Bianca Jagger: Mick’s Ex-Wife Couldn’t Get No Satisfaction

Let’s be honest: when we think of Bianca Jagger, it’s usually under the arm (or in the shadow) of Mick Jagger. Back in the ’70s, they were one of the most famous, glowing couples in the world. At the height of the Rolling Stones’ fame, Bianca was a style icon and a staple of the red carpet, not to mention Studio 54. The woman was a party animal and graced the famous nightclub regularly.


Bianca and Mick Jagger at the Rolling Stones Party, 1973. Photo by Nick Rogers / Shutterstock

And because she was something of a night owl, people have tended to trivialize her legacy as a byproduct of Mick Jagger’s success. But the truth is that there’s a lot more to this woman from Nicaragua. Her sensational marriage to Mick was only one chapter of her life, albeit a very interesting one. This is a look at the life of the woman who said, “My marriage ended on my wedding day.” It’s a look into some of the more personal moments in her life, with and without Mick.