It’s Quite Unusual: The Life and Times of Sir Tom Jones

Superstar Tom Jones has been in the public eye for more than five decades. He has an extensive discography, countless accolades, and a knighthood under his belt. But he also has a lot of skeletons in the closet, including a homeless son and a laundry list of women he slept with, as well as some other regrets he spoke about. It just goes to show that pop stars like Tom Jones are only human and have faults too.


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For many, seeing the love between him and his late wife Linda only made Jones more human. The Welsh singer, who recently just turned 80, has been more and more candid about the wildlife he once lived. Nowadays, he’s stuck in his home – which reminds him of the period of time when he was quarantined with tuberculosis (but we’ll get to that later).

Let’s look at the life of the one and only Tom Jones. And it’s quite unusual…