a unique niche over the 20+ years of his musical career compared to his peers. The outstanding singer has proved that music is beyond writing, singing, and recording.

Michael Buble performs on FOX's
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For Michael, a deep-seated passion is what births good music, followed by hard work and consistency. Bublé is, in fact, a perfectionist who follows a strict routine when working on his songs. “I say this as God’s honest truth: a note has never left my lips without me caring deeply about it.”

Michael Bublé Is Enthusiastic about the Future

Indeed, Michael Bublé has experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly side of life. The good news is that despite all his difficult times, he is doing a great job balancing his musical career with his personal life.

Michael Buble is presented with the 21 Club Award.
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With the current release of his 11th studio album, Higher complete with an addictive new single and the likes of Paul McCartney and Willie Nelson, a booming TikTok account, and an ongoing gig in Las Vegas, this show-stopping heartthrob is optimistic about the next phase of his musical career.