Here’s Why It’s Fun To Stay At The Y.M.C.A.

The Village People were originally created by a French producer and promoter named Jacques Morali. The concept for the group started with the idea of appealing to the gay demographic in the disco scene of the 1970s. They got their name from Greenwich Village in New York City, which was known for its lively disco scene and active gay community.


Photo by Crollalanza / Shutterstock

Since this was back in the ‘70s, mainstream music didn’t really target the LGBT community. Such a concept was new, and nobody was really sure what would come of it. Each band member was meant to portray a different character. Was their image meant to target the gay community? Or their music? The group is behind some of the most popular songs from the American Disco era, including Macho Man and Y.M.C.A.

Here’s the story behind the Village People and the truth behind the iconic hit Y.M.C.A.