Redefining Obsessed: Mariah Carey’s Famous Feuds

There is a line in one of Mariah Carey’s songs that manages to stick with us constantly. “And then I was like, why are you so obsessed with me?” which is followed by a chuckle on the song track. The queen of all divas, Mariah Carey has managed to live up to this title. When anyone reaches stardom, you know there are tons of opinions that will follow the star around.

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This pop-sensation is known for having a lot to say about others in the industry. She is known for speaking her mind and clearly has no problem pretending not to know people she has known for years. Mariah is the queen of throwing shade to her peers, but maybe there is something more that we don’t see on the surface. This is the story of Mariah Carey and her history of feuds throughout her career!

Demi Lovato Does Not Love Mariah Carey

It seems that the star is not a huge fan of anyone coming to the defense of her enemies. Mariah Carey seemingly believes that if you are with her, you need to be ride or die. Mariah does not strike us as someone who would be OK with her friends even having a casual friendship with someone she sees as an enemy.

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Demi Lovato reignited the feud of the century when she came out as Team JLO when she came to the defense of another pop star when she replied to a meme, essentially throwing shade on Mariah Carey. The meme put Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande side-by-side and said, “when you order it online vs. when it arrives,” insinuating that Grande was not as good as Carey. Lovato stepped in and commented, “you got it the wrong way around, honey!” before she dug into Carey and her history of dissing people.

Demi’s Defense

Demi Lovato dug further into the star as she called out Mariah’s dramatic ways of constantly dissing other stars. Lovato dragged Carey for her dramatic, ego-fueled history of drama with the legendary Jennifer Lopez. Naturally, Lovato loves both artists but felt that it was necessary to come to JLO’s defense in her late-night Instagram post.

Jennifer Lopez and Demi Lovato attend Jennifer Lopez’s 2015 American Music Awards After Party.
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She commented on the meme posting, “Mariah is a legend and so talented but constantly disses people.” “It’s nasty the way she treats Jennifer Lopez. Ari did nothing wrong.” Even before this, Lovato commented on other Instagram posts of JLO addressing feud rumors with Mariah. After commenting about how she thought JLO kept it classy, she commented further. “This is why I posted what I did. Jen keeps it classy, but I’m not afraid to say shit. The woman is mean for no reason. Extremely talented? Yes. Superhuman? Possibly. Unnecessarily rude? Absolutely.”

Hannah Montana Was Not a Mariah Fan

Some other stars who have worked their way to the top also have had so much to say about how Mariah operates. Not long after Demi Lovato inserted herself into the Carey and JLO situation, Miley Cyrus aired her grievances and her thoughts on the pop sensation. As HuffPost says, “Miley Cyrus has been passed the anti-Mimi baton, and she’s running with it.”

Miley Cyrus performs onstage during the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival.
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Cyrus was outspoken about how everything Mariah did was centered around her. Cyrus stated that she could see what the singer was all about, and it was not for her. In her cover story for Elle Magazine back in 2016, the artist definitely had things to say about Mariah Carey. “I’ve never really been a fan because it’s so much about Mariah Carey. That’s part of her shtick; I can see through that… what I make isn’t about me, it’s about sharing my story; it’s about someone being connected to what I am saying,” Cyrus stated.

Sorry, Ari

When Ariana Grande was coming up as the next big thing in the music industry, she was often compared to Mariah Carey. The two had so much in common, from their musical stylings to their fashion sense. But the pop diva had opinions on the comparison.

Ariana Grande attends the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards.
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The more recent star has openly gushed for years about her appreciation for Mariah Carey, but until recently, it did not seem that the star felt the same way. However, after Lovato came to her rescue, Carey told Andy Cohen in his segment “Plead the Fifth” that she does not know either of them and that they should come up and introduce themselves.

Nick Cannon Brings the Dirt

The now ex-husband of Mariah Carey gave the world a unique view into the clearly unnecessary feud between Mariah and Ariana. Apparently, Mariah was more repulsed by their comparison than flattered. Maybe it’s the ego – but we thought that she liked it when people were “obsessed” with her?

Nick Cannon performs on stage at The Ebony Repertory Theatre.
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The two reportedly have had a feud for years simply because Mariah was not a fan of anyone being compared to her. Many celebrities might see their similarities as a compliment, but it does not appear to be the case here. Nick Cannon gave an inside view on why Mariah was not the biggest fan.

The Rise of Ariana Grande

Back in 2013, Ariana Grande was working her way out of kids television and into pop stardom. The artist played the role of Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon’s Victorious and even had her own spin-off called “Cat and Sam,” along with a fellow Nick star from iCarly. Cat Valentine was a singer, and people quickly made the connection.

Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine.
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The Nickelodeon star and the “All I Want for Christmas is You” pop-diva shared a similar look, sound, and voice in general. Fans marked Ariana a “young Mariah,” and something about that just did not sit right with the original star. Maybe it was the word “young” , maybe it was Mariah’s need to be one-of-a-kind. We may never know!

No One Like Her

While interviewing with VladTV, the Wild ‘N Out star discussed the first instance in which he introduced his now ex-wife to her new mini-me. He knew Ariana from her days as Cat Valentine on Victorious, and he wanted to share this flattery with his wife. At first, she seemed cool with it.

Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon arrive at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards.
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Initially, she responded positively to Ariana. Unfortunately, however, her ego seemed to take a fall when she was constantly being compared to the new rising star. When the comparisons started rolling in, Carey was turned off and instantly repulsed. We don’t blame a star for wanting to remain the one and only, but maybe there was a better way to go about it!

The Next Mariah Carey

Ok, so we now know that the best way to have Mariah Carey write someone off and say “thank you, next” is by comparing them to her. She likes her originality, and it seems that the best way to get the star to despise you is by saying there is someone even remotely like her.

Ariana Grande preforms at Billboard Women In Music.
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In his interview with VladTV, Nick Cannon elaborated on why this bothered Mariah so much. “This is what Mariah hates, and Ariana made the cardinal mistake of saying—or I don’t even know if it was her—but it was associated,” he said. “It was like, ‘the next’ or ‘the new’ Mariah Carey. [And she’s like] ‘The f**k does that mean?’ I’m the Mariah Carey, why do you need another one? Why do you need the next one?'”

Laid to Rest

We are not quite sure of what made Mariah decide to move on from her pettiness toward the newcomer. We are just happy that Mariah has since grown and dropped her harsh feelings toward Ariana. Though they never spoke about the feud, they apparently put it to rest.

A selfie of Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey
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In March 2019, Ariana Grande posted an Instagram story wishing a happy birthday to her predecessor. Carey refers to her birthdays as “anniversaries,” and the “7 Rings” artist wrote a heartfelt Instagram message. “Happy anniversary, queen of everything! Loved u then, love u now, love u tomorrow.” Who knows why they buried the hatchet, but this is much better!

Moving On From Ari

The pop icon decided to put her “beef” with Ariana Grande in the rearview mirror. We were happy to see the two clear up the issues they had together. Carey decided to be the bigger person and put her jealously asideof the up-and-coming young star.

A riana Grande, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson are singing on stage.
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After Grande posted a heartfelt Instagram story dedicated to Carey, the pop sensation finally gave us the positive response we had always hoped for. Carey gave a sincere response. Carey later reposted the message on her Instagram Story, along with a sweet, honest reply, “Thank you, dahhhhling @arianagrande.” The two collaborated with Jennifer Hudson later for a new Christmas single.

Whitney Houston Brought the Heat

For ages, it was believed that these two divas had it out for each other. In the ‘90s and beyond, the media made it seem like the two Grammy winners could not be in the same place without starting some kind of drama. They constantly put on a clearly forced act of tolerance when they appeared together.

Whitney Houston performs on stage.
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The two did not own up to their rifts, though another singer recently revealed what he had witnessed. Bebe Winans recalled the evident tension he noticed between the two. Whitney told Bebe that she reached out to Mariah and introduced herself. “Hi Mariah, I’m Whitney,” the star said – then apparently, Mariah turned her head like she did not hear a thing.

The Hypocrite Inside

Remember how we mentioned that Mariah Carey did not like to be compared to others in the industry? We understand wanting to be unique and breaking the mold in an industry that thrives on individuality. However, she seemed to have a different approach to it back in the day.

Mariah Carey smiles while giving an interview at the recording studio.
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When Carey and Houston were first compared, it didn’t strike Mariah in the negative way it later did. In an interview early in her career, Carey said, “when you’re new, you have to be compared to someone. There are a lot worse people I could be compared to. She’s a superstar and a great vocalist!”

Legends Competing

The comparisons started rolling in not long after Carey’s self-titled debut album sold 15 million copies globally. At the same time, Houston’s third album, “I’m Your Baby Tonight,” sold 10 million short of that. Though five million is still a respectable number of albums to sell, this set off one of the greatest music rivalries of all time.

Mariah Carey performs onstage during the 2018 American Music Awards.
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Like many other famous feuds, this one really started with the press. Reporters needed something to write about, so they concocted the feud and pitted the two against each other, as they frequently did. But it became all too real when Houston was asked in an interview what she thought of Carey. Her answer? “I don’t think of her at all.”

Battle of the Best

Houston’s snarky response caught others off guard. “What do I think of her? I don’t think of her.” While this may have been seen as an unnecessary and biting comment, the media was quick to ignore the more amicable statement made. “Musically, I think she’s a good singer!”

Whitney Houston Performs In Paris Bercy.
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Houston’s positive remarks were overlooked by the media’s interest in furthering their “issues” with each other. When the two continued to compete on the musical charts, Carey’s “One Sweet Day” ended up knocking Houston’s “Exhale (Shoop Shoop)” off the charts. Naturally, the media went running to make some drama out of it, but it seemed to have the opposite effect!

Shutting Rumors Down

Though the two had this supposed rivalry, a Dreamworks executive enlisted the two musical sensations for a project he had in the works. Jeffrey Katzenberg talked to both artists about his upcoming film, The Prince of Egypt. He wanted them in on the project. This project brought the two icons into the studio together and forced them to put their issues aside!

Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey record the song
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The two recorded the 1998 title song of the film. “When You Believe” was their first song together. Carey called it a song with a message and said that if anything were to bring them together, it would be that. “If we were ever going to come together on any kind of record, this is definitely the right one — and really the coolest thing to me is that after all that drama and everybody making it like we had a rivalry, she was just really cool, and we had a really good time in the studio.”

Working It Out

Houston and Carey had squashed their rivalry in the studio and demolished the rumors. “We had fun, and so, if nothing else, it was a good experience and diva-ism, whatever.” These ladies wanted to put things behind them, and they chose to go even more public than recording a song together. The pair appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show together in 1998.

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston are laughing as they tell a story on The Oprah Winfrey Show.
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When the duo appeared on Oprah’s show together, they laughed about how the press made it seem like they hated each other. They were bemused by the way that the media and public had convinced them that they had reasons to fight. Fortunately, they realized it was not real at all. “When we got together, it was like magic,” Houston told Oprah. “We clicked and laughed like old girlfriends!”

Turning Rivalry Into Positivity

These two legends decided to make the most of their “rivalry” and later mocked it in public. During their public show of friendship (no problems here!), the two appeared publicly as presenters at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards. These ladies clearly had a good sense of humor with what happened next.

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston wearing the same dress on stage as they present an award.
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While presenting the award for Best Male Video together, the two showed up wearing the same brown dress. If it did not seem like this was planned, we would have been prepared for the end of the world. Carey looked Houston up and down and said, “nice dress,” to which Houston replied, “you look pretty good too.” These ladies steered into the skid, and Carey pretended to be bothered, then did a quick change revealing a much shorter hemline. “Fortunately, I come prepared for situations like this!”

Reignited by the Media

As we know, neither one of these highly esteemed ladies particularly liked being compared to others. Anytime that parallels were highlighted, it usually ignited some fire within them, and these gals were indeed not happy about it. Though they had seemingly moved on, the two still had some other things to work out.

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston are embracing at The 71st Annual Academy Awards.
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These two ladies helped each other out despite being frustrated with each other’s release dates – another issue that the press made seem like a bigger deal. Somehow, the press decided to call it a symbolic gesture when Houston moved her album release date for “I Look to You” by a day. Carey had pushed her album “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” back by a month. The press made it seem like one was super prepared, while the other was struggling to keep it together.

The Greatest of All Time

Carey was nothing but respectful when Houston sadly passed away in February of 2012, just before the Grammy Awards. The living pop star showed up for her fellow singer-turned-friend however she could, in this case, by coming to her funeral. While reflecting publicly, she pointed to the rivalry that would not have existed if it were not for the media’s hard work in creating a feud for their own benefit.

Mariah Carey speaks onstage during the 2012 BET Awards while a photo of her and Houston appears on the screen behind her.
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Carey pointed to the industry’s constant effort to pit women against each other, and she made it clear that it needed to stop. “We didn’t know each other — and she was one of the greatest of all time. And then we finally did a duet together that won an Oscar. We had the best time working together. It was female camaraderie. We both got it. We were like, she does not hate me. We are actually having a great time together, and this is more fun than I have working alone, ever. So, I think camaraderie with women you respect is a huge deal.”

Eminem Cannot Move On

This is a tale as old as time – two people date, they break up, and then they hold grudges for years on end. Naturally, everyone wants to date the beautiful, rising pop star, and Mariah is totally cool with being the apple of everyone’s eye. One relationship went south, though – or so it seems from what rapper Eminem has to say about it.

Eminem performs onstage at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.
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Much like the star he dated, this guy is also known for having feuds. Their dirty laundry was aired in 2002 when he made references to their relationship in his song “Superman.” What a brutal way to go, Eminem!

Decades-Long Feud

These stars have been feuding for so long that they can almost buy their first legal drink! This feud has been a rough and bitter fight of he said, she said. Since the early 2000s, the two have had so much to say about the other in the most backhanded ways. These two have referenced each other in their songs, which kind of sounds like maybe they’re still hot for each other?

Mariah Carey performs onstage during the 2016 ESSENCE Festival.
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These two turned their feud around – from the sheets to the streets – and referenced each other in lines that mentioned each other by name (yeah, we’re looking at you, Eminem!) and talk about the harsh measures they would go through before getting back together. Wow. Just move on, man!

Getting Specific

Eminem first mentioned his harsh feelings toward Mariah in his song “Superman” from his third album. He used lyrics that are… a little rude, maybe? “What you tryna be? My new wife? / What, you, Mariah? Fly through twice.” Despite these lines, Mariah denied their relationship.

Eminem performs onstage during the 2005 MTV Movie Awards.
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Well, that only intensified things for him. In his song “When The Music Stops,” he takes a whack at her once again; “I done came way too far in this game to turn and walk away, and not say what I got to say. What the f**k you take me for a joke? You smokin’ crack? Before I do that, I’d beg Mariah to take me back.” Wow, man – did it really end that badly?

Mariah Denies Their Relationship

When the pop sensation went on Larry King Live back in 2002, she denied them ever having a relationship. Her words might have cut him a little too deeply; they definitely did not help. Anything she could or would have said most certainly would add fuel to the fire here.

Mariah Carey performs on stage at the second annual
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In 2003, Carey went as far as to parody Eminem on stage during her tour. She showcased Eminem puppets in a marionette showcase, and her song “Clown” took some precise hits at the rapper. “You should’ve never intimated we were lovers/ When you know very well we never even touched each other.”

Bringing Others Into It

This guy is not letting his problems with Mariah go off into the sunset. This guy is as petty as they get, it seems. In his song “Jimmy Crack Corn,” he took another hit at her by saying, “Your mind’s on us like mine’s on Mariah. And y’all are just like her, you’re all f**king liars.” We guess she struck a chord with him somehow.

Eminem is whispering something to 50 Cent during BET's 106 & Park.
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In the song “All of Me,” rapper 50 Cent took it upon himself to get into their problems. He weighed in where he probably should not have. “Em predicted it all, I don’t know how he knew it. He said women from Hollywood they liars, liars, liars. You f**k them, they get you heated, deny it like Mariah.” Those are some strong words!

Don’t Take It Personally, Mariah

Mariah continued to claim that they really did not know each other; she just thought this was a guy who could not move on from his crush on her. The rapper has a history of slut-shaming and comments of violence towards women. This is already a red flag, but it is also probably one of the reasons she did not want to give him the time of day.

Jamie Lee Curtis attends the 2019 American Music Awards.
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In 2017, the rapper made references of violence to other stars in Hollywood. In 2017, the star, who is the father of three daughters, made comments of violence towards other stars like Jamie Lee Curtis. He does not even know her, yet he made a harsh comment like this, and his statement is always the same: “it’s not to be taken personal[ly].” That’s not even proper English, Eminem!

Nick to the Rescue

Eminem has taken it out on Mariah several times in his songs, as we have made clear throughout this story. It seems he has a short fuse, and maybe he cannot move past his feelings toward her. In “Bagpipes from Baghdad,” the rapper mentioned Mariah’s husband by name, wishing him luck, with all the profanities needed to go with it.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are lost in each other’s eyes as they walk the red carpet.
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His line “Nick Cannon, I wish you luck with the f**king whore” could not be mistaken for another person. Cannon clapped right back at Eminem in a blog post, which was later deleted. We would have loved to see that, though…

Then I Was Like, “Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?”

If this feud was not juicy enough for you before, it is now. This feud is as good as it gets and reached new heights when Mariah Carey went off on Eminem with her hit single “Obsessed.” She claims the song is not about Eminem; however, the music video and song lyrics make us believe otherwise.

Mariah Carey films her
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The music video features a male stalker wearing Eminem’s trademark hooded sweatshirt. The line “Why are you so obsessed with me? Lying that you’re sexing me?” infuriated Eminem, who went on to write another diss track about Carey. We have already shown enough of his profanity – we will leave it at that.

Nicki Minaj Does Not Want to Deal With “Her Highness”

In Season 12 of American Idol, a program that showcases the musical talents of people who want to be the next big thing in American pop stardom, both Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey were set to be judges. The show has a history of taping shows and auditions, and fans were ready to hear the scoop about what big drama was coming up next between the two newest judges, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.

Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, and Nicki Minaj on Season Twelve of AMERICAN IDOL.
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Nicki Minaj is no stranger to feuds with anyone who gets in her way. Fans did not quite see their fight coming after the two collaborated in 2010 on Mariah’s “Up Out My Face.” There might have been problems already, though, as the star already seemed turned off by the rapper by the time they were both judges on American Idol.

Life of an American Idol Judge

In 2012, both Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj were announced as new judges on the competitive music show. First came Mariah, then Nicki followed. They were also joined by Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry replacing Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Just moments after this was confirmed, there were rumors that the two were not playing nice.

Paula Abdul joins the judges Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, Randy Jackson, and Mariah Carey at FOX's
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Though Mariah was quoted saying that a feud takes a bit longer than just a couple of days, it did not take long. The girls made headlines after they were recorded arguing during an audition round of American Idol in Charlotte, North Carolina, just two weeks after they started. Sheesh!

American Idol Judges

Both Nicki and Mariah have a reputation for going too far and blowing feuds out of proportion. Though they kept their cool in front of “Idol” cameras, they were still not quite the best of friends. The two divas could have worked things out in private, but it seems they both wanted to get a bit more dramatic.

Mariah Carey poses for a photo with Barbra Walters.
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Mariah took it upon herself to call Barbara Walters of “The View.”. Walters recalled her conversation with her fellow celebrity on the show. “Mariah says she can’t take a chance, and she has hired extra security. Nicki has not apologized, but they have since been at meetings with producers and judges.” It sounds like some things have been blown out of proportion!

My Truth

In Nicki Minaj’s television special titled “My Truth,” the rapper gave some insight into what caused their fight and her harsh words toward Mariah Carey. “[Carey’s] admitted that she did not want another female doing the show, thinking somebody’s coming to steal her shine.” This seems pretty on-brand for the diva.

Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, and Nicki Minaj are seen onstage embracing in a sweet moment.
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Whether this feud was really as big of a deal as they made it seem, the two have since shared kind words about each other. Nicki referred to Mariah as “one of the greatest of all time,” which we cannot deny. Nicki went onto Ellen DeGeneres’s show to clear the air. She took responsibility for not helping when things got blown out of proportion.

Feuding Through the Ages: Jennifer Lopez

We know that girls can be mean to each other. The Mariah vs. JLO feud is a prime example of ladies attacking each other… for what feels like no reason. These problems have a long history, and it all started back when both ladies were new in the industry, on the come up.

Jennifer Lopez attends the
Photo by Amy Sussman/SHJ2019/WireImage/Getty Images

Celebrity fights and rivalries are a tale as old as time. This one seems to be more than just a moment of drama or a passing snarky comment. This feud cut deep.

Tommy Mottola, Toxic Husband

Mariah and JLO might have become best friends if it weren’t for her ex-husband Tommy Mottola. The Sony Music executive seemed pretty bitter after his divorce from the star and wanted to get back at her however he could. He found out about a sample that Mariah had secured for her next single and made sure that another female rising star would get to it first.

Mariah Carey and husband Tommy Mottola, attend the 'Salute to American Heroes Gala'.
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It was not hard for Mariah’s fans to figure out who Mariah was referring to. The two were on the same label, and though Mariah claimed her single that year, “Loverboy,” was the best single in 2001, we know JLO’s “I’m Real” (the song that ended up getting the sample) did much better that year!

The Interview That Changed It All

We don’t know what was happening behind closed doors between Mimi and JLO; however, an interview in the early 2000s with Mariah Carey tells a different story. While appearing on the German television show Taff, the star spoke highly of another musician, Beyonce. She had great things to say; “I love Beyoncé. Beyoncé is fabulous. I think she’s a great writer, a great singer. She’s a very sweet person as well.” When she was asked about JLO, she did not have the kindest words.

A mem of Carey during her Taff interview saying, “I don’t know her”.
Source: Reddit

She answered with the phrase we now associate her with: “I don’t know her.” Let the meme-creation and jokes commence. The simplicity of the answer drove fans up a wall. It seems like Mariah is still one salty lady.

Larry King Live Appearance

It seems that this star has a way of airing her dirty laundry in the public eye. She spoke her mind in her appearances on Larry King Live. Larry King asked her back in 2002 if there was bad blood, and Mariah’s response was just cold. “There are rivalries, but I don’t think she has anything to do with me.”

Mariah Carey being interviewed by Larry King.
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Mariah has no problem speaking her mind. “My whole thing is singing, writing songs … I’ve been doing this my whole life, singing is first and foremost. It’s a God-given talent that I’m grateful for. Her thing is something different.” Wow… that’s tough to hear.

Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Side

There are two sides to every story. After years of everyone only hearing Mariah’s side, Jennifer Lopez finally shared her story on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The show is known for being a breeding ground of drama, and it was no different when she was on the show.

Jennifer Lopez poses for a photo with Andy Cohen.
Source: Bravo

“I don’t have a feud against her at all. I know from back in the day, I’ve read things that she’s said about me that were not the greatest. But we have never met. We don’t know each other. I think it’s from kind of word-of-mouth, of things that have happened in the past that I’m not aware of.” She continued to state that she would love to start a friendship and has always been a fan. It seemed Mariah did not care either way.

JLO Takes a Stab

At the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Mariah Carey was set to take the stage, and her fans were counting down the moments until they saw her on stage. As Mariah was singing one of her many hits, JLO felt something else deserved her attention more. She was caught on camera looking through her phone.

Jennifer Lopez is on her phone during Carey’s performance.
Source: Twitter

Back on Watch What Happens Live, she was confronted with this distraction. “That was not fair with the texting thing because I watched a lot of it,” she quipped. “It was a long performance. I watched most of it. I may have looked down for one second [but] I was watching her the whole time.”

Forgetful Mariah

While performing as part of her Las Vegas residency, Jennifer Lopez stopped by The Wendy Williams Show to discuss the other shows she saw while staying on the famed Vegas strip. Wendy Williams already had a reputation for stirring the pot, so when JLO only mentioned Brittney Spears and Shania Twain, Williams interjected with a “who?” and even though Mariah was not performing at the time, Lopez knew what she meant by the question.

Lopez talking to Williams on The Wendy Williams Show.
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While referring to the famous “I don’t know her!” moment, Lopez started to joke with the talk show host. “She does say that,” Lopez said jokingly. “She’s forgetful, I guess. I don’t know. We’ve met many times!”

Mariah Bites Back

On yet another appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Mariah reacted in the way we have come to expect from her. Maybe it was the constant back and forth between Mariah and JLO; perhaps it was her harrowing past with Wendy Williams, but Mariah did not take the comment well. Mariah voiced her opinion in the most diva-way possible.

Mariah Carey is talking to Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live”.
Source: Bravo

“Apparently, I’m forgetful because I don’t remember the fact that it was just, ‘Hi, I’m so and so,’ and then move on,” she stated. She made it clear that they had not been in touch before. “If I had never had a conversation with you and someone asked me about you, I’d be like, ‘I don’t know him, but he seems cool.’ or ‘I don’t know him.'” But she did end up admitting that she did know who Jennifer Lopez was – just not on a personal basis.