The A’s Were Married to the B’s: The Story of ABBA

For a band that made it big after a Eurovision Song Contest that also consisted of two couples that divorced while they were still together as a band, it’s pretty impressive that ABBA was as successful as they were in the 1970s and ‘80s. The Swedish supergroup became worldwide pop stars basically overnight, only to call it quits in 1982, shocking their masses of fans.


Photo by Stevens, Associated Newspapers, Shutterstock / Ibl, Shutterstock

But despite the countless offers involving unthinkable sums of money, the band insisted they were done. After that, they gained a cult-like following and managed to remain as popular as they were when they had been making music. Then, several years ago, they announced their reunion. So, what happened to the members of ABBA, and why did they really break up? Their story is far more impressive than you might think…