Oops: Top 5 Celebrity Stage Fail of All Time

It takes a lot of guts to go out in front of a crowd and perform. So many things have to go right. The sound needs to be on point, the light show needs to be synchronized, the crowd needs to be warmed up, and the artist themselves have to be healthy and present. Although artist’s work endless hours to get it right on stage, sometimes they do not always have the power to make things go well. We compiled a list of our top five stage fails of all time.

Not Your Average Stage Dive (Pink)


Source: Gfycat

Pink is one of the first modern pop-rock artists of the 21st century. Her music and stage performances have inspired many young girls all over the world to lead and be powerful, but sometimes even a Queen can fall. During her 2010 concert tour in Europe, her last act was to be strapped and launched into the air for some acrobatic singing. In one of her shows in Germany, the singer was slung into the crowd instead of the sky and had to be rushed to the hospital for X-rays on her back. Luckily, she was overall unharmed and soon made it back for the next show. I wonder if the audience got a refund though?