The First (and Second) Wives Club: Marrying Into the Beatles

Cynthia Lennon – John Lennon’s First Wife

The formal and prissy British gal was known as Cynthia Powell before becoming a Lennon. She would typically be seen in her sweater sets, and dreamed of becoming an art teacher. But her life took a different turn when she met John Lennon at the Liverpool College of Art in 1957. She and the soon-to-be legend were in the same calligraphy class.


Cynthia Lennon and John Lennon in 1964. Photo by Evening News / Shutterstock

She recalled how he would always come to class unprepared, and consistently had to borrow her pens and brushes, even forgetting to return them more often than not. At the time, Powell was engaged to someone else and wasn’t very impressed with Lennon and his antics. That is, until she heard him singing one day, and watched as another girl touched his hair.