INXS: The Band, The Man, and His Fall from Grace

A Band of Brothers and Three Guys

INXS consisted of three brothers: Andrew (keyboards), Jon (drums), and Tim (guitar), Farriss. Then there was Garry Gary Beers (bass), Kirk Pengilly (guitar and saxophone), and of course, Michael Hutchence as the lead vocalist. It all began when Andrew convinced his fellow high school classmate, Michael, to join his band, Doctor Dolphin.


Photo by Ilpo Musto / Shutterstock

In 1977, Tim, Andrew’s older brother, invited Andrew, Michael, and Garry to join him and his schoolmate Kirk in their own band. Tim and Kirk had been making music together since 1971 – they performed either as an acoustic duo (as Kirk and Tim) or in a four-piece band (called Guinness). Once they got the younger Farriss brother, Jon, onboard, they formed The Farriss Brothers. They made their debut in 1977 at Whale Beach, near Sydney, Australia.