How Tupac and Biggie Went from Friends to Deadly Rivals

When it comes to hip hop, Tupac Shakur is just about as iconic as they get. The legendary rapper had a public feud with Biggie Smalls, which ultimately fueled the East Coast-West Coast rivalry. Their record labels got involved, and it didn’t end well. Sadly, both Tupac and Biggie were shot and killed, but their murders were never solved. It has been speculated that the rivalry and gang life led to both of their deaths.

Biggie and Tupac posing for the camera.

Photo by Film Four / Lafayette / Kobal / Shutterstock

However, before this deathly conflict, the two rappers had a close relationship. How did they go from good friends, to arch enemies? Here is the full story of Tupac and Biggie, from their friendship to their notorious feud. A lot happened, so get ready! If you are a hip hop fan, this is definitely for you. Plus, we added some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Tupac. You’ll never guess what they did with his cremated body.