How Creedence Clearwater Revival Crumbled to Pieces

Had it not been for the toxic relationships, self-inflicted pressure, crap deals, and one control-freak member’s desire to run the entire show, Creedence Clearwater Revival may have been remembered for more than just a few great singles. By 1969, Creedence was the hottest band in America and it seemed like nothing could stop them.


Photo by Bill Howard, Associated Newspapers, Shutterstock / Timo Jaakonaho, Shutterstock / Larry Marano, Shutterstock

While the rest of the rock ‘n’ roll world tripped their way through the ’70s, looking for any possible way to break boundaries, Creedence traveled in the opposite direction. Led by singer-songwriter John Fogerty, the band went back to America’s roots and the world of southern country blues. So what led to one of the most bitter and hostile breakups that rock ‘n’ roll has ever seen? Let’s find out!