The Beach Boys’ Tragic Real-Life Story

If there was a soundtrack of the 60s, the Beach Boys were a significant part of it. People (including myself) who were born decades after the band reached the peak of their popularity know their songs, such as Good Vibrations, California Girls, Surfin’ Safari, and more. They reached an impressive number two when Rolling Stone ranked the 500 greatest albums of all time. It’s not easy to describe the influence that the Beach Boys had on music.


Photo by Dezo Hoffman/Shutterstock

Their songs managed to capture the fun, carefree spirit of the surf scene in California. I mean, they had a song called Fun, Fun, Fun. The band definitely capitalized on the popular surfing craze. However, things weren’t as they seemed behind the scenes. Brian Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson were the three brothers who started the band with their cousin Mike Love and close friend Al Jardin. Let’s just say the boys didn’t have the easiest life.

This is the story of the Wilson brothers and some fun facts you didn’t know about this legendary band.